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Weighted Beach Blankets with Sand Pockets, Anchors or Stakes

When working out the list of things you need for the beach, carrying a blanket that will shed sand has to be high on the list. To keep your picnic and lounging area as comfortable and visible as possible, consider one of the beach blankets with weighted corners that will allow your clan easy to find a place to gather even on the windiest days.

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

When it comes to a beach vacation, Anett is the person who certainly has tips on where to go and what to do no matter it is a luxury tropical holiday, a romantic seaside getaway, or a fun family trip to the ocean. As a world traveler with years of experience in exploring tropical countries and a water sports fan, she creates this inspiring site where she writes travel guides, reviews and recommends beach gear, and gives travel tips to make planning your trip quicker and easier! Are you curious about where She wanders now? Follow her adventures on IG too!

POPCHOSE Beach Blanket with Sand Anchor Pockets and Stakes

The brightly colored polyester weighted beach blanket is an excellent choice for active families. It is big enough to easily fit 4 people but compact for easy carrying. Made from lightweight and durable Parachute Ripstop Nylon, it will resist not only sand but also tears and rips as well as dries quickly.

The POPCHOSE beach blanket with stakes is easy to keep on the ground even in high winds thanks to its double wind-resistant design; you can simply fix it using the ground stakes or if necessary, its zipper pockets can be filled with sand for extra stability.

POPCHOSE Large Beach Blanket With Stakes and Sand Pockets

  • sand and water-resistant Parachute Ripstop Polyester beach blanket in bright orange, blue or green
  • double windproof design; 5 integrated sand anchor pockets and 6 ground stakes
  • Oversize but lightweight; easy to be folded up in a pocket-size

You can also turn this blanket into a canopy by running a framing member through the slots that are designed to hold the anchors, or using ropes. If you need to create a sand-free area for your yoga session, a play mat for your kids or just a shady spot to rest, this beach blanket will be a great addition to your beach necessities!

WELLAX Oversized Beach Blanket with Weighted Corners

The WELLAX Oversized outdoor blanket will ensure a relaxing sand-free day at the beach. Made of quick-dry nylon fabric, this terrific accessory is not only sand repellent, but also wind, water and heat resistant so perfect for any outdoor occasion no matter the weather conditions.

WELLAX Beach Blanket With Sand Pockets

  • strong, durable and breathable 100% Parachute nylon 118x108 inch oversized beach blanket, big enough for 4-8 people
  • Water repellent, anti-heat, sand-proof quick-dry design
  • with anchoring stakes and corner pockets to be filled with sand to ensure stabilization in wind

This 9 by 10 feet blanket has tied downs in the corners so you can stabilize it using the included stakes. To hold it down in high wind, you can load the little extension pockets with loose sand or any other gear that will fit. When there is no need for such extra stabilization, you can use these pockets to hide your belongings or keep them out of the sun. Choose this beach blanket with weighted corners and make your beach trips, camping days and picnics effortless this summer!

ECCOSOPHY Heat Proof Beach Blanket with 4 Corner Sand Pockets

If you’re looking for a beach blanket that has built-in sandbags to ensure easy anchoring in the sand and stakes to use on solid ground, the ECCOSOPHY outdoor mat is a terrific choice! You can easily create your own oasis and hang out comfortably with this 100% breathable and soft parachute fabric that is large enough for the whole family as well as your stuff.

ECCOSOPHY Oversized Sandproof Beach Blanket

  • ripstop parachute nylon that doesn't get hot, dries up in minutes and are puncture-resistant
  • small and compact when you transport them, but opens to be huge giving you all the space you need to enjoy the outdoors
  • available in bright and beautiful color combinations, so you can keep an eye on your belongings, no matter how far the tide takes you

The blanket comes with four robust anchor pegs to secure the mat when the wind kicks up. Moreover, there are durable zippered pouches that are big enough to hold keys, phones, sunscreen, or can be filled with sand or stones. The material allows easy cleaning; with a few light shakes, all sand and debris will fall right off. The best I like about this product that is even heat resistant so stays cool even in direct sun. Get it in green, blue, purple or bright orange, and enjoy your beach day with this well-made product!

UrbanEco Double Anchored Lightweight Beach Blanket

You can easily stop your beach blanket from blowing away and enjoy a perfect day near the water with the UrbanEco Double Anchored Oversized Blanket that can serve as an outdoor blanket or a sand-free beach mat for up to 8 people. It is thin, extra light and folds up into a practical storage sack for easy carrying. To prevent the blanket from blowing away, it is designed to be secured in two ways; there are pockets to fill with sand as well as anchor pegs.

URBANECO OUTDOORS Lightweight Beach Blanket

  • extra-large but lightweight outdoor mat made of durable polyester
  • folds up to a lightweight, compact size convenient travel bag that allows you to store this with your other beach kit and throw it into the car when you're ready to go
  • double-anchored stable design with 6 yellow plastic stakes and 4 corner sand pockets

This beach blanket with stakes will not only provide you with a sand-free place to relax but the bright colors and tropical pattern will make your lounging area stand out! And the best is, that the manufacturer ensures this durable product will last for years, therefore it offers lifetime replacement if anything ever goes wrong, so you try this beach blanket with sand pockets completely risk-free!

