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Beach Spikers, Sand Cups And Drink Holder Stakes – Summer Must-Haves

If you leave for your seaside getaway with beach spikes for drinks inn your gear bag, keeping your beverages free from sand and insects gets super easy. These holders offer a spot for your cup or bottle, and many include a pocket for your phone and space for your sunglasses too.

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Written by Anett Victoria

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Beach Life Sand Cup Holders With Bottle Opener

If you want versatile drink holders, the Beach Life Sand Coasters are an ideal choice. This set of four cup holders includes four stands that can easily be spiked into the sand. The top of the stand is built with a bottle opener built in for your convenience.

Beach Life Cup Holder Set

  • sand coaster set made with pointed spiker stakes that go easily into wet or dry sand
  • with built in bottle opener for your convenience
  • stylish unisex orange and white design with cool printed slogan

Once your beverage is open, you can screw the cup portion of your Spiker Cup Holder into the base for a bright, easy to find and very stable beverage spot, moreover this set will offer a nice decoration to your beach site. Additionally, multiple cups mean multiple sand-free storage spots for all your gear.

Home Queen beach sand cup holder with Pocket

If you have many people in your party, the Home Queen sand cup holder set is an excellent choice. You’ll have five different beach spikes for drinks in blue, green, teal, orange, purple and yellow so everyone can have their own holder and a space for glasses, phone or sunblock.

Home Queen Beach Drink Holder Set

  • simple and bright color drink holders to securely hold your beverage and keep from falling in the sand
  • with extra storage compartment for credit cards, hotel room keys, phone, sunglasses to keep your personal necessities available within reach
  • durable and heavy-duty construction, these cup holders can be used multiple times

These cup holders can be used for long years since they are made of high quality PP plastic and have a sturdy spike that can be sunk into sand or grass offering a stable base to keep your beverages safe. Take this handy tool to anywhere to a concert or a ball game as well as the beach and keep your drink from falling in the sand as well as away from ants and other critters!

SPIKER Beach spikes for drinks

If you’re looking for a simple solution for your beverages, these beach spike cup holders are ideal that stand firmly in the sand. This set offers four different round beverage holders in neon colors that will certainly brighten up your day.

SPIKER Beach Spikes For Drinks

  • durable drink spikes in neon colors
  • multi-use, they can hold a cold drink, phone, sunglasses or anything you want to keep sand-free
  • each spiker measures 8 inch high x 4 inch wide x 3 inch deep and made of heavy-duty plastic

They can hold anything from cans of drinks to sunglasses, suntan lotions, wallet and more. If the beach is your business, these may be your best cup holder option – they are durable, colorful and easy-to-use. Get them for yourself or as a gift for your beach lover friends!

Turtleback Beach Sand Coasters

For those who need stackable sand coasters, the Turtleback set is a terrific option. They’re wide and flat enough to stand without having to be forced down into the sand. If you’re planning a trip with children or with your friends, you need these in your beach trip essentials bag! This set of five different beach drink holders can make it easy to keep everyone’s beverage separate as well as sand free.

Turtleback Drink Cup Holders

  • 5 colorful 5.5 inches large capacity sand coasters to keep your beverages and snacks sand-free
  • stackable design, convenient to pack for travel
  • lightweight, durable and easy to clean

These are matte finish plastic, so scratches will not show – when you are ready to go home, just simply rinse away any condensation and toss them back in your bag for your next beach adventure.

Camco Beach Cup Holders

If you’re headed to the beach and need a place to stabilize your beverage in a bigger cup, the Camco Cup Holders are a great choice. These clever beach accessories easily nest for convenient storage and you can keep everyone’s beverage separate thanks to the variety of colors.

Camco Beach Beverage Holders

  • 4 inch diameter large cup holders to accommodate most cans, bottles and tumblers
  • with spikes that dig into sand to provide a secure place for your drinks and other small valuables
  • comes in a set of 4

Not only can you put a thermal cup in these lightweight and extremely versatile sand cup holders, but you can easily slide in a can with a cooler wrap too.

Whether you just need a beach spiker or are planning to attend a ballgame, an outdoor concert or a picnic, you can put these spiker beach cup holders in the ground exactly where you need it to keep your drinks and other items like keys and phone away from dirt.

Island Genius Beach Sand Cup Holders

You can put these adorable starfish drink cup holders to work with little trouble. The Island Genius Beach Sand Coasters are ideal for children and adults alike. These starfish coasters have a 3 inch diameter opening for beverages and other accessories such as snacks, phones, keys and sunglasses to keep them sand-free and within reach.

Island Genius Starfish Drink Cup Holders

  • 4 colorful sand coasters with mesh carrying bag
  • can hold most beverage containers and personal items like phones, keys, sunglasses close by and accessible as well as free from sand
  • stackable design, great for travel and easy to pack

These multifunctional holders come in four different colors so all the children in your party can choose their favorite color before you hand out beverages. The extra mesh carrying bag ensures easy storing and transporting.

Cuisinart Beach Stakes for drinks

For those looking to larger cups or bottles to the beach, the Cuisinart Beach Stakes for Drinks is a great choice. These metal spikes break down easily for small storage but will keep your beverage at an elevated height.

Cuisinart drink stakes for beach

  • drink holder ground stakes to holds wine bottles, cups, soda cans
  • durable thick wire construction
  • with foot-peg leverage to anchor securely in ground

These drink stakes are oversized; you can use this for a bottle of wine for your group or just a glass for yourself. This is a beach beverage holder that can easily be set beside your chair as well as right at eye level.

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