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Beach Chair Canopy Attachment – Instant Sunshade For Lounger

When you’re ready to pack for your beach vacation, consider investing in a beach chair canopy attachment that will not only provide you with sun protection but comes useful if you want to read, because such sunshades reduce glare too. A detachable canopy for beach chair with a lightweight sun lounger is a versatile combination that gives high-level comfort so you can enjoy your time by the sea.

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

When it comes to a beach vacation, Anett is the person who certainly has tips on where to go and what to do no matter it is a luxury tropical holiday, a romantic seaside getaway, or a fun family trip to the ocean. As a world traveler with years of experience in exploring tropical countries and a water sports fan, she creates this inspiring site where she writes travel guides, reviews and recommends beach gear, and gives travel tips to make planning your trip quicker and easier! Are you curious about where She wanders now? Follow her adventures on IG too!

Rio Beach MyCanopy Sunshade

Your Rio Beach MyCanopy will be easy to clip on nearly any deck or collapsible chair. This sunshade weighs only three pounds and is 15 inches wide. Fully folded, it’s less than 3 inches thick. When fully opened, it is just over 20 inches wide, 17 inches high and 27 inches deep.

Rio Beach MyCanopy Sun Shade

  • customizable clip on shade that fits most RIO, Tommy Bahama and Margaritaville models
  • SPF 100 sun protection blocking 99.8% UVA and UVB rays
  • attaches to the backrest of chairs between 17 and 33 inches wide with 7/8 to 1,1/8 inch tubing

This sun shade that attaches to lounge chair is a sturdy one; it comes with a pretty hard metal curve and can be adjusted forward or beachward to provide personal shade, and like this, eliminates the need for a sun umbrella. If you wish to sunbathe, it can be easily removed and fold up.

SHADESY lounge chair shade attachment

All folded up, the SHADESY lounge chair shade attachment is 21 x 16 by less than two inches. You can toss it in the bottom of your suitcase and enjoy having a wonderful break from the sun on your face whenever you need.

SHADESY Portable Chair Shade

  • instant shade made with an ABS plastic frame that firmly attaches to most lounge chairs using an elastic strap
  • with inflatable pillow to provide more comfort
  • perfect for traveling too, folds flat and weighs less than 2 lbs

This accessory for the beach easily loops around the top corners of your chair, providing you a spot to rest your head with an adjustable shade to cover your face. Having a clip on sunshade for lounger that attaches so easily will reduce worry; this can be easily fitted on chairs on your cruise or on even on a travel beach chair you can pack in your suitcase making any vacation trip much more pleasant.

Telescope Casual beach chair canopy attachment

The very small and lightweight Telescope Casual clip on sun shade for lounger is a great choice for a tall-backed chair. The clamp will fasten over the bar on the back of your chair that you can easily tighten to secure this canopy and get great coverage.

Telescope Casual Universal Shade Canopy

  • universal canopy that attaches to the back of most beach chairs
  • easy set up, snap on and tighten installation, folds back when not in use
  • durable construction made of rust resistant aluminum and weather resistant fabric

Whenever you want to lean back and stretch out, this beach chair canopy attachment will provide you with instant protection against the harmful sunrays and save your face and chest from burning. Place it on the top rung of your chaise lounge, and you are ready to relax!

SeaSpiration Tip: Should you prefer having an umbrella-style canopy but want to keep your beach gear lightweight, check out some lightweight Clamp On Beach Chair Umbrellas!

Helinox Attachable Chair Canopy

If you own a Helinox beach chair like the popular Sunset Chair, you should seriously consider adding this detachable canopy to your vacation gear.

This beach chair attachment is large enough to provide your face and your lap with full shade, making it an ideal choice for someone who wants to read, work puzzles, or even do some crafts while on vacation. Expanded, it covers 33.5 x 28 inches for you to shelter under.

Helinox Personal Shade Chair Canopy

  • ultralight shade accessory with adapters to be easily attached to most Helinox chairs
  • large coverage area and adjustable tilt-design for high-level sun protection
  • durable aluminum construction, weather and wind resistant polyester fabric

The Helinox clip on sunshade offers a lot more flexibility thanks to the tilting mechanism and vulnerable to very strong winds. The DAC aluminum alloy and weather resistant ripstop nylon ensure maximum durability while keeping this product lightweight. When fully folded, this canopy is just over 1 pound. It comes with a carrying bag and is 25 inches long.

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Detachable canopy attachments for beach chairs