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Sunlit Silky Soft Boho Sand Proof Beach Mat with Corner Pockets

If you’re looking for a beach blanket with weighted corners that has a soft touch, the Sunlit Silky Soft Boho Sand Proof Beach Mat would be a lovely choice. It is made of silky cool soft fabric that is skin-friendly and comfortable to lie on but still offers those great benefits you would expect from a good beach mat such as the sand-resistant and water-repellent features. This blanket also has a carrying bag and weighs in at less than 2 pounds for easy management.

Sunlit Silky Soft Sand Proof Beach Mat with Corner Pockets

  • uniquely designed beach blanket that will make you stand out on the beach
  • made from skin-friendly, non-irritating Silky Cool Soft Fabric that can be easily cleaned, sand resistant, water-repellent and odorless
  • with built-in corner pockets to prevent the blanket from blowing away

If you are one of those persons (like me) who always loses accessories that are not tied to the product they belong to, I have good news for you. This Sunlit Silky Soft beach blanket comes with sand pockets instead of those easy-to-pack-away stakes! To keep in on the ground, just fill the corner pockets with sand. Whether it is just a casual beach day, picnic with your family or outdoor festival with your friends, this brightly colored mandala print weighted beach blanket will surely brighten up everyone’s mood!

VDSTAR Triple Anchored XL Beach Blanket

Forget about those ugly, bulky sand-trapping beach mats you used before and check out this lightweight cool-looking family beach blanket. Bright colors and unique design make it stylish and visible so it will surely stand out from the rest at the beach! Made from Ripstop Parachute Nylon, it is not only super durable and puncture-resistant, but sand- and waterproof too.

VDSTAR Beach Mat with 4 Corner Sand Pockets, 4 Storage Pockets and 5 Stakes

  • extra-large (120×120inches beach mat that is perfect for five adults when unfolded but packs into a compact size for easy storage and carrying
  • strong, durable but lightweight RipStop Fabrics, the sand can be easily brushed off, and the water will roll off from it
  • triple anchored construction with 4 corner sand pockets, 4 storage pockets and 5 stakes

This beach blanket has stakes, sand pockets and storage pockets so can be grounded in three ways for extra stability on those high wind days when most people struggle with keeping their mats in place. What it makes this product different from others on this list is that besides the corner sandbags, there are storage pockets placed in the middle of each side, so putting some heavier items in them will help to fully secure the blanket and stop it from blowing away. I think this is simply the best weighted beach blanket out there for windy days!

Freeasy Weighted Corner Beach Blanket For Two

If you use go to the beach alone, or with one special person, then consider investing in this smaller sand proof beach mat. When unfolded, it provides you with a 67 inches by 55 inches sand-free lounging area to relax no matter it’s the beach, hiking trip or picnic in your backyard. You will find four stakes in the package, but it also has corner pockets you can fill with sand to prevent it from being carried away by the wind.

Freeasy Quick Drying Nylon Outdoor Mat

  • small but mighty outdoor blanket that is suitable for 2 adults to use at the beach, picnic, festivals, camping, hiking or any outdoor activity
  • made from durable and breathable 100% parachute nylon that is soft & quick-drying, water and sand repellent, heat resistant, rip-proof, puncture-resistant and machine washable
  • with 4 incorporated pockets that you can fill with sand and four ground stakes to make sure the beach mat won't be blown away

This beach blanket with weighted corners is also heat resistant and quite easy to clean; it will keep you dry and sand free on your next outdoor adventure since you can easily shake off the sand of it and wipe off any water or moisture with no effort!

WildHorn Outfitters Anchored Nylon Blanket

If you want a beach blanket with sand anchors that is huge and compact for your next seaside trip, consider this one from WildHorn Outfitters. This nylon blanket creates a 63 sq. ft. sand-free area for your family at the beach but weighs just 1 pound and folds easily into its own 5 inch by 7 inch carrying case for easy transportation. Adults, children and dogs will all find a comfy spot on this huge parachute nylon blanket that will not create snags, runs or tears but will shed sand and resist to water.

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Free Oversized Beach Blanket

  • oversized 9x7 inch 63 sq. ft. beach blanket that is over 20 percent bigger than competitors’ products
  • with built-in pockets around the edges that can be filled with a hand full of sand or any other weighted object to make the blanket stay in place all day
  • integrated compression stuff sack allows your blanket to pack down into an incredibly small and lightweight carry bag

This ripstop nylon blanket comes in various colors so every beach lover family can choose one that fits their style the most. Four sand pockets will hold your blanket in place that even double as pockets to store your personal items. This is a must-have accessory for outdoor adventurers that offers everything you want in a beach blanket. Go and get one now!

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