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Beach packing list for teenage girls

Frankly, can you imagine anything better than a teenager vacation with sunshine, gorgeous views, beach games, surfing waves… Nothing can beat the experience when it’s done right and you have everything you need. But without the essentials, a carefree vacation can turn uncomfortable. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate beach packing list for teenage girls!

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Written by Anett Victoria

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15 beach essentials for teen girls


Soak up the sunrays and Vitamin D and endorphins without damaging your skin. When wondering what should a teenage girl pack for a vacation, make sure that high SPF and quality sun care products are on the list! If you hate the feeling (and time it takes) of lathering on lotion, you may try out a spray lotion, but our top recommendation is an ocean-friendly sunscreen stick version!

Woman applying sunscreen – Photo from Pexels

Water resistant makeup

For girls who like to wear makeup, make sure to pack liquid-resistant varieties. The sun and moisture can melt makeup away, and sweat-proof makeup prevents running and the dreaded mascara-induced raccoon eyes.

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Beach towel

Ditch the bath or hotel towel that’s way too small to dry off with (and often not so hygienic) and make sure to bring your own beach towels. Another essential, a beach towel is perfect for laying out, catching rays and drying off in style.

Beach towel
Woman with beach towel – Photo from Unsplash

Stick to a classic print, like nautical stripes, and you’ll have a quality beach towel for life while also looking timeless. Choose travel-size microfiber models; they won’t take up too much space so fit any beach bag and teen luggage.

Sand free microfiber beach towel

  • soft-feel, highly absorbent beach towel
  • quick dry, sand-free material
  • compact size, with travel accessory pouch


UV rays don’t just damage skin, they can also burn your eyes with long exposure and the squinting from the sun can cause wrinkles over the long term. No beach packing list for a teenage girl can be complete without quality sunglasses: they will not only protect the eyes in the sun but make you look glamorous with some stylish shades.

A women in Sunglasses

Beach book(s)

Let’s get real, there’s only so much beach lounging one can do without getting a little restless. In true vacation style, transport yourself into another world with a great novel or fascinating nonfiction book.

Several swimsuits

A beach packing list for teenage girls certainly has to include multiple swimsuits! Even if you have your favorite one you feel the most comfortable in, you’ll appreciate the variety and the fact that you’ll have a clean and dry one to alternate with.

Beach packing list for a teenage girl
Beach essentials – Photo from Pixabay

Consider packing different styles as well – besides a bikini for pool-side or lounging, you might want a more athletic swimsuit if you like to swim laps or surf.

Zaful bikini set

  • perfect summer swim wear for the beach or pool party
  • comfortable fabric, beautiful texture with removable straps and padded bandeau
  • available in fashionable colors and S-XL sizes

Deep conditioner

Nothing dries out and tangles the hair quite like salty ocean water, wind, and waves. If you’re sporting long or medium locks, make sure to pack a deep conditioner to rehydrates the hair and detangle. Like this, you’ll have silky hair all vacation long!

Vacation haircare products
Hair spray – Photo from Unsplash

Moisturizing lotion

The sun and salt can also dry out your skin as well. Pack a high quality and long-lasting skin lotion to make sure your skin stays hydrated and healthy.

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Portable speaker and earbuds

Besides your everyday electronic items such as a mobile, tablet or small laptop, don’t forget your headphones so you can listen to your jams on vacation without disturbing others! If you have a travel size waterproof speaker, pack that too so you can organize a small party at the beach or in your vacation rental anytime!

Waterproof speaker for the beach
Waterproof speaker – Photo from Pixabay


A sundress (or two or three!) is a great way to stay comfortable and cool on your beach vacation. Consider packing a lightweight and soft one – you’ll be happy to have something light in case you get accidental, sunburn!

White sundress – Photo from Unsplash

Swimsuit wrap

Much easier than shorts, dresses, or pants, swimsuit wraps are great to throw over your swimsuit when running down to the beach or pool.

Running shoes and athletic wear

There is nothing better than a sunrise or sunset workout at the beach, so if you like keeping yourself active, you’ll appreciate bringing along your sneakers and gym clothes. All the free time on vacation means more time to spend on fitness!

Running on the beach
Running on the beach – Photo from Unsplash

Aloe vera

Even with diligent sunscreen application and reapplication, long hours in the sun can lead to some type of sunburn. If the worst happens, you’ll be happy to have some aloe vera for burn relief.

Pura D'or organic aloe vera gel

  • USDA certified organic aloe vera gel
  • instant skin hydration, eczema, bug bite and sun damage relief
  • with antioxidants, Vitamin C and E

Basic first aid and pain relievers

Always a good idea to pack some pain relief and basic first aid in case you run into some ocean nuisances like jellyfish.

Period products

And last, but not least on the beach vacation packing list for teenage girls, don’t forget to pack period products just in case. Periods shouldn’t ruin your beach fun!

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