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Best Portable Showers For The Beach

If you are headed to the sea or a campground this summer, consider packing in a portable beach shower to help keep everyone cool, clean and free of sand for the drive home. From rinsing your gear to washing off hands or any item that got dirty, these movable spraying tools are must-haves for all beach lovers!

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

When it comes to a beach vacation, Anett is the person who certainly has tips on where to go and what to do no matter it is a luxury tropical holiday, a romantic seaside getaway, or a fun family trip to the ocean. As a world traveler with years of experience in exploring tropical countries and a water sports fan, she creates this inspiring site where she writes travel guides, reviews and recommends beach gear, and gives travel tips to make planning your trip quicker and easier! Are you curious about where She wanders now? Follow her adventures on IG too!

Beach Box Shower and Storage Box in One

The all-in-one Beach Box is the best portable shower for beach travelers who need some room for gear. This clever pressurized shower features a durable box with a removable tank. If your gear tends to get spread all around the site while you are out with your loved ones, this shower box will help to keep everything organized and always ready to go.

BeachBox Shower with 1.3 Gal Insulated Tank

  • pressurized portable shower made of heavy-duty plastic, designed to stand in with non-slip bottom
  • with 1.3-gallon capacity, more than enough for one go (each BeachBox can house 2x tanks)
  • it works as a trunk organizer too and equipped with a wet-dry divider slid to separate gear

Fill the tank, place the box in the sun, let the water warm while having fun in the ocean, then stand in the box to shower off. When you are cleaned up, pull the plug and you are ready for you next adventure. The water tank is insulated and comes with a 7 foot hose. Even better, the box has room for two tanks, so if you are out with your clan, everyone can stay clean.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Portable Shower

The Advanced Elements is more than just a shower bag for outdoor use. This well-designed tool features a four-layer construction consisting of a reflector, an insulator, a solar and a water reservoir that generate warm water using the sun’s power. You can fill the bag easy through the large cap on the side, let it warm up on the ground and hang it when you want to bathe.

Advanced Elements Summer Shower

  • 5-gallon outdoor warm water shower powered by solar technology
  • easy filling through large fill valve with convenient twist off cap
  • with practical extra features such as side pocket for soap and shampoo and Velcro straps for washcloths

There is a window and a temperature gauge to let you determine the water level and make sure your shower is warm but not too hot. The adjustable water nozzle helps you control the flow to save water, while the extra side pocket offers storage for your shampoo or soap. Take your beach trip to the next level with this clever portable beach shower!

RinseKit Plus Portable Beach Shower with Hand Pump

Beachgoers and boaters the world over have had great results with the RinseKit Plus. This portable shower for beach comes with a pressure gauge on top to avoid the dreaded loss of pressure while rinsing off shampoo experience.

If you are getting rid of sand and dirt off your pet or vacation gear, the hand pump will help a lot that can add extra pressure and increase spray time by up to 25%.

RinseKit Plus 1.8 Gallons with Hot or Cold Water

  • durable hard-case outdoor shower with insulated tank that can be easily filled from a hose or sink with cold or hot water
  • self-pressurized design; it transfers water pressure as you fill it and maintains it for weeks
  • large capacity tank; it can easily rinse three people and clean plenty of sandy gear

This Rinse Kit can be filled from a spigot and transfer pressure, so you should not need to pump it up after the first fill. The durable case features a storage compartment where you can store a towel and comes with a detachable lid to stand on when rinsing off. When thinking about how to keep sand off you at the beach and clean up all your travel gear before packing up, the RinseKit is an ideal tool.

Ivation Compact Handheld Rechargeable Camping Showerhead

If your beach trip essentials need to fit in a carry-on, skip the water container and just bring the Ivation Compact Showerhead. You can buy a bucket just about anywhere, fill it up with warm water, or let the cold warm up under a black trash bag, then drop your Ivation into the water and clean up yourself, your kids or pets the easy and convenient way.

Ivation Compact Handheld Rechargeable Camping Showerhead

  • this portable tool transforms your sink or a bucket of water into a shower
  • water-resistant unit includes one-touch switch and features one simple flow rate that allow a gentle bathing experience
  • can be plugged into laptop or car adapter and charged via USB

This rechargeable shower head may be the best portable shower for beach if you are flying or traveling in a small vehicle. A full charge allows 1 hour of continuous use and can be easily recharged via USB.

