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Best Kids Beach Towels – Baby And Toddler Poncho And Hooded Towels

No matter how excited you are to go to the beach, the laundry bulk when you get home can be disheartening. Luckily, you can invest in small, lightweight and ultra-soft kids beach towels that are practical, easy to shake out, wash up and pack up again for your next vacation!

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Written by Anett Victoria

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Posh Peanut Soft Cotton Infant Beach Towel

Taking a baby to the beach means they need protection from the sun and a nice way to stay warm when the breeze comes up. The Posh Peanut Soft Cotton Newborn Beach Towel will be super soft on baby’s skin. The hood is nice and thick, allowing you to wrap up your little ones and keep the wind from cooling them too much.

Posh Peanut Baby Hooded Towel

  • cute hooded towel to keep your little peanut warm and cozy after a bath or a dip in the sea
  • made of premium quality soft cotton fabric that is lightweight yet highly absorbent and warm
  • you can choose between cute elephant, unicorn or lion design

This adorable unicorn towel is 30 inches by 30 inches and has a 7 inch hood extension as well. The fabric is bamboo and cotton, easy to wash and extremely durable. Since it is unisex, this hooded towel is a great gift idea for your ocean loving friends even if you don’t know the gender of the unborn baby!

Maleroads Baby Beach Towel Robe

Toddlers who love dinosaurs will go crazy for the Maleroads Kids Towel Robe that is available in brilliant green for boys and pink for girls. This baby’s first beach towel slips right over your toddler’s head and will keep them warm as their hair dries.

Maleroads Soft Cotton Baby Bathrobe

  • cute hooded dinosaur bathrobe in vibrant green or pink color
  • perfect to dry your little one fast and keep warm at home or the beach
  • made of soft terry cotton that is soft and highly absorbent

The poncho body will keep the cool breeze off their bare skin as they get used to the temperature away from the water. Made of 100% terry cotton, this dinosaur kids towel is super soft, highly absorbent and quick drying.

Lillian Vernon Hooded Towel for Babies With Name

If you are looking for an all-cotton baby beach towel with a hood that can be personalized for your little one, head to the Lillian Vernon Store for this product! This pink towel has bunny ears, a cheery smile and an embroidered name on the hood (it can be simply customized when placing the order).

Lillian Vernon Hooded Personalized Towel for Babies

  • premium quality baby towel with fun bunny design
  • made of thick and durable luxurious 100% cotton that is soft on the skin
  • specify a name of up to 12 characters for the product to be customized

This baby-sized towel is 30 inches x 30 inches, easy to wash in your sewing machine, and quite durable. No matter it’s splash time at the beach or bath time at home, with this custom spa-quality robe you are your little peanut certainly will have a nice time!

InsHere Toddler Beach Towel Poncho Organic Cotton

We used to worry about our kids getting sunburn at the beach therefore most of us have a sun tent for toddlers among our beach items but forget that children can get cold easily when they get out of the water as the breeze evaporates the moisture on their skin. To keep your child from getting too chilled, the InsHere Toddler Beach Poncho offers both drying and warmth.

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This clever organic cotton towel is 50″ x 30″ and offers snaps to keep them covered while the soft plush inside dries them off. Your children will love the cartoon design gives that will make them not only comfortable but also cute looking!

Jay Franco Kid’s Hooded Beach Towel Wrap

When you want to get your kids beach towels that offer lots of snuggling and warmth, try the Jay Franco Kid’s Towel that offers a lot of comfort. It can be used as a normal baby beach towel that your child can hold closed to stay warm while she/he dries but since it has a hood it covers your little one’s head too to dry the hair before evaporation chills your little one too much.

Jay Franco Kids Hooded Towel

  • 100% terry cotton high-quality, breathable, soft and comfortable fabric
  • beautiful prints both for little girls and boys featuring Disney characters and animal design
  • machine washable, air/tumble dry on low

This bright towel is 23 inches tall by 51 inches long and comes with the print of your kids’ favorite Disney figures like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Moana, Spiderman or Minecraft pattern and cute animal designs (shark, kitty, duck). The all cotton fabric is comfortable to touch, color and fade resistant, extremely absorbent.

