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Towel Covers For Sun Loungers – Take Your Beach Chair To Next Level

When you’re ready to relax on the beach or lounge in comfort beside the pool, making sure you have a nice spot to soak up some sun is critical. By investing in towel covers for sun loungers that will stretch to cover the chairs you own or the shared lounge chairs at your community pool, you can easily find a spot to dry off in the sun without getting burned by an overly warm plastic chair.

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Written by Anett Victoria

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VOCOOL Chaise Lounge Chair Towel Cover

Should you look for a stylish lounge chair towel that can perfectly match your bathing suit, the VOCOOL line is a great option to look at. This beach chair towel selection will allow you to slip the top pocket over the headrest, cover the arms, provide a gear pouch right beside the user for sunglasses and sunblock, and is easy to clean up.

VOCOOL Chaise Lounge Cover Beach Towel

  • fiber velvet towel that fits snugly on most lounge and pool chairs
  • super soft and absorbent microfiber that is comfortable for the skin feeling without sticky
  • with practical side pockets to hold beach accessories

This beach towel with fitted pocket top folds into a shoulder-strap bag for easy carrying. Moreover, the extra ties allow the cover to tie to the base of your chair so it will always stay in place no matter how windy it gets.

Generleo Store Fitted Lounge Chair Cover

The Generleo Store Sun Lounger Cover is a wonderful choice for a light-colored chair cover. If you’ve ever sat down on a hot chair, you know how important it is to avoid any strong or dark colors at the beach. These towel covers for sun lounger offer a pretty whimsical pattern on a light background to give users a nice break from the heat of the sun while wicking away moisture from the pool, lake or ocean water.

Generleo Store No Sliding Sun Lounger Towel Cover

  • high quality microfiber material with cute and stylish prints
  • no sliding design: the elastic fastener ensures that the chair cover cannot be blown up by the wind
  • with 3 side pockets to add storage space for your valuables

This towel cover is made of high quality, absorbent microfiber fabric to provide you with comfort, while the cute prints will add style to your beach trip. It features a carrying pouch and pockets along the sides for all your personal beach gear.

SeaSpiration Tip: If you like practical beach accessories, get a convertible beach towel bag that you can use as a backpack too!

Pool Pack Towel Cover for Sun Loungers

If you’re looking for a beach chaise lounge chair towel that you can both customize and turn into a tote, you may be in luck with the Pool Pack line. These chaise lounge towel covers provide users the chance to customize the position and placement of pockets for easy location of your beach essentials from sunblock to cellphone.

Pool Pack Lush Lounge Chair Cover

  • stylish and comfortable lounge chair towel that offers high-level comfort
  • extra-long design that covers the entire sun lounger
  • folds into a stylish backpack to hold your beach accessories hands free

There are straps and clamps included to provide a snug fit so your cover will stay on your sun lounger all day long. Thanks to the extra long design, it will cover the entire seat for maximum comfort.

KOVOT 2-in-1 Lounge Chair Towel Cover and Carrier Bag

If you’re not sure of the size of your chair until you get to the cruise ship or the hotel pool, the KOVOT line could be ideal choice when looking for beach towels that hook over chair backs.

KOVOT 2-in-1 Lounge Chair Towel Cover

  • high-quality cotton and polyester blend that is absorbent and soft
  • converts into a carry tote to carry and store your accessories easily
  • easy-to-clean, machine washable

This cotton terry and polyester fabric will dry your skin by wicking away moisture, but you may need to pack a heavier towel for a plush drying experience. It features a side pocket to keep your beach needs within reach, moreover for easy carrying, if folds into a tote.

Chillax Lounge Chaise Cover Towel

The Chillax Lounge Chair Towel is a great choice for the sea- or poolside or oceanside. It gives ideal absorption protection thanks to the 100% cotton fabric and allows you to easily wash and air dry this product.

Chillax Beach Chair Pool Towels

  • fast dry absorbent terry towel made with luxurious cotton that feels super soft to the skin
  • no need for beach towel clips, easy to secure it to your chair
  • with included pillow for your comfort

Additionally, this fitted lounge chair slipcover has a zippered pouch for a pillow to add to your comfort. The bright blue cotton is colorfast and the sides of the Chillax towel covers for sun loungers offer pockets for all the gear you need to keep out of the sand.

SPRINGWT Cotton Chair Lounge Cover

Settling in on a SPRINGWT Chair Lounge Cover will be a wonderful feature of your beach vacation. This simple, lightweight fitted towel for beach chair is a non-fussy white cotton with a pocket to secure the top of the cover in place.

Cotton Chair Lounge Cover

  • soft and absorbent cotton blend to provide comfort without feeling sticky
  • with side pocket to hold sunglasses, sunscreen and more accessories
  • folds up into a small pack for easy carrying and storing

This cover towel won’t slip and slide as you sit down and offers plenty of security with personalized pockets off the right-hand side of lounge chair. In case it gets dirty, it is easy to clean and quick drying.

SeaSpiration Tip: Tired of regular towels that got heavy and collect sand when wet? Get a lightweight sand free beach towel!

JVJQ Microfiber Chaise Lounge Towel With Side Pockets

If you love color and enjoy stretching out on a lounger beside the sea, you will love the JVJQ Microfiber Chaise Lounge line. These towel covers for sun loungers offer elastic straps for easy fitting to a variety of chairs. Simply make sure the sun lounger is clean and secure the cover to the frame.

JVJQ Sunbathing Pool Chair Towel

  • quality cotton terry and polyester, soft, absorbent and non-shedding material
  • special straps keep it always on the lounge chair even if the weather is windy
  • you can fold up this chair cover into a convenient shoulder strap bag for easy carrying

At the end of your day at the beach, simply let it air dry and fold it down until it becomes a carry bag that you can use for your gear. This is not a terribly heavy towel; it’s built to capture moisture and release it quickly. The material is thinner than you may expect, so if you want a bit more softness while sunbathing, consider bringing an extra cotton towel too.

YOULERBU Thickened Microfiber Beach Chair Cover

For those who move from chair to water and back again, the YOULERBU Lounge Chair Cover may be just what you need. It is made of thicker fabric than many microfiber products, and you can add an inflatable pillow at the top when you’re ready to close your eyes and rest for a bit.

YOULERBU Lounge Chair Cover with Pillow

  • made out of microfiber and foam pad to be soft and super absorbent
  • with inflatable pillow and detachable pocket
  • with elastic fastener that keeps your towel from sliding down your chair while you swim in the pool

This bright blue chair cover has a side pouch for beach necessaries and folds down to provide a right-sized carrying case. Thanks to the buckle strap and elastic loops, your towel won’t slide down from the chair even if it’s windy.

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