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Beach Sand Removal Products You Need In Your Gear

Getting sandy is part of being at the beach, but when it comes to cleaning this grainy substance off your skin, footwear, towels, toys, and worst of all, your car and house, the fun turns into a nightmare. Luckily, getting rid of it is easier than you think with these beach sand removal products!

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Written by Anett Victoria

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Beach Sand Remover Brush Pack

Using a brush is an old and simple trick to get sand off the skin and your beach gear, but not any brush is good for such purposes. Normal cleaning brushes are scratchy and sand sticks to them, so instead of cleaning, you will just create an even bigger mess. But with the Beach Sand Brush kit, dusting off yourself becomes easy and effortless!

Beach Sandy Brush Kit

  • lightweight and portable beach brush set
  • nice natural design, made of beech wood and horsehair
  • comes in a microfiber storage pouch that can be used to clean screens and eyewear

This portable, compact pack includes two horsehair-beech wood brushes that are gentle on the skin, don’t scratch your accessories and are easy to use since the particles just fall away the bristles. The beach sand brush kit comes in a microfiber pouch that will not only provide you with a practical storing solution but can be used to wipe off your sunglasses and screens.

This beach sand remover brush set is very effective if it comes to cleaning beach toys, watersport equipment, footwear and any type of gear that may collect dry or wet sand, and you can even use it to brush off your dog after a beach stroll. A must-have beach tool!

Powder Pouch Sand Remover

Even if you do your best to keep sand off your skin at the beach, it is impossible to stay totally sand free, but with a Powder Pouch, brushing off the sand becomes quick and effortless. This cool beach accessory is small cotton pouch filled with natural corn starch. This design ensures a super convenient application and even the little ones can safely use it.

Powder Pouch Sand Remover

  • soft cotton pouch for easy cleaning the skin
  • filled with aloe infused corn starch, safe for kids t
  • refillable, washable and reusable, will last for several seasons

Thanks to the extra aloe vera extract added, after using the Power Pouch your skin will get not only sand-free but also soft. And the best is, that this product is eco-friendly too! It is washable and reusable. When the pouch is empty, it can be simply re-filled: the Powder Pouch Refill is available in 3 versions: Unscented, Beach Bliss with a tropical sweet blend of coconut and banana, and the fresh Sea Breeze edition.

Sand-off Mitt

When thinking about how to get sand off your baby the gentle way, a sand-off mitt is a great choice. Made of soft cotton, this mitt provides painless beach sand removal.

Sand Off Mitt Beach Sand Cleaner Wipe

  • easy and convenient way of wiping off sand from your skin
  • made of soft cotton, skin-friendly
  • perfect for beach days and lakeside recreation

It can be used anywhere there is sand from the sandbox at home to watersport events and camping. Small and lightweight, fits any bag so you can take this mitt everywhere. When it’s time to use, just put it on your hand and pat the arms, feet or any body part with the terry cloth side.

Cornstarch or Baby Powder

To understand why it is difficult to remove sand, we should look at its properties. This substance is hydrophilic, which means that water and sand stick together and therefore it can feel like it is glued to your skin.

Baby powder, which is ever more hydrophilic will quickly solve this problem! You just need to apply it on the wet, sandy skin that dries it quickly and looses the sticky sand so you can just wipe it off with your hand or towel.

Organic Talc Free Baby Powder USDA Certified

  • nutrient rich dusting powder made with cornstarch, organic arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, calendula extract and rosemary extract, gentle for delicate skin
  • fragrance free, non toxic, USDA Certified Organic
  • helps keep skin soft and protect from excess moisture

The trick works with cornstarch too! Just sprinkle it onto the skin and you can easily clean the unwanted sand off. When looking for effective and cheap beach sand removal products, baby powder and cornstarch are a must-try!

Beach Powder All Natural Sand Remover Powder

No need for wipes and towels with Bye Bye Beach! This sand remover consists of natural ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, zea mays starch and maranta arundinacea root powder that make it safe for everyone.

beach powder sand removal

If you need a non-irritating beach sand removal that both adults and kids can use, try this Beach Powder! Just shake the product, sprinkle it on the skin, gently wipe it off and watch the sand disappear! Since it is fragrance, talc and chemical-free, it won’t irritate your skin but leaves it feeling silky and smooth. Currently, the product is available to order through the company’s website.

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