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Beach Chair Lock Box And Portable Beach Safe Accessories

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than dealing with theft. To keep your belongings safe at the beach or beside the pool, consider investing in a portable safe or beach chair lock box that will keep your phone, keys, cards and cash safe while you enjoy the water and relax with loved ones. Customize your code, lock up your gear, and enjoy the sun and sea without worrying about your valuables!

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Written by Anett Victoria

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SAFEGO Portable Beach Safe with Key and Combination Access

The clever SAFEGO is a beach chair lock box that can look like a purse thanks to the handy locking loop that is made of heavy-duty steel cable and can wrap around any fixed object, like a chair, table or fence. These beach safe containers can be opened with either a combination or a key.

SAFEGO Portable Safe Box For Beach

  • indoor and outdoor lock box with key or 3-digit code combination access
  • lightweight and small enough for traveling, but spacious and strong enough to keep your valuables safe
  • made of impact-resistant abs plastic, rust-resistant nickel-plated lock and heavy-duty flexible steel cable

The dimensions of this handy beach chair box (7 inches wide, 7.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the tapered base) make it large enough that you can fit your phone, keys, wallet and watch to keep them free of sand, water, sunlight damage and of course, theft. And the best is that you can get this in a variety of colors to increase the appearance of a carrying bag so people might not even realize that you have a beach safe box with you! Cool, isn’t it?!

AquaVault Beach Chair Lock Box

If you need beach lock boxes with a bit more room than many containers, the AquaVault may be ideal. This item is designed to clamp around the on beach furniture like a chair or a table umbrella offering a safe solution to keep your valuables from getting stolen.

AquaVault - Portable Travel Safe Lock Box

  • sleek design that can be locked on beach furniture
  • made of impact resistant ABS with programmable rental grade combo lock
  • large storage compartment that is designed to hold all your stuff

Once open, you can load the 9 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 6 inches tall unit with multiple items like phones and money, so if you are headed out with your family, you can all get in the pool together and not worry about someone leaving with your electronics and keys. The AquaVault beach lock boxes feature a programmable combo lock that is designed to keep thieves out. Once you set your combination, carefully test it to avoid locking yourself out and you are ready to go!

FlexSafe by AquaVault Anti-Theft Portable Beach Chair Vault

Keeping your personal financial data safe from exterior penetration is a challenge, but the FlexSafe by AquaVault gives you RFID protection, even when you are at the pool! These clever canvas beach safe containers come in a variety of colors and have a locking strap system. They are constructed of layers that are slash-resistant, while the outer layer is water resistance too.

FlexSafe by AquaVault Packable, Lightweight & Slash-Resistant Beach Chair Vault

  • heavy duty, easily packable and flexible personal small safe
  • patented locking design that locks securely to your chair, bike, umbrella or any other fixed object keeping you valuable items out of reach
  • made of RFID blocking and slash-resistant materials and comes with belt loop for excursions

You can strap this onto your belt and get through the airport with ease. Additionally, this fabric unit is easy to pack in a carry-on bag. When looking for anti-theft beach trip essentials, a FlexSafe is a terrific choice.

Master Lock 5900D Beach Safe Container

The Master Lock 5900D offers both stealth and security. This clever case looks a lot like a spot for your glasses, but in fact it is a portable safe that has room for keys, phone, credit card and even your passport. You can customize your combination and even charge the items inside it since it has a spot for a cable to be attached.

Master Lock 5900D Combination Portable Safe

  • portable safe with four-digit combination that is ideal for travel safe or as a personal safe to protect your valuables
  • constructed with shock-absorbing foam, water-resistant
  • with ear bud/charging cable access port that allow to conveniently listen to music or charge devices while locked

When you get to your spot at the beach, simply loop that cable around something fixed and your gear will be secure. It is important to note that this beach safe box is water resistant but since it is metal, you should keep it out of the sun to protect your electronics from heat damage.

SeaSpiration Tip: for more security, consider getting an anti-theft beach bag too!

Vaultz Locking Pool Pouch with Tether

To keep your valuables secure and protect your electronics from water damage, the Vaultz Locking Pool Pouch may be just what you need. This lightweight and waterproof pouch is 7.5 by 9.5 inches, has a lockable zipper to keep it closed, and comes with a cable to loop it to your favorite beach chair.

Vaultz Pool Pouch with Tether

  • pool pouch safe for wallets, jewelry, keys, cash, Kindles and tablets
  • made of water-resistant nylon and water-proof zipper to keep your valuables dry
  • with combination zipper lock and Double loop tether Cable so you can secure the locked pouch to your any beach furniture

This Vaultz portable beach safe is quite lightweight and has a lock that you can customize. It is made of water-resistant nylon and comes with a water-proof zipper so it will keep your valuables not only safe but dry too.

Diversion Water Bottle Beach Security Box

There is something to be said for hiding things in plain sight. Whether you are headed out for a hike, getting on a plane or going to the ocean, consider investing in a Diversion Water Bottle. This clever tool looks and feels like a stainless steel water bottle, because it is! However, it is also a great way to keep valuables safe at the beach.

Diversion Stainless Steel Water Bottle Beach Security Box

  • 2in1 water bottle and diversion safe
  • easily stores money, keys, rings, watches, necklaces, and anything else of value
  • 16 oz fluid and 2.5 inch X 2.5 inch storage capacity

Fill the top with cool water, cap it, then unscrew the bottom so you have a place to store keys, cash, and jewelry. To keep noise down, consider wrapping your keys in a tissue or eyeglass cloth to prevent the sound of metal on metal as you drink. The top seal is leakproof, so fill it up and stay hydrated while you keep your valuables secure!

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Beach Chair Lock Box - Portable Beach Safe