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Easy vacation meals for a group – 10 quick dishes for the beach

When you finally get a chance for a vacation, you want to relax as much as possible. However, when you have people with you, you need to ensure that everyone is fed but make it as easy on yourself as possible. Find here 10 ideas on easy vacation meals for a group that are healthy and quick to prepare!

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Written by Anett Victoria

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10 best beach meals for a crowd

You need food that can satisfy everyone simply while also not being too difficult to cook or eat while on a sandy beach. Pick one or two from these ideas!

Sandwich buffet

Setting up a rich buffet is definitely the best idea if it comes to making lunch or dinner while on vacation. Creatively prepared sandwiches are the best beach meals for a crowd. This is especially true when everybody is having so much fun that they don’t care about food.

Sandwich bites platter
Sandwich bites – Photo from Unsplash

Use various ingredients, such as peanut butter and jelly or turkey, plus place crackers, and even some fresh fruit on the table for something refreshing. It’s simple, easy, and effective.


Everyone loves tacos. Set up a station at the beach house with meat and all of the fixings. Some of the most popular add-ons include lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, hot sauce, cilantro, mango slices, and lime.

Taco for the beach
Taco – Photo from Unsplash

Offer both hard shells and soft shells. You can also have chips and salsa and ceviche out on the table as well.

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Pancakes are quick -to-make, relatively inexpensive, filling and can be easily done easily in a vacation rental too. Use mix that only requires you to add water.

Pancake perfect vacation meal
Pancake – Photo from Unsplash

Make a lot of batter to make a lot of pancakes! Put various toppings out on the table such as jam, fruits, peanut butter, chocolate spread and whipping cream so everyone can find the right one.


Everyone loves pizza! If your vacation rental has a pizza oven or large kitchen, make a pizza dinner! Supply premade crusts and plenty of options for ingredients. Get all of them and let everyone make their own personal one.

Pizza – Photo from Unsplash

Summer Salad with Shrimp or Chicken

Salads can be a full meal when done correctly. The secret to a filling salad is using the right ingredients. Use plenty of greens and veggies as a base. Then, you should add cheese. Try blue cheese, feta cheese, or shredded cheddar. Add fruit, such as strawberries, apples, cranberries, blueberries, or mandarin oranges.

Chicken salad
Chicken salad – Photo from Unsplash

Nuts also add plenty of good fat and nutrients. Almonds, pecans, walnuts, and peanuts are all great options. Add protein too, such as tuna, chicken or shrimp. For vegetarians, tofu is a good option.

Cajun Seafood Boil

This is a simple one that is sure to please the crowd. Buy some fresh seafood, such as shrimp, crayfish, clams, mussels, and crab. Buy potatoes and corn too. You’ll add seasoning and sauce. Steam everything together in a bag.

Ingredient ideas for seafood boil
Ingredient ideas for seafood boil – Photo from Unsplash

When it’s ready, open the bag and let people dig in! You might need to consider buying some crab leg crackers. (Here is a good recipe!)

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The great thing about empanadas is that you can put just about anything in them you want. Make this popular South American treat just the way you like it. Since everything is enclosed in a pastry, it doesn’t get too messy, either.

Quick vacation food Empanadas
Empanadas – Photo from Unsplash

Hotdogs/Brats and Hamburgers

Go old fashioned with some grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, you never go wrong with them. These all-rounder easy vacation meals for a group can be prepared with meat or meat-free for vegetarians. Provide potato salad and chips too!

Hamburger – Photo from Pixabay


Get together some meat, onions, peppers, and maybe some potatoes. Stick them all on a skewer and put them on the grill. It’s easy, and it’s a crowd pleaser.

Grilled meat kabobs
Kabobs – Photo from Unsplash

Slow Cooker Jambalaya

Jambalaya is one of the simplest easy vacation meals for a group, especially if you have access to a crock pot in your beach house. Just add the rice, tomatoes, seasoning, shrimp, and sausage to the crock pot and let it simmer until it’s dinner time.

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Easy beach meal ideas for a group