Best Lounge Chair for Laying on Stomach

Best face down tanning chair you need to get for laying on stomach

Beach season will soon be upon us! If you’re ready to shake off the cold of winter by spending some time on the sand and recharging your batteries, getting a beach chair is critical. There are several models available, but if you are one who loves laying on stomach, choose the best face down tanning chair that will offer you the highest-level comfort on your beach days. Here we review the top chaise loungers that will let you read comfy while you are lying on your tummy.

Ostrich Chaise Lounge

The bright red Ostrich face down tanning chair is a terrific choice whether you want to sit up and watch the waves or rest your eyes while lying. This chair features a face hole and arm slots for maximum comfort while you’re on your stomach and has a pillow to cover the gap if you want to sit up and read or work a puzzle.

Ostrich tanning chair with face cavity

  • with face and arm slots and pillow for comfortable tanning on your back and stomach
  • three positions to recline or lay flat
  • lightweight and portable, with carry strap allows for easy transport

The Ostrich Chaise Lounge is available in a variety of colors and weighs in at just under 10 pounds, so you won’t be overloaded with beach gear as you head for the sand. Three reclining and a full flat position make this product one of the best sun beds for lying on tummy.

GYMAX Beach Lounge Chair with hole for face

The GYMAX Beach Lounge Chair. If you’re looking for the best lounge chair for laying on stomach or back, this very comfortable lounge may be just what you need.

It’s constructed of breathable Oxford fabric on a hearty steel frame and can hold up to 300 pounds. There is hole for the face, moreover pillows to support your neck, chest and forehead, all of which are removable.

GYMAX Sunbathing Chair

  • one of the most popular tanning chairs for optimum comfort and relaxation
  • crafted from high quality materials, steel frame and heavy-duty breathable 600D Oxford fabric
  • ergonomic design to reduce muscle tension and stress, 4 adjustable reclining positions

The GYMAX sun bed weighs in at 11 pounds, making it easy to carry along on your beach vacation. However, it is sturdy enough to be used even for a massage.

If you love to move from water to beach and back again as the day warms up and cools off, the fabric on this chair will suit you well and allow to rest both on your back and tummy.

Ostrich Lightweight Adjustable Ladies Beach Chair

For ladies who love to stretch out in the sun, the Ostrich Ladies Beach Chair is likely the best beach chair for laying on stomach. Not only is there a hole for your face to avoid twisting your neck, but there’s a stretchable breast cavity to avoid compression.

Ostrich Reclining Ladies Comfort Chaise Lounge

  • designed for women's comfort with open-and-close face hole, arm holes and breast cavity expands
  • steel frame and heavy-duty polyester with a weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • in various colors to meet your style

This lounge is low to the ground so you can easily reach for and enjoy your favorite beach beverage, and if you want to do some reading, just lay your book on a towel right under the face hole.

The Ostrich will hold up to 250 pounds, weighs in at about 10 pounds for carrying, and has a strap so you can easily loop it over your shoulder.

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Goplus Adjustable Tanning Chair with Face Down Hole

The Goplus Adjustable Chaise Lounge features breathable fabric and a rust-resistant powder coating in silver grey. The backrest offers three different heights, so you can sit up and chat, lay back and rest, or remove the pillow and enjoy this great sun lounger with face hole.

Goplus Adjustable Folding Lounge Chair

  • an ideal chaise lounge to enjoy your indoor or outdoor time
  • sturdy aluminum frame, waterproof and anti-corrosion fabrics
  • ergonomic design to relieve muscle tension and with face hole for best comfort

This may be the best face down beach chair no matter you will go to the beach to enjoy the water or enjoy the summer in your backyard or pool. The Goplus is a bit heavier than older folding lounges at 14.5 pounds but can tolerate the outdoor conditions well and can be folded into one-third for easy storage.

Ostrich 3-in-1 Chair

If you like a lot of lounging options, the Ostrich 3-in-1 Chair may be a good choice. It is definitely the best beach chair with face hole for those who look for a versatile model to take on your summer vacation since it offers five adjustable chair positions and three for the foot rest.

Ostrich 3N1 Beach Lounger

  • lightweight, versatile and easily adjustable chaise lounge
  • with open/close face hole, arm slots and pillow
  • allows for lying on stomach or back and easily converts to a reclining beach chair

You don’t need to struggle when getting up from such a low seat because the Ostrich 3-in-1 beach chair is just 12 inches off the ground. When you choose to lay it flat and use it as a stomach lounge chair for sunbathing, you’ll appreciate the mesh fabric and the breathable arm holes.

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

The Wekapo Inflatable Lounger might not be a classical beach chair, but is a great option for those with very limited storage as it is frameless. Without air, this is a small ripstop nylon bag that you can fold up and tuck in with your other beach accessories.

It is very practical and doesn’t need an extra pump since it can be inflated by moving it through the air, sealing and capturing it at the end of each sweep.

Wekapo Inflatable Beach Lounger

  • portable and lightweight air lounger that weighs only 2 lbs
  • with pillow shaped headrest to support your upper back and neck
  • made of a durable 100% 210T rip-stop polyester that can withstand various impacts such as sun, water, bugs and dirt

This can be a great choice for those who seek out the best lounge chair for laying on stomach on the beach, in the forest or at an outdoor concert but doesn’t like to carry heavy stuff.

Be sure to practice the sweeping and capturing action a few times; you need to open the bag, sweep, capture the air, and repeat. Once you get the hang of it, you can enjoy a traveling solo lounge or family couch all summer long. Even better, the Wekapo floats!

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Best face down beach chairs

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