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Cup Holder Attachment – Upgrade Your Beach Chair

Investing in a beach chair cup holder attachment is a nice way to make sure that your vacation experience leaves your hands free. Once your beverage has a place to hang out, you can comfortably read your tablet or just hold hands with your favorite travel partner. A portable cup holder turns any deck chair or pontoon rail into an ideal spot to keep a cold drink handy as well as away from sand!

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Written by Anett Victoria

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SkiffDaddy Drink Cup Holder for Lawn Chair and Boat

The SkiffDaddy Cup Holder Attachment consists of a hearty metal spring to hold your beverage and has a sturdy hook for arm rails. The long cantilever handle can also serve as a hook on the wide edge of a boat.

SkiffDaddy 2 Pack Drink Holder

  • universal holder for cups, cans, glasses, bottles and small items like sunglasses or snacks
  • easy installation and removal, no assembly required
  • manufactured in USA, constructed with hard-drawn steel and coated with PVC

Toss this in your bag and you’ve got a beverage holder on your island cruise or camping chair. This spring-based tool does offer a lot of flexibility in terms of installation. There is no need to assemble or drill, it simply attaches to any 1.25 inch square horizontal tubing. Take care not to scratch it so your cup holder attachment doesn’t get rusty and you can use it for years!

GEARV Chair Drink Holder

If you’re looking for cup holders for outdoors chairs but aren’t sure of the handle construction, the GEARV a great choice. These handy mesh beverage holders have adjustable Velcro straps that you can fasten around chair bars, cross members on a bicycle, handle of your stroller or the uprights on a golf cart.

GEARV 2Pack Drink Holder Accessory Set

  • universal fit, can be attached on roll bars with a diameter between 1.5-2.3 inch
  • fits most of cups and bottles and features a waterproof and thermal insulation layer
  • with practical net pocket to store phones, keys and cord lock to keep your bottle stable all the time

Whether you’re fishing or just hanging out on a beach trip, these cup holders will provide you with secure storage space for your drink and even for your small valuables thanks to the extra mesh pocket on the side. This product also has a drawstring around the top to ensure that if your travel goals include some rough trails, your water bottle will not fall out along the way.

ROBOCUP Beach Chair Cup Holder Attachment

If you are traveling with a friend, the ROBOCUP Beach Chair Cup Holder Clip will make it easy to share a cup-holding space for all. This universal product features strong, rubberized jaws and durable stainless-steel springs and can clip on in a second on any vertical surfaces (round and flat) up to 2 inch in size.

ROBOCUP Clip On Drink Holder For Beach Chair

  • portable holder that can be used for various purposes like to hold two drinks, phones, keys, glasses, fishing poles, drum sticks or any other gear
  • patented design, this holder clamps instantly to round and flat surfaces up to 2inch maximum
  • robust and durable upgraded version made from anti UV polyresin material, strong no-rust steel springs and rib reinforcements

To install this holder, you don’t need any tools, just simply bring the cups close together to open the spring jaws and clamp it onto your lawn chair, walker, wheelchair, gold cart or microphone stand. And the best is, that you can unscrew the bottom caps of the holders, you can even use it to hold longer objects like fishing poles! A wonderful accessory that can’t be missing from your beach gear!

Kemimoto Cup Holder for Outdoor Chair with Alligator Clip

The Kemimoto beach cup holder attachment is a cool accessory for your next camping, boating or beach trip. It is made of durable and washable 600D oxford fabric. Like this, the risk of corrosion is nearly non-existent so you don’t need to worry that it gets rusty and broken after a few months.

Kemimoto boat cup holder with aluminum mounting clamps

  • durable and washable construction, made of oxford fabric
  • adjustable drawstring design to fit all kinds of cups bottles
  • with two practical mesh pockets to hold phone, sunglasses, keys and other little things

Additionally, this product has a couple of storage pockets where you can store your phone, ID, sunglasses or ID card. This single bottle holder has alligator clamping jaws that you can screw down to hold it secure and keep beverages from tipping. There’s also a drawstring at the top to keep things snug and a hole in the bottom for drainage. Add this drink holder to your list of must haves for the beach so your next trip gets a lot more comfortable!

Accmor Universal Beach Chair Drink Holder With Phone Slot

No matter your outdoor goals, the Accmor Universal Drink Holder comes handy for any activity. This easy-to-install, environment-friendly clip-on cup holder has a slot for your phone and the bottle section features silicone petals to prevent the cup from moving and avoid spilling.

Accmor Bottle and Phone Holder

  • 2-in-1 clip-on cup holder can load bottles and mobile phones at the same time
  • simple clip-on installation with rubber pad clamp that locks the holder onto the bar to avoid movements
  • adjustable fit to different size rods with diameter between 0.55-1.7 in, made of durable and environmentally friendly ABS plastics and slip resistant rubber

The clip has a rubber grip and can rotate 360 degrees so you can customize your hookup. This cup holder attachment for camping chair can be clipped on rods between 0.55-1.7 in (1.4 cm- 4.5 cm) making it an excellent choice for most chairs abut also stroller, treadmill as well as lawnmower. It’s a terrific tool for your vacation and for daily use!

Hanperal Zero Gravity Beach Chair Tray

If your vacation plans include time in a lounging chair by the pool, the Hanperal Zero Gravity Beach Chair Tray is a great tool to toss in your vacation bag. With this multifunctional accessory, you will have a large size tray with two large holes for drinks and slots for other personal items like smartphone or tablet.

Hanperal Drink Holder Tray For Zero Gravity Chair Tray

  • suitable for a variety of folding gravity chairs especially for cross feet folding chairs
  • excellent outdoor accessory with drink holders and tablet-phone slots
  • durable and sturdy with multiple drain holes for easy cleaning

This beach chair drink holder is designed to hook on gravity lounge chairs and cross-feet folding chairs, it’s just under a pound and less than 2.5 inches thick, so it will be easy to pack and since it is all plastic, you can even take it in your carry-on.

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