Beach Sandals and Water Shoes For Toddlers and Kids

Protecting your children’s sensitive feet from hot sand, jagged rocks, and slime is crucial when spending time by the ocean. While walking barefoot is really beneficial for children, wearing beach shoes for toddlers and bigger kids is highly recommended to avoid injuries. To get an idea of what is the best footwear for wet environments, here we picked up some aqua socks and sandals we love the most!

KEEN Unisex Newport Water Sandal for Kids

For great support against a rocky bottom, these Unisex Newport Beach Sandals from KEEN are an excellent choice. These sturdy closed toe kids beach shoes offer terrific drainage and are made from water-repelling fabric. The bottoms are built to clear away dirt in spaces where the water or sea bottom is particularly slimy.

KEEN Unisex Newport Beach Sandal

  • super comfy kids beach sandals with washable polyester upper and non-marking, water-channeled rubber outsole
  • adjustable hook-and-loop strap for easy gearing up and getting out
  • quick-lace bungee closure for easy adjustments to ensure a great fit for a wide variety of feet

The lacing mechanism is easy to adjust so your child can easily get into and out of these shoes on their own. Finally, the sole of these kids water shoes has extra support in the arch offering more stability for your child. Available in a wide variety of colors, this Keen Sandal is perfect for girls and boys from toddlers to bigger kids.

Crocs Kids Water Sandals

Probably there is no person on earth doesn’t know Crocs. Considered as therapeutic shoes, Crocs are light, airy, provide relief from foot pain and can be worn for all types of activities from around the house to work, and are extremely comfy for the beach. When your kids are big enough to wade in the water, a Crocs Water Sandal offers a nice stable base so they can play and splash without facing a tumble risk.

Crocs Unisex Kids' Crocband Sandals

  • versatile outdoor sandals for kids that are comfortable, lightweight and airy
  • secure stay-on fit with hook-and-loop closure offering fine adjustment options
  • made of Croslite material that forms to the wearer's feet

Toddlers and bigger kids love this open toe beach sandal. It is super comfortable, lightweight so won’t weigh the little feet down as well as easy to get on and off thanks to the hook-and-loop closure system. The 100% Croslite construction makes it a good choice for even the hottest summer days because the straps will not rub against the skin. Although, if your toddler has chubby feet, the Classic Kids Clog  might offer more comfort.

L-RUN Baby Water Shoes

Of all the things that kids need at the beach, a flexible and soft pair of baby water shoes is something that you should never leave at home! For smaller kids, the L-RUN Infant Aqua Sock Swim Shoes are an excellent choice that will protect the little feet from being hurt by rocks and sharp objects.

L-RUN Aqua Sock Swim Shoes For Baby And Toddler

  • unisex water shoes for kids that are perfect for various outdoor activities
  • flexible and comfortable design made of durable high stretch fabric
  • top-quality rubber sole that saves the little feet from the hot floor

These shoes are quite soft and flexible on the bottom but offer a lot of grip and very good water and sand clearance. The upper part is made of a 92% polyester and 8% spandex material upper part make them breathable and quick-drying. For the beach or pool, these baby water shoes offer decent quality for a cheap price!

Isbasic Infant Summer Beach Sandals

If you are in the market for first walker crib shoes that can be used as beach sandals too, the Isbasic Anti-slip Soft Sole Shoes are a terrific choice. These baby sandals offer lots of adjustments, from a wrapping band to snug down the top of the sandal and a Velcro closure that ensure fine adjustments to support natural foot movement.

Isbasic Infant Baby Boys Girls Summer Beach Sandals

  • soft and breathable cotton upper and anti-slip bottom toddler beach sandals
  • closed-toe design to protect your baby's toes from kicking
  • hook and loop closure makes it easy to put on and take off

The sole of these is pretty smooth, yet lightweight anti-slip rubber, making these shoes perfect for new walkers that won’t weigh down the little legs, while the closed to design will prevent the toes from kicking. This super cute baby footwear is available in sizes from 3-6 months to 12-18 months and a variety of colors so no matter you have a boy or girl, it will be easy to choose a color your little nugget will like!

Speedo Kids Water Shoes Surfwalker Pro

The Speedo Surfwalker Pro is considered by one of the best beach shoes for toddlers and bigger by parents since the little ones can get on and off themselves. Sturdy loop at the back and a stretchy upper make these water shoes easy to slip on so your children can put them on or remove without the help of adults.

Speedo Surfwalker Pro Water Shoes for Kids

  • quick-drying design with 100% neoprene upper and air mesh insert panel
  • great for all terrain with thermoplastic rubber sole for more secure grip
  • available in three sizes from toddlers to big kids up to 12 years

The hearty rubber bottom and an angled ledge ensure grip on the rocks and comfortable walking on hot sand making any beach trip a lot more enjoyable. These aqua socks for kids dry out quickly and easily thanks to the neoprene material and air mesh insert panels. If looking for practical, good quality kids beach footwear, the Speedo Surfwalker might be one of the best options!

tombik Toddler Boys & Girls Kids Beach Sandals

When looking for what to take to the beach when planning a trip with toddlers, this adorable beach sandal that comes with shark, dinosaur, unicorn designs must be on your packing list. Offering a nice hearty rubber base with great grip, the tombik footbed sandals provide high-level comfort for active children supporting the arch.

tombik Toddler Boys & Girls Beach/Pool Slides Sandals

  • curved-designed kids sandals with comfortable base and arch support for active children
  • excellent traction on wet surfaces thanks to the thickened sole that keeps liquids from getting into kid's feet
  • easy slip-on design with Velcro toe straps and elastic back heel strap

The cushioned top closure has a wide Velcro patch that will hang on well, while the back strap is elastic making it easy for your child to put these on before they get to the water’s edge. These beach sandals for kids will dry quickly and be ready to go whether you are headed to the water or running errands.

HOBIBEAR Boys Girls Aquatic Water Shoes

When looking for beach shoes for kids that will get a lot of use, the HOBIBEAR Aquatic Shoes may be the best choice for toddlers and young children. This footwear has a bottom designed to shed water and sand and a curved toe cap to protect your little one from stubbing their toe on a bigger rock.

HOBIBEAR beach shoes for toddlers

  • unisex toddler aqua shoes that are ideal indoor and outdoor activities
  • lightweight and fast drying upper with sturdy and flexible, anti-slip sole
  • easy-to-adjust design that is suitable for various foot types

Made of breathable and fast-drying fabric, these shoes provide comfort for kids while offering great traction for any surface. Hook-and-loop Velcro closure makes them easy-to-adjust and suitable for various foot types. Claimed extremely durable by many mommies, this HOBIBEAR footwear is recommended for heavy usage too!

UBFEN Water Shoes for Boys and Girls

If you want cool-looking, bright beach shoes for bigger kids who find classical toddler water sandals too childish, check out what these UBFREN models offer! These rubber-bottomed, brightly colored, breathable, quick-drying shoes are ideal for any water-related activity such as boating, kayaking, surf and even for snorkeling!

UBFEN Water Shoes for Kids Boys Girls Aqua Socks

  • ideal for kids for beach walks and water sports
  • light and elastic great fitting design that is comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time
  • soft upper and flexible outsole protect the feet from getting hurt by rocks, sharp and stinging creatures in the water

There is a sizable Velcro closure to keep these shoes fitting snugly, so if your little one loves to wade along the shore, you can be sure that these shoes will stick close and provide great traction. Upgraded rubber soles with soft, thickening Insole will protect the little feet from getting hurt by sharp objects and rocks so your kiddos can enjoy a safe playtime by the ocean!

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