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Hair Products to Use At The Beach Before & After

Protecting your hair when it is vacation time is important if you don’t want to return home with dull and faded locks. After a dip in the sea, you can quickly experience salt water’s drying effect, but luckily, with the right beach hair care protocol, you can easily prevent your tresses from getting damaged. Here we’ve got the best hair products for beach vacation to put in your bag, so your curls remain nourished and shiny!

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Written by Anett Victoria

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Best products to protect hair from saltwater damage

The best way to avoid saltwater damage on your hair is to apply products on it that are specially designed to form a barrier that keep it safe from UV and salt. Here are three products to use at the beach that if you apply before taking a dip in the sea, your hair will be thankful for!

Scalp sunscreen

Rubbing sunscreen on the skin became a habit when heading outdoors, but there are many forgotten areas, like the scalp. This shouldn’t be like this since it is very sensitive as it is the highest point of your body, it burns very easily. A sunburned scalp is not only painful but can cause headache and fever too.

Protecting the scalp’s skin is as important as the rest of the body, but your everyday sunscreen won’t be good because it will make your hair greasy, so you need to choose a special product that is formulated for use on scalp.

COOLA Organic Scalp Spray & Hair Sunscreen Mist

  • SPF30 sunscreen mist to protect your hair and scalp from getting sunburned
  • lightweight, plant-based antioxidants formula
  • safe to use on color-treated hair, water resistant for 80 minutes

Choose a formula that is lightweight and easy to use, like the COOLA scalp sunscreen mist that will keep all exposed skin safe and burn-free. It won’t weigh down the hair or make your scalp oily, but will protect and nourish your curls from roots to tips. A must-have beach hair care product for your next beach trip!

Leave-in hair protectant spray

To prevent tangles and damages, a leave-in conditioner that contains SPF is another essential product you should use at the beach (and even in your everyday life when the UV radiation is high). Such sprays, like the Moroccanoil will prevent damages and protect the color by shielding your hair from harmful sunrays, pollution and other environmental factors.

Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray

  • lightweight spray that help to shield hair from sun damage, pollution and other environmental factors
  • prevent color fading and unwanted brassiness
  • formulated with ArganID micro-encapsulated technology to infuse nutrient-rich argan oil into the hair’s cortex

This lightweight beach leave-in condition is very easy to use. Just mist throughout the ends and mid-lengths, distribute it using a comb, style your hair as usual and enjoy your beach time with the good feeling that your hair is protected, won’t dry out or get damaged.

Coconut oil

If you are looking for the best hair products for beach vacation, here comes the universal coconut oil that you can apply on your locks as a barrier before you enter the water. The method how it works is simple yet fantastic: the oil will coat your strands so they will absorb the nutrient-rich oil instead of the drying salty water.

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • nutrient rich cold-pressed coconut oil
  • super useful in and outside the kitchen, perfect as a conditioner that provides deep hydration without making your hair sticky or greasy
  • USDA-certified and NON-GMO product

Coconut oil has various other benefits besides preventing sun and sea water caused hair damage. It supports hair growth, adds volume and shine and fights fungus and infections too! It is really a must have beach vacation accessory! Just make sure to choose a chemical-free, high-quality, organic and non-GMO product that is grown and harvested sustainably.

Author’s Tip: to avoid the greasy feeling, apply it on the bottom three inches of your hair!

Best after beach hair products

It is also important how to treat your hair to prevent post-beach breakage and restore the health of your locks after swimming in salty water. With these after beach hair products, your hair will be tangle and damage-free!

Deep conditioning hair mask

No matter if you are a regular beachgoer or go for a beach vacation once in a year, a deep conditioning hair mask must be among your beach hair care products. If your hair is feeling dull after a long day at the beach (I’m sure it will!), you can easily restore its shine and elasticity by using a deep conditioner.

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner

  • professional treatment to restore the texture of your hair to be soft and easy-to-manage again
  • detangles, deeply conditions, hydrates and revives dry and dull hair
  • paraben and sulfate free with highest quality argan oil

After washing your hair, apply the conditioning mask on it, wrap it up in a towel and let the mask work while you relax before washing it out and styling your hair. The result will be silky and smooth so you will be ready to take on the next beach day!

If you are looking for a salon-like treatment, try the OLAPLEX No.3 that is not only a conditioner but a professional bond builder to use at home!

SeaSpiration Tip: To fully protect your body from the sun always use sunscreen and SPF lip balm.

Conditioning comb

Brushing your hair after an active beach day is a struggle. To avoid breakage, you need specific beach hair care products that safely remove the tangle.

Cricket Coconut Conditioning Comb

  • miracle treatment that de-frizzes and replenishes the hair
  • infused with nutrient-rich coconut oil and keratin protein to promote healthier looking hair
  • reduces frizz, adds shine and a silky finish

First, apply detangling spray to silken and separate strands, then comb your curls with a wide tooth comb. If you choose one that is infused with conditioning coconut oil, you will not only detangle but also replenish your hair in one step!

Sea salt texturizing hair spray

So you’ve restored your hair after your trip to the beach, it’s hydrated and shiny again but somehow misses the fullness and texture you had during your vacation?

Well, good news that you can get those beach waves without going to the ocean too! A sea salt hair spray is the best hair product for salt water effect that gives volume and the freshness of the ocean to your hair even if you are landlocked!

Beauty By Earth Sea Salt Spray for Hair

  • gives volume, texture and freshness
  • with fantastic ingredients like algae, sea salt, organic aloe vera and argan oil
  • apply it on dry hair for a thicker and fuller look

Such sprays are made of natural ingredients and the added sea salt will help you achieve that wavy locks without weighing your hair down. While you will miss out on the relaxing part of being near the water, but at least your hairstyle will bring back the memories of your last beach vacation!

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Hair Products to Use At The Beach