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Best Mesh Beach Blankets & Mats That Sand Goes Through

If you’re headed to the seaside but already worried about how much dirt your family will take into the car and house after a fun day, a beach blanket that sand falls through will solve your problems! Such special mesh beach mats are made of materials that sand goes through so will keep everyone more comfortable during the day as well as reduce the amount of grit that you take home.

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Written by Anett Victoria

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CGEAR Sandlite Beach Mat

CGEAR products are my Nr. 1 choice when it comes to beach blankets that sand goes through. My favorite, the summery navy blue and white outdoor mat will not only look great against pale beach sand and even bright green grass, but also keep you sand-free while sunbathing or enjoying outdoor activities. This patented product is made of layers of polyester fabric that allow sand particles pass from the top down but prevent them from coming back up.

CGEAR Sandlite Patented Sand-Free Beach Mat

  • multi-use outdoor camping mat, picnic blanket, Exercise Stretching Mat
  • precisely engineered system of polyester layers that allow sand, dirt, and dust to fall through the fabric making it a perfect choice for every outdoor activity
  • water and UV-resistant, ultra-portable design

Travel is easy with this CGEAR Multiuse outdoor mat; it folds down small into your suitcase or carry-on for even more convenience. Also, it is very compact and portable thanks to its simple handle case and string tie. If you’re planning a beach trip with your partner, this sandless blanket must be on your packing list!

ABETER Sandless Beach Blanket

No more worries about bringing the whole beach home with the bright blue ABETER Sand Escape beach blanket! This multi-use outdoor mat is a must-have beach trip essential that ensures you and your clan will have a sand-free environment while enjoying the sun and sea. The dual-weave, double-layered mesh fabric is designed to keep you free from sand and dirt; particles can go through from the top to the other side but can’t come up from underneath and also don’t get trapped inside the layers.

ABETER Sand Proof Beach Mat Blanket

  • high quality, well-made beach mat available in different sizes
  • convenient to carry and use: it is extremely durable, lightweight & folds into a small pocket
  • dual-layer mesh technology, allows sand to fall straight through leaving the mat clean

The ABETER sand free beach mat is extremely durable, lightweight and compact. It is available in 3 different sizes making it a great choice for solo beachgoers as well as for big families. The package also includes 4 stakes for easy anchoring your blanket on windy days.

Red Suricata Sand-Free Mesh Beach Blanket

The Red Suricate is one of the best sand-free beach blankets and the ultimate choice for beach vacations, picnics and any outdoor activities. Made from 4 layers of fine mesh fabric, it will not only provide you and your family with a completely sandless experience, but it is also water-resistant and stays cool in the heat ensuring total comfort.

Red Suricata Sand-Free Beach Blanket

  • 4 layers of fine lightweight mesh fabric which filter the sand and dust down onto the beach without coming back up
  • available in 2 sizes and 8 vivid colors, comes packed in a fashionable carry bag and weighs only 3.6lbs
  • ultimate complete solution to use on the ground at the beach, camping ground, picnic and even in your back yard

This beach mat is extremely spacious making it a great buy for families: the medium-sized is big enough for 4, while the large one for 5-7 people without being bulky or heavy. Coming packed in a pretty carrying bag with a shoulder strap, it is super portable and fits even in a carry-on bag so you can take it anywhere you go!

Tip: This blanket comes with hooks on all four corners to be easily fixed to the company’s matching beach sunshade. Buy both products so you can create a complete sun and sand-protected shelter that everyone will admire!

FE Active Sand Free Beach Blanket

The FE Active Weligama is a 78-inch square blue mesh beach mat that you can set out as an eye-catching gathering spot for the family. Made of two layers of quality Polyester thread mesh, it is designed to filter sand and dirt but to prevent such particles from coming back up against your skin. The fabric is quick-drying and breathable, however, if you are going to sit for a while, I do recommend placing a soft towel for more comfort since the fabric might feel rough for those who have sensitive skin.

FE Active Weligama Sand Free Beach Blanket

  • extra large sand proof beach blanket for outdoor areas
  • Polyester 210T Ripstop fabric with two layers of mesh netting situated strategically to filter sand appropriately
  • includes a compact carry bag with 4 stakes to anchor the blanket

This beach mat fits 5-6 people, weighs only 1.1 pounds and comes with a large carrying back that offers a shoulder strap for easy carrying to the water. Also, it has four mounting D rings and stakes to make it easier to pin this to the sand. Whether you need an anti-sand beach mat, a picnic blanket or a nice big RV rug base, this lightweight sand proof beach blanket will be terrific!

Lopie Sand Proof Beach Mat

Families with little swimmers will make great use of the Lopie outdoor mat. It is a beach blanket that sand falls through also sheds water so will not only keep dirt away, but also save you the inconvenience of spillage from drinks since it dries almost instantly. Moreover, the double layer mesh fabric stays nice and cool in the sun too.

Lopie Sand Proof Blanket

  • sandfree and waterproof ultra-portable beach mat
  • convenient and easy to take care: just flip and shake, and the sand will fall through the mesh
  • fast drying, machine washable

If your kids manage to make this beach mat dirty somehow, you shouldn’t be worrying about how to clean it: just simply machine wash and let it air dry before your next adventure. The fabric won’t fade or shed. Because dirt and sand tend to follow children on every vacation, this blanket is an absolute beach essential for families with babies and toddlers!

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CampMe Store Sand Free and Waterproof Combined Outdoor Beach Mat

If you like practical 2-in-1 beach items, you should check out the CampMe Outdoor Mat that is a smart combination of sand- and waterproof fabrics! With a wide border of mesh around where you and your clan can clean your feet before moving on the waterproof center part, this unique blanket will give you a sand-free area so you can lie down comfortably!

CampMe Sand Free and Waterproof Combined Beach Blanket

  • new technology that combines both waterproof fabric and sand-free mat into one product
  • manufactured from the highest quality materials on the market, which makes it durable, soft and skin-friendly
  • comes as full package which includes 4 strong metal stakes, compact bag and strong carabiner

This sandless beach blanket is large enough for 3-4 people but compact to be carried effortlessly. It comes nicely folded in a small, 8.5″ X 6″ carrying bag. Moreover, with the small rings around the corners that allow fast and secure anchoring, this CampMe beach mat will not move no matter the kids jump all over it or the wind kicks up. Should you decide to purchase this cool beach mat, I bet everyone will ask where you got it from!

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