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Best Surf Sunglasses With Strap To Choose If You Love Water Sports

Surf sunglasses offer lot protection from glare and resists residue from salt. If you are a beachgoer who love to ride the waves, the most ideal is choosing surf sunglasses with strap so you will never worry about accidentally losing your precious beach accessory while enjoying your time on the water!

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

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SeaSpecs Classic Floating Polarized Surf Sunglasses

Your beach trip will be a lot easier on your eyes with your SeaSpecs Polarized Sunglasses. These glasses will float if you lose them in a tumble and are easy to wire or strap to your surfing shirt. They come in a wide variety of color and offer strong UV protection to avoid eye fatigue on a long day on the waves.

SeaSpecs Classic Extreme Sport Sunglasses

  • extreme sunglasses designed for active outdoor watersports
  • comfortable yet snug fit
  • sturdy construction that survives kite crashes too

The strap is easy to adjust to avoid tugging on wet hair. Sturdy, well-built frame ensures durability so you don’t need to worry about breaking them even if the conditions get harsh. Great value for money!

Jettribe Classic Floating Goggles for water sports

Fans of vigorous water sports will be able to get a lot of use out of these Jettribe Floating Goggles. Although the Classic version don’t have the option to be worn as sunglasses since there is no arm designed into these goggles, but if you are looking for surf googles with strap that will provide you with a great deal of visual range and glasses that will float when you end up in the water, this product must be among your beach accessories!

Jettribe Floating Goggles

  • ideal water sports goggles for like wakeboarding, kite surfing and jet-skiing
  • dual layer of foam to provide comfort and flotation
  • 100% UV protection shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses

There’s a full foam wrap around the frame of the goggles to lighten pressure and create the best possible seal, while multiple air vents ensure optimal airflow to minimize fogging.

Birdz Seahawk Polarized Sunglasses

The Birdz Seahawk polarized glasses will reduce eye strain and the facial work of squinting by getting rid of glare. Built-in vented EVA padding in the frame allows water to pass through but protects you from debris or getting bumped by the glasses themselves. The ear and nose pieces are also padded to give your skin a break on a long day on the water.

Birdz Seahawk Floating Sport Sunglasses

  • water sport sunglasses with TPX lightweight frames that float in water
  • polarized lenses with scratch resistant coating
  • vented EVA foam padding for extra comfort

The adjustable strap will keep your glasses on your face. If they still fall off accidentally, they will float so there is no need to worry about losing them. Finally, your Birdz Sunglasses come with a soft pouch you can use to keep them cleaned while enjoying your favorite beach activity.

SeaSpecs Stealth Black Action Floating Polarized Sunglasses

Your SeaSpecs Sunglasses offer much more than normal surf sunglasses with strap. It comes with a practical accessory kit including a soft sided carrying case and multiple wiping cloths to help clean away salt residue.

SeaSpecs Stealth Black Action Water Sports Sunglasses

  • floating glasses with revolutionary retaining secure strap system
  • high-quality 100% UVA/UVB protection impact resistant lenses to block glare
  • comes with cool accessories like semi-rigid carry Case and clip to attach your board

Kiters like these glasses because they’re very secure, highly durable and built to float. If you’re moving from surfboard to kite, this durable surf googles will give you a wide, unencumbered field of vision while reducing glare offering a safe water experience.

Storm Trooper Surf Sunglasses with Strap

If you need maximum flexibility in how you use your sunglasses, and have a strong Star Wars thing, the Storm Trooper Hybrid is for you. Not only are these great floating goggles for your water play, but you can swap out the ear pieces for the straps in seconds.

The premium foam padding around the eyes guarantees comfort no matter how hard your ride, while the venting keeps the lenses from fogging.

Storm Trooper Hybrid of goggles and sunglasses

  • no-fogging wide lenses for increased visibility
  • with straps and arms that are easily interchangeable
  • cool-looking floating frame

These will fit snugly to your face, easily clear the water from under the lenses, and float if you end up losing them. If you don’t want the black and white storm trooper look, you can purchase these in matte black.

Jettribe Pro Surf Kite Anti Fog Goggles

If you’re looking for surf sunglasses with strap that offer as much venting as possible for your beach trip that includes extreme water sports, the Jettribe Pro Surf Googles are a great choice. These goggles have sunglasses arm so they can be worn as sunglasses and the adjustable elastic headband can be attached easily when you need snug fit for riding.

Jettribe Pro REVO Coating Water Sport Googles

  • shatter-resistant 100% UV polycarbonate CE certifies lenses with REVO Coating
  • with adjustable elastic head band for secure fit while water sports like wake-boarding, surfing or waterskiing
  • with practical hard sided storage case

There are multiple vents above and below so if you get a face full of water, it will clear quickly. A little downside is that the non-removable earpieces reduce the ability of these lenses to float long term, so make sure to keep the strap snug when on the water!

Hurricane Category-5 Jet Ski Water-Sport Floating Goggles

You can easily turn these Hurricane Category-5 Jet Ski Water-Sport Goggles from surfing sunglasses into goggles with the strap by simply removing the arms and replacing them with the elastic straps.

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These polarized floating sunglasses will offer great glare protection and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you need hearty goggles for riding the waves, consider the Hurricane glasses!

Maelstorm Marlin Black Dynamite Watersports Sunglasses

For serious water sport fans, the best purchase may well be the Maelstorm Marlin Watersports Sunglasses. They not only offer UVA and UVB protection with polarization, but the nose piece is built with padding integrated just in case you take a tumble.

Maelstorm Marlin Watersports Sunglasses

  • comfortable design with integrated rubber nose piece for faceplant protection
  • high quality UV400 grey polarized lenses
  • head bands ensures locked position during wipeouts

If you lose them, they will float and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors for easy visibility on the water. While you’re working to avoid a faceplant, you can be confident that these glasses are both impact-resistant and flexible. Finally, you can wire your glasses to a neck strap.

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