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What’s The Best Travel Size Beach Tent That Fits In Suitcase

If you’re headed to the beach, packing a sun shade that will give you a bit of a break from the sun and some dedicated real estate for your gear is a great plan. If it’s a beach tent that fits in suitcase, you’ve reduced your packing worries and improved your summer holiday!

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

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Coleman Beach Shade Shelter

For those looking for a suitcase beach tent that will also provide some privacy and a sand-free spot to change, the Coleman Beach Shade is an excellent choice. Not only will this bright blue shelter be an easy-to-install spot so your family can find “home base”, but this tent has a small porch that can be zipped up to create an enclosed space for changing.

Coleman Family Beach Tent

  • easy to assemble shelter with UVGuard coating for extra sun protection
  • practical features such as dry line to hang clothes, storage pockets and back windows for ventilation
  • durable, fits 2 beach chairs and can be put in a larger suitcase

There’s a drying line for wet garments and storage pockets for your gear. While the interior dimension is nearly 5 feet high when set up, this tent folds down to 24 inches by 5 x 5. UV protection and easy storage make this product a highly useful beach item.

WolfWise Pop Up Beach Tent That Fits In Suitcase

The bright blue WolfWise pop up beach tent is a great choice for the beach and any outdoor program like camping trip or fishing when you need a place to be out of the sun. This light to carry and easy to assemble sunshade is a beach must-have in every household! It comes with sandbags in addition to ropes and stakes to stabilize it so it will be hard to be blown away in windy conditions.

WolfWise UPF 50+ Pop Up Sun Shelter

  • large yet portable shade folds down to a travel size
  • enlarged mesh windows for good air circulation
  • water-repellent structure with eco-friendly UV blocking silver coating

All folded up, the tent is a 20″ diameter circle with its own bag and weighs less than 4 pounds. Expanded, this portable pop up beach tent WolfWise offers nearly 5′ square of room to hang out and just over 4 feet of height. There are multiple windows and a zip-up door for privacy when you need it.

Sunba Youth Instant Portable Beach Shade

Whether you’re making a trip to the beach or just need a way to protect your baby from the sun near the pool, the Sunba Youth Instant Portable Beach Shade pops up quickly and offers a lot of options. There are pockets for your beach essentials and a carrying bag for this very lightweight tent.

Sunba Youth Anti UV Tent

  • wind-resistant automatic pop up instant sun shelter
  • special silver coated anti UV fabric to ensure the highest-level sun protection
  • comfortable for 2-3 person, folded size is 17.72 inch

As it’s only 2 pounds, this may be the ideal beach tent that fits in suitcase for your family’s traveling needs. There are bags on either side of the tent for sand weights for increased stability and stakes to use it on grass.

Gorich Travel Beach Tent

For families that love beach travel, the Gorich Cabana with fiberglass rods offers security and privacy in a very small package. Fully extended, this shade is nearly 4 feet tall, over 80 inches from porch to back and 83″ wide.

Gorich UV Sun Shelter Lightweight

  • full coverage large sun tent, perfect for families
  • breathable fabric with UV protection coating and extra insect screen layers
  • set-up and folding down can be done in minutes

It comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and offers great protection for the whole family thanks to the UV 50+ silver coated fabric. The windows at the back allow plenty of airflow and can be covered when you need privacy or more shade. Moreover, the insect screen layers keep the annoying mosquitos out which is very practical in case you left your favorite biting flies repellent at home.

WolfWise Portable Beach Tent UPF 50+ Sun Shade

Families headed to the beach will love the WolfWise Portable Shade with 50+ UV protection. This hearty sun shelter is over 80 inches long from zip out porch to back, 45 inches wide and just over 4′ high at the center opening.

WolfWise Compact Sun Shade

  • spacious design with extendable floor and mesh windows
  • with sandbags in the corners to enhance stability
  • ultra-lightweight construction and compact folded size so you can put it in a suitcase or backpack

You can close the extendable front sheet and also the mesh windows if you need privacy to change clothes. Inside this tent you’ll find useful pockets for keys, sunglasses and other beach accessories. Folded up, this tent has its own carrying case and is 20″ long, 20″ wide and under 2″ high.

Neso Portable Canopy Sunshade

If you need more flexibility in terms of square footage, the Neso an ideal choice to create shade by the sea. You can easily set this up on your own; simply lay it out on your piece of sand, fill the sandbags, stretch things out and extend the poles and your own canopy that provides protection from the harmful UV rays is ready!

Neso Tents Easy Setup Beach Canopy

  • lightweight, portable, SPF 50+ sunshade, perfect for any outdoor activity
  • durable construction with high quality nylon/Lycra blend, reinforced corners and rust-proof aluminium poles
  • comes in a travel bag that makes it easy to carry over your shoulder or in a suitcase

The full kit fits in a bag that is just under 2 feet long so can be easily put in a suitcase when traveling. Extended, your it is 80 inches square and 5’6″ tall at the height of the poles. You can enjoy terrific UV protection and a quiet space to call your own with this Neso Tent that is available in a wide range of bright, fun colors!

SUN NINJA All-Purpose Sun Shelter

The super stretchy SUN NINJA Sun Shade comes with two poles, so you can create your own beach shelter in seconds that faces the sea. You’ll find the sand scoop highly useful, and can pack this in your carry on when going for a beach vacation. Fully stretched out, this is easily the best beach tent that fits in suitcase offering plenty of coverage and UV protection in a highly portable format.

Sun Ninja Portable Beach Shade

  • all-purpose sun tent available in 3 sizes
  • advanced water-resistant UPF 50+ fabric
  • with full accessory kit including aluminium poles, pegs, sand shovel, rubber bands in carry bag

Lay it out flat, fill the pockets with sand and prop up one edge with the poles. There are also pegs to secure the four corners. It comes with a practical travel-size bag that has a shoulder strap and when packed, it weighs less than 5 pounds and is less than 2 feet long.

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