SeaSpiration Tip: If you think a portable shower is not your thing, check out some cool beach sand removal products!

Reliance Products Flow Pro Pressurized Portable Shower

Regular beachgoers will love the Reliance Products Flow Pro that has a pump handle and pressure release valve so you can pressurize it yourself and have a private bath experience without having to hang anything up. For extra comfort, you can fill it up with hot water too.

Reliance 2gal/8L Portable Pump Shower

  • continuous spray with trigger action shower head
  • with 6 ft kink resistant hose and a pressure release valve
  • easy to transport with convenient carry strap

This portable shower also has a black outer sleeve with pockets to store smaller items that can be removed for easy clean up. Another really nice feature of this product is that it is less than 10 inches wide. If you are traveling in a small vehicle, you can tuck this little shower into a tiny spot, have 2 gallons of water at hand, and have room for the rest of your gear.

AFISHTOUR Portable Beach Shower Bag

Water is heavy, and multiple gallons of water in one shower bag can be quite had to hang. If you are looking for a beach or surf shower that does not rely on gravity, consider the AFISHTOUR that has a foot pump and can be quickly pressurized.

AFISHTOUR 12L Camping Shower Bag

  • easy-to-use multipurpose outdoor shower that can be pressurized by stepping on the pump
  • uses solar energy to create warm water, indicator shows the actual water temperature
  • 35 inch long hose with adjustable nozzle allows easily control the water flow

This shower bag is made of high-quality TPU material that is temperature resistant up to 122F/50C that means you can leave it exposed to the sun. Like this, you can enjoy having warm water for showering (the temperature of the water can be monitored on the side of the tank).

Thanks to its airtightness, the container floats in the water and can even be used as an auxiliary tool for swimming. For easy carrying, this portable shower for beach has a detachable shoulder strap.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

For solo travelers, the Sea to Summit is an excellent choice. This kit consists of a single black hanging bag with a twist controller at the bottom and durable hanging loops at the top. Hang it in the sun in a private spot, let the water warm up, and open the valve for a quick clean-up.

Sea to Summit Lightweight Travel Shower

  • 10L pocket shower; ideal for surf, backpacking, camping and travel
  • simple and easy-to-use: with twist mechanism to turning on/off, contoured shower head for equal spray dispersion
  • multifunctional, it can be used as a regular dry sack to transport clothes

This highly useful portable shower is made of a lightweight, yet super durable 70D nylon bag that has 10L capacity providing a 7-minute shower experience. It folds down to a very small container and fits in a zippered pouch, or you can use the bag as a place to pack your beach vacation gear.

RISEPRO 10 gallons Solar Bag With Hot Water

If you have ever stepped into a solar shower and been surprised at how warm the water got, then the RISEPRO 10 gallons Solar Shower will be a terrific investment for you. This heavy duty black bag will hold ten gallons of water for multiple showers and has a sprays nozzle that is easy to control, either just on and off or high and low.

RISEPRO 10 gallons/40L Solar Shower Bag

  • heavy-duty bag made by environmentally friendly and leak proof materials
  • heat absorbing design: the black PVC material absorbs absorb the solar energy and heats up the water 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours in direct sunlight
  • with ON/OFF switch and LOW to HIGH water flow for maximum comfort

There is a temperature indicator to let you know when the water is ready. Remember that a gallon of water weighs about eight pounds, so although the bag is extra durable, do not use the included hook to bring all the hanging straps into one loop until it is empty. Make sure to hang this portable shower station by both hooks when full and use a very sturdy stand.

RazorReef Portable Surf Shower

Those who look for an affordable portable surf shower should check out the RazorReef. This product works pretty straightforward; there is no need for batteries, just fill it up with hot water and enjoy a warm shower from it!

RazorReef Portable Shower For Surf

  • 1.5 Gallon water tank and 3ft poly hose
  • variable pressure switch shower head with lock open feature
  • with neoprene cover to keep the water warm

The neoprene cover on the tank ensures that the water stays warm enough until you finish your surf or swimming session. The shower head features a variable pressure switch and a locking trigger that allows hands-free using for your comfort.

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Best portable shower for beach