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Best Islands in Italy for Honeymoon

With delicious food, idyllic scenery and passionate flair of the language, the best possible honeymoon is a romantic vacation in Italy. There can be no doubt that the entire country is amazing, but especially the islands hold a particular charm. Offering incredibly blue waters and lovely seaside resorts, these are the best islands in Italy for honeymoon that will certainly make you fall in love over and over again.

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5 Best Islands in Italy for Honeymoon


If you are looking for the best honeymoon destinations in Italy, make sure to add Capri to your list. This beautiful island -situated among seaside cliffs- is a relaxing paradise you could ever hope to find.

Marina Piccola Capri
Marina Piccola Capri – Photo from Unsplash

The towns feature typical Italian piazza’s and tasty restaurants and cafes. The beaches are breathtaking and perfect for lounging, while more adventurous honeymooners can scuba dive in underwater caves. You can also take a chairlift for an incredible view from the stunning Mount Solero. With so much elegance and beauty, Capri certainly deserves to be considered for any type of vacations.


This large Italian island features a stunning amount of geographical variety and cultural delights. The coastline includes both sand and pebble beaches, interspersed with coves where the waves lap against the stone. The interior of the island, meanwhile, includes volcanoes and mellow, flowered fields that are perfect for romantic walks. The culture is uniquely Mediterranean with a laid-back feel. With big cities and plenty of nature, Sicily is perfect for those seeking both urban and rural experiences.

Scopello Sicily - Italy
Scopello – Sicily – Photo from Unsplash

Honeymooners should be sure to check out the city of Palermo, with its delicious cuisine and artsy vibe. Back in the countryside, if you are up for a hike, the impressive Mount Etna never disappoints. The mixture of fun and relaxation on offer in Sicily makes this an ideal spot for a romantic vacation in Italy.

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Aeolian Islands

Unlike the other items on this list, the Aeolians (knowns as Lipari Islands too) are made of many tiny volcanic islands rather than a single landmass. The island group has two active volcanos: he aptly named Vulcano island and the Stromboli, that are often spewing smoke, giving visitors an otherworldly look at the planet continuing to make itself. The Volcano is even said to be where the Roman God Vulcan did his work, with the smoking volcano functioning as his chimney. Visitors can take mud baths in the volcanic soil, a therapeutic experience said to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Stromboli Volcano Italy
Stromboli Volcano – Photo from Unsplash

There are seven islands in the group in total, all of which are breathtaking. And despite all the natural beauty, the area is not usually very crowded, making it perfect for a relaxing honeymoon on Italy. For an adventurous trip abroad, this is the perfect place.


This gorgeous island is home to beautiful beaches and perfect landscapes for hiking and exploration. The perfect white beaches and lush vegetation make Ischia a typical island paradise, while the fumaroles and thermal baths make it unique. There are many hiking spots on the island, with Mount Epomeo being perhaps the most incredible. La Mortella Panoramic Gardens are another striking spot, demonstrating the glorious flora and fauna of the region.

Ischia - Italy
Ischia – Photo from Unsplash

For history lovers, the Arogonese castle offers a look at Italy’s medieval past. And for those just looking to have a relaxing, five-star time, there are a number of remarkable luxurious resorts to choose from. Ischia, with its history and luxury laid atop such exquisite natural beauty, is certainly a perfect honeymoon destination in Italy.


With picture-perfect beaches and stunning turquoise waters, Sardina (Sardegna in Italian) is certainly one of the best islands in Italy for honeymoon or a romantic getaway. Rock formations under the surface give this stretch of the Mediterranean a unique patterned look, where splotches of light and dark blue mix before meeting the gleaming white of the sand.

La Piscini - Sardinia
La Piscini – Photo from Unsplash

Sardinia is a warm place with long summers, meaning honeymooners can enjoy proper beach weather six months out of the year. While there is nightlife and luxury to be enjoyed in abundance, it is the nature that sets this island apart. Visitors should check out the Maddalena archipelago, a breathtaking string of tiny island-like formations on the north of Sardinia.

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best Islands in Italy for honeymoon

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