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Best Extended Height Tall Beach Chairs For Superior Comfort

When planning your beach trip, carefully consider how long you’ll spend on the sand so you can choose the best high off the ground beach chairs for your comfort. Laying out in the sun isn’t always comfortable, and sitting on the sand can be very hard on your back. For taller folks looking to enjoy a beach getaway, a taller chair is critical so now our team reviews the best models that allow to stretch your legs, support your back and protect your knees.

ALPHA CAMP High Beach Chair With Canopy

For those who love the great outdoors and like to enjoy a little time alone, consider getting an ALPHA CAMP Tall Beach Chair With Canopy. This handy product will fulfill a lot of your beach needs. With a seat that is 20 inches off the ground, it offers superior comfort for tall person or for those don’t like low beach chairs due to back problems.

ALPHA CAMP Heavy Duty Canopy Lounge Chair

  • oversize construction with stable heavy-duty steel frame and reinforced mesh back
  • 50+ UPF sun protection canopy provides you with cool shade in hot days
  • sets up quickly and packs easily back into its carry bag

The Alpha Camp has its own carrying bag, a comfy mesh seat, many pockets for your gear, and since it is equipped with a canopy, you can enjoy your own sunshade without carrying an extra umbrella.

Rio Beach 17″ Extended Height Beach Chair

If you’re interested in high off the ground beach chairs with a bit more shape and structure, this Rio Beach model is an ideal choice. For many, a folding camping chair can be a challenge without a bit of structure for the seat; this chair offers a sturdy framed seat and durable fabric for plenty of support and airflow. You can easily get in and out of this chair thanks to the 17″ high seat and the very sturdy arms.

Rio Beach Extended Height 4 Position Folding Outdoor Chair

  • sturdy chair with 17-inch clearance to the ground
  • safe-adjust technology: it reclines easily to 4 different positions
  • extra built-ins on the arm rests: cup holder, phone holder and bottle opener, moreover there is an insulated storage pouch too

This chair is framed with aluminum, inherently rust-proof and only 8 pounds in weight. Your Rio Beach chair will comfortably hold 250 pounds and comes with a bottle opener, as well as a practical pouch for your phone, sunscreen and glasses.

Tommy Bahama High Boy 7-Position Folding Chair

For folks looking for extended height beach chairs, the Tommy Bahama High Boy is a wonderful choice. Fans of big and tall beach chairs will like the 17 inches of clearance off the sand and the sturdy side rails that make it much easier for older users to easily get in and out of the seat.

Tommy Bahama 7 Position Hi-Boy Beach Chair

  • extended height design makes easy to get up and down
  • comes with a drink holder, storage pocket and a carrying strap
  • it is just under 10 pounds and will hold up to 250 pounds

The bright blue aqua color will make it easy to find your beach spot and give you back support to sit up or a nice place to lounge back. There’s a carrying strap built in to make it easy to get this down to the beach.

Ostrich 3N1 Altitude High Off The Ground Beach Chair Lounger

Ostrich 16in Altitude is a tall beach chair that lays flat and has a footrest too to be able to provide you with multiple positions to lean back, put your feet up, stretch out and enjoy your spot on the beach. These chairs tolerate up to 275 pounds, offer extremely sturdy arms to help you get easily in/out and a 28″ wide seat.

Ostrich Altitude 3-in-1 Beach Lounger

  • innovative concept, upgraded version of the popular Ostrich 3N1 with extended hight and longer footrest
  • highest-level versatility: five adjustable chair and three footrest positions, including layflat mode
  • with extra feature: side storage ag, cup holder and carry strap

As its name shows, the Ostrich 3N1 can be used in three different ways: a regular high seat chair, a 3/4 and a face down tanning chair. This versatile product is just over 10 pounds and has a carrying strap to make transport easy.

Margaritaville Big Shot High and Wide Beach Chair

No matter your favorite vacation destination, you can always have a great time if you add the Margaritaville Big Shot to your beach equipment. The 17.25 inch seat height makes it ideal for taller users as well as fantastic beach chair for seniors.

Since it easily adjusts to 4 positions and comes with a pillow, comfort and relaxation are guaranteed when using this beach chair. The sturdy, molded plastic arms ensure support when you want to stand up

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The Big Shot is constructed of anodized aluminum that makes it rated for a 300-pound user while keeping it lightweight, just 7 pounds. Thanks to the lock on the chair, the risk of an unexpected fold or tilt in minimal. Finally, the carrying strap will make it easy to get your Margaritaville extended height beach chairs down to the beach.

VINGLI High Beach Chair With Foot Rest Attachment

If you’re in the market for fully adjustable big and tall beach chairs, the VINGLI Folding Fishing is a wonderful choice. There’s plenty of padding on the seat and seat back for your comfort.

This high beach chair with footrest allows resting your legs while enjoying the time spent outdoors. Moreover, the legs are adjustable and you can swivel the feet on the front ones preventing the chair from sinking in soft soil.

VINGLI XXL Folding Chair Plus Foot Rest Attachment

  • height adjustable oversized design offering superior comfort for big and tall people
  • durable steel frame that supports a weight up to 350 lbs, breathable and washable fabric that is skin-friendly and easy-to-clean
  • comes with a footrest and reclines flat so can be used as a bed too

There’s also a sturdy bag for simple carrying. Looking for high beach chairs that recline? This is it! When you need, just recline it full flat so it can be used as a camping bed too!

KingCamp Oversize Folding Chair

Tall folks who need a little more legroom will absolutely love the KingCamp high beach chair with cup holder. It has a spacious set, lumbar support system and a slight tilt to feel comfortable even if you sit in it for a long time, moreover it comes with a bag for easy carrying and storing.

KingCamp Heavy Duty Folding Chair

  • large size construction with tilted high back to make sitting comfortable for a long time
  • sturdy design, weighs only 9.3lbs but supports up to 300lbs
  • steel armrests ensure that getting in and out of your seat is easy

These KingCamp High Off The Ground Beach Chairs offer 18 inches of clearance from the sand to the supportive seat making them ideal for taller people. Finally, this chair will easily shed both water and sand when you’re ready to load up your beach supplies.

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