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Beach Umbrella Table Attachment – Tray Accessory That Clips On

Summer is coming and the outdoors are calling! To make sure you have a spot for a beverage and your phone, a beach umbrella table attachment is a good investment. Many of the accessories listed below will fit easily into your suitcase or beach bag, reducing the amount of gear you need to carry down to the sand. Pack light for big fun!

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

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BEACHBUB Clip-On Beach Umbrella Tray Table System

Not every sun umbrella can be accessed from the bottom of the pole. To make sure that you can store your beach essentials beverages and snacks conveniently close, consider investing in this BEACHBUB Clip-On Table Attachment.

BEACHBUB Beach Umbrella Table System

  • it can be easily clipped on the umbrella pole but it works without umbrella too by attaching to the included leg
  • lightweight and easy but can hold up to 15LBS
  • the collar can split into 2 parts to be positioned easily and like this, the trays can be used separately too

These tray tables come with their own leg that you can set up wherever you need it, or they can be clipped to an existing sun umbrella to free up your hands while you enjoy a break from the sun. Just simply clip this bright blue accessory bright blue on a standing pole and rotate it for easy access of your beach items you placed on it.

PayandPack Myard Beach Table for Umbrella

The PayandPack Myard will work well on your beach or patio umbrella and serve as a condiments tray on your patio table. Because this Beach umbrella tray fits so well around most umbrella poles and has adjustable supports, you can easily move this tray to the height you need it at.

PayandPack Myard Umbrella Table Tray 15 Inches

  • multi-capacity with drink holders, snack compartments, sunglasses holes, phone slots with cable holes, maximum 5 lbs load capacity
  • easy-to-clean and durable made of anti-UV plastic
  • patent-pending, universal design including pole adapter fastener with screws

There are four different spots for beverages and condiments, slots for your phone and holes to drain or even to run your charging cables through. If you have ever had problems with keeping your drinks, snacks and personal items sand-free while having fun at the beach, this easily attachable umbrella table tray is an excellent choice!

AMMSUN 13″ Beach Umbrella Table Attachment

Your AMMSUN 13″ Beach Umbrella Table Tray is an ideal choice for smaller umbrellas. The clamp is adjustable and will fit snugly from just under 1 inch to 1 and 1/2 inch umbrella poles. The 13 inch tray is made of durable white UV-resistant plastic and offers multiple compartments for drinks, snacks and your glasses keeping them safe from sand and dirt.

AMMSUN Sun Umbrella Tray

  • durable, weather-resistant 3 inch diameter x 1.97 inches tall table
  • with adjustable clamp to fit on any pole up to 1.5 inch diameter
  • easy installation, simply attach the hollow cylinder piece to the table, slide it up on the pole and secure using the included wing nuts

Simply slide this sun umbrella table tool up the pole to the height you need and snug it down with the included wing nuts for stable storage. This smaller tray would be an ideal fit in your beach bag or carry-on.

SeaSpiration Tip: Looking for umbrellas too? Check out the best windproof models.

AMMSUN 17″ Beach Umbrella Tray with Cup Holders

If you need a bit more storage space, the AMMSUN 17″ Table Tray with Cup Holders is an ideal choice. This crisp white tray features four spots for beverages with drain holes in each and four square bins for snacks and gear making it an ideal accessory for your trip to the beach.

AMMSUN Sun Umbrella Table With Cup Holder

  • durable, anti-UV weather resistant plastic
  • 4 cup holder and 4 built-in tray design for easy storing of your drinks, snacks or other items
  • quick installation, slides onto the umbrella pole, includes adapter fastener with screw

The support will fit poles up to 1.5 inches, so it will be easy to attach to most umbrellas. Simply add this to your tote of beach things and head for the water.

Savail Beach Umbrella Table Tray with Cup Holder and Snack compartments

The Savail Beach Table for Umbrella with Cup Holder and Snack Compartments offers lots of space for your beverages, snacks, and gear. It is a perfect choice for any occasion no matter it is a pool party or beach trip and can be easily attached to any umbrella pole from ¾ to 1.5 inches.

Savail Outdoor Umbrella Tray

  • versatile and universal tray that fits most poles from 3/4 inches to 1.5 inches
  • with drink holders, snack and drink compartments it keeps food and beverages as well as personal items free from sand and dirt
  • extra clip on towel hook for your convenience

In addition, it comes with a hook attachment that you can affix at another point on the pole. If you need a spot for your purse or wallet, you can tuck the hooks high on the umbrella pole and keep personal items out of sight. This hook attachment can also let you hang up towels that need to dry out a bit.

Keten Sun Umbrella Table Accessory with Sunglass Holes and Phone Slots

Whether you’re going to be on the sand or hanging out on the patio, the Keten is a great choice for your Beach Umbrella Tray Attachment. This portable and lightweight table includes drink holders with drain slots, snack trays, spots for sunglasses and spaces for cell phones.

Keten Universal Beach Umbrella Table Tray

  • fits 1-1.5 inch diameter umbrella poles, includes adjustable pole adapter fastener with screw
  • multi-capacity with drink holders, snack compartments sunglass holes and phone slots to offer high-level comfort for your vacation
  • made of durable Anti-UV plastic material so it is weather resistant and very easy to clean hanks to the drain holes

This beach umbrella table a bit taller than many of the products on this list, so it would make a great spot for all the condiments for a barbecue on the patio as well. Higher profile cup holders mean less risk of spilling, particularly when it’s right next to your phone!

No matter your ultimate travel plans, making sure that you have your hands free will reduce your stress on your summer vacation. With a table you can carry with you and easily attach as needed, you and your travel clan can fully enjoy the time on the beach.

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