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The Best Beaches in Southern Italy

When most people dream of going on an Italy vacation, they think of Milan’s style, Rome’s history, the culture of Naples, or the lovely vineyards throughout the country. However the country certainly has several cultural attractions that are hard to beat, but the best beaches in Southern Italy rival even the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Whether people visit the famous island of Capri or they go on a road trip through the Amalfi Coast, there are plenty of beautiful beaches people can visit while on vacation in Southern Italy.

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5 Best Beaches in Southern Italy

Bagni di Tiberio – Capri

Bagni di Tiberio is known as one of the best Southern Italy beaches for millenniums. Emperor Agustus, the founder of the Roman Empire, loved relaxing in this beautiful place during the summer so much that he built a villa to spend time there while he visited Capri. This beach has a nice flat stretch of sand, a shallow shore, and a beautiful view, making it an excellent place for families to visit.

Tropea – Calabria

Tropea resets the standard for the best beaches in Southern Italy. This not-so-hidden gem in Marasusa holds the nickname “The Coast of the Gods.” The coastline is home to beautiful cliffs, glistening sand, and clear water. The beach itself features sunbeds, bar service, babysitting, and even beach games making it a perfect place for a family vacation.

Tropea Beach - Marasusa
Tropea Beach – Photo from Unsplash

The shore showcases a beautiful view of the beloved Santa Maria dell’Isola. There’s usually a light breeze coming in from the sea, and people can see the Lipari Islands if the conditions are right. While the beach is a great way to unwind during the day, the coast lights up during the evening to keep the party going. Considering all these facts and features, it is not a question why Tropea is the perfect place to spend a Southern Italy holiday.

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Marina di Cetara – Amalfi Coast

When people talk about Amalfi, they automatically buzz about the historical town that sits beautifully on top of the cliffs. While the area is beloved for its rugged coastline, excellent wine, delicious food, and beautiful hikes, the Amalfi Coast is also home to one of the best beaches in Southern Italy.

Amalfi Coast Beach - Italy
Amalfi Coast Beach – Photo from Unsplash

Marina di Cetara is a hidden gem north of Amalfi that’s located just outside of the fishing town Cetara. Visitors can look out across the gorgeous crystalline coastline or look back to see lovely cottages, an ancient watchtower, and even vibrant fishing boats nestled throughout the beach. Even though Cetara is a fishing town, the beach is clean, laid back, and easily accessible.

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Vendicari Nature Reserve – Sicily

The Vendicari Nature Reserve showcases a unique beach location where there are more storks and flamingos than people. This national park has cozy coves and beautiful beaches that stretch for miles.

Vendicari Nature Reserve - Sicily
Vendicari Nature Reserve – Photo from Unsplash

The most famous beaches are still relaxing and less popular among tourists and locals. There are no stores and no restaurants here, therefore these Southern Italy beaches are definitely among the most relaxing ones where visitors can disconnect from life for the day. The most popular beaches inside the Vendicari Nature Reserve are Calamosche and San Lorenzo Beach.

Baia dei Turchi – Puglia

Baia dei Turchi is widely known as one of the best beaches in Southern Italy because of various reasons. It has earned the prestigious Blue Flag, which is an award for being one of the cleanest, moreover environmentally friendly beaches in Italy.

Baia dei Turchi Beach
Baia dei Turchi Beach – Photo from Unsplash

This gorgeous beach has sparkling sand that sprawls for a mile, and the water is mesmerizing. The beach is also backed by a forest, making it one of the more unique beaches in Southern Italy. On top of these, Baia dei Turchi is tucked away in a nature reserve, making it the perfect way to escape the crowds that come with other beaches.

Cala Brandinchi – Sardinia

Cala Brandinchi is a beach in Sardinia that’s located just outside of the small village Monte Petrosu. Cala Brandinchi is one of the most famous Italian beaches, and its popularity was well earned. The gorgeous beach stretches for almost half a mile, making it the perfect place to post up while the sun rises.

Whether you’re looking for a lovely morning stroll or hoping to lay back, this beach is an ideal way to start the day. Another cool aspect of this beach is that its surrounded by trees and dunes, making it even more fun and unique to visit.

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The best beaches in Southern Italy

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