NovForth Towel Poncho for Boys and Girls

If you need a Baby beach towel poncho to keep your little one snuggly and warm when the wind blows, the NovForth Poncho Towel is a terrific choice. Since it has a hood, it will also give them a break from the sun when they are tired out.

NovForth Toddler Towel for Beach with Hood

  • hooded beach pool towel poncho with cute cartoon design like mermaid, astronaut, shark, dinosaur, pirate and more
  • made of microfiber that is suitable for kid's sensitive skin
  • large enough for toddlers and kids up to 6 years old

The poncho is 24″ X 24″, but since it features two layers of fabric, you can use this poncho to cover kids up to 6 years old. You will need to get it over their head for best warmth and drying, but if you can get your child in the habit of hanging it up, it will be easier for them to handle. Various adorable design are available both for toddler girls and boys: mermaid, unicorn, alligator, shark and astronaut.

Let’s Make Memories Beach Towel For Kids With Monogram or Name

If you love to visit local pools with your little one, having a Let’s Make Memories monogrammed baby beach towel means that you can go home with the one you took with you. This product is loaded with color, comes in a variety of designs and you can use blue, orange or pink letters that make it fully customizable according to your child’s liking.

Let's Make Memories Customizable Kids Towel with Fun Beach Designs

  • premium high quality soft microfiber material
  • fun sea animal designs: seahorse, crab and octopus
  • can be personalized with any name up to 10 characters and initial

Made of all microfiber, it is sand sand-resistant so and will be easy to shake out and launder when you get home. If your children don’t have a personalized towel for the beach yet, get this product for them for your next vacation!

Athaelay Kids Beach Towel Cover Up

When making your list of things that kids need at the beach, selecting kids beach towels that have a head covering is always a good idea to keep your kiddo from losing too much body heat after playing in the sea. The Athaelay Towel Cover Up is a great choice that is 30″ x 50″ and offers a nice big 10″ hood.

Athaelay Kids Beach Towels Cotton For Boys and Girls

  • Oeko-Tex certified cotton, soft and absorbent comfy bath towel that is perfect for home, travel, beach or pool
  • multi-use wearable design with hood and easy to close/open snaps
  • various fun patterns available such as whale, unicorn, crocodile, shark, memaid

Thanks to the snaps, this product can also serve as a beach towel poncho for toddlers to keep them warm if strong winds cool them too quickly. This all cotton towel is colorfast and comes with an extra finger puppet for fun.

Funky Kiddos Mermaid Round Towel for Beach for Girls

When traveling to the beach with your family, having a dedicated area for your baby is handy. The Funky Kiddos sixty-inch diameter Mermaid Round baby beach towel serves as one of your beach trip essentials to define your family real estate on the beach. It is not only super cute, but can be used as a drying area, a play mat and a spot for your one to sleep and play.

Funky Kiddos Large Round Mermaid Towel

  • multi-purpose beach towel that can be used as a play mat, and picnic blanket too
  • laser printed adorable mermaid design for your little girl
  • premium quality microfiber that is thick, soft super absorbent and durable

Constructed of microfiber, loaded with color and extremely absorbent, this durable towel will last for several seasons. Set up your shade house or your tent for the little ones and put down this mat so they can keep dry and relax!

Personalized Beach Towel for Toddler Boys

If your little ones are thrilled to analyze the difference between a stegosaurus and a tyrannosaurus rex, you need this Dinosaur kids towel to take with you on your summer vacation. This bright blue design includes lots of tropical trees and leaves, and a brontosaurus to boot and the best is that it can be customized by adding your child’s name.

Dinosaur Bath Towels for Toddler Boys

  • a totally unique towel that you can personalize with your child’s name
  • made from a 100% washable poly cotton blend that is fade resistant
  • an excellent custom when you want something unique for that special someone

This beach towel for kids is machine washable and is made of cotton for absorbency and polyester for colorfastness so it will last for years. It comes in two different sizes (30X60 and 35X70 inch) depending on the age of your baby, but why not get both so your kiddo can have use in the bathroom and one at the beach and pool!

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