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White sandy beaches in Italy

So many things come to mind when an Italy vacation is mentioned from excellent food through impressive architecture to the lively atmosphere, not mentioning the country’s wonderful coastline. Known for their comfortable blue waters and relaxing atmosphere, the white sandy beaches in Italy are a destination point in any vacation. Here are several to consider when planning your trip.

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8 Best white sandy beaches in Italy

Marasusa Beach – Tropea

One of the best white sandy beaches in Italy you can’t miss when on vacation in Italy is Marasusa Beach in Tropea. Straddling both the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Seas, it has miles of the cleanest sands in the country. Known to the locals as La Costa degli Dei, “The Coast of the Gods,” Marasusa has calm waters that are surrounded by scenic cliffs. Thus, visitors are protected from both the sun and wind.

Marasusa Beach - Tropea
Marasusa Beach – Photo from Unsplash

Baia dei Turchi – Puglia

This stretch of sand and water is part of a protected nature reserve based in Puglia, Italy. Instead of cliffs, Baia dei Turchi has a heavy forest of pine trees around. The beach itself is one mile long and has been given a Blue Flag status to signify its cleanliness and proper environmental criteria. Kayak tours are available for up-close views of the many rocky outcrops and marine flora of the aquatic nature reserve.

Baia Dei Turchi - Italy
Baia Dei Turchi – Photo from Unsplash

Beach of the Two Sisters – Marche

The beautiful Beach of the Two Sisters (Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle) is probably one of most known of Italy’s white sand beaches despite its remote location. It is not accessible via vehicle or foot path. The only way to get to this secluded beach is via watercraft from Porto Numana.

Once visitors arrive, they are greeted by a beach of fine white pebbles. This leads out to the emerald waters of the Adriatic Sea surrounded by the white cliffs of Monte Conero. While there are no facilities, there is plenty of space to relax.

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La Pelosa Beach – Sardinia

Out of the white sandy beaches in Italy, the one that citizens talk the most about is Spiaggia La Pelosa based near the town of Stintino on the island of Sardinia. This beach with a quarter-mile of white sands and clear shallow waters are a prime destination for families.

La Pelosa Beach - Italy
La Pelosa Beach – Photo from Unsplash

Besides relaxing, there are opportunities for windsurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Though, the turquoise waters are so clear, all visitors need to do is look down to see interesting marine life.

Cala Brandinchi – Sardinia

Another popular beach in Sardinia is Cala Brandinchi. Located on the northeast coast of the island, it is known to locals as “Little Tahiti”. Not only for its waters, but in the way the beach forms a crest backed by a dark green forest.

The waters are clear and shallow, so it is a prime location for families with small children. Snorkeling and kayaking are also available activities.

Porto Giunco – Sardinia

Staying on Sardinia, make sure to visit the beach at Porto Guinco. On the southeast coast, it has the feel of the Caribbean to it. Situated on the Mediterranean, the white sand has a pinkish hue due to granite fragments. This stretch of land leads to the warm and light blue waters.

Porto Guinco - Villasimius
Porto Guinco – Photo from Unsplash

As it is on a cove, Porto Guinco is protected by the harsh winds that can overcome the rest of the island. Therefore, it’s an area that’s available to swimmers and sunbathers throughout the year.

Rabbit Beach – Lampedusa

The small island of Lampedusa lies in the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Italy. Despite its small size, some of the best Italy’s white sandy beaches can be found here. The Cala Pulcino or the Cala Croce are famous places to visit, but probably the most iconic spot is the Rabbit Beach, Spiaggia del Conigli.

Rabbit Beach - Lampedusa
Rabbit Beach – Photo from Pexels

It’s known for its vibrant white sand and clear waters sandwiched inside a rugged and hilly coastline. Swimmers float along with the fishes as cooling winds help keep the heat away. Though it’s a mile walk from the town, the option to relax is waiting.

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Cavoli – Elba

On the southern edge of the island of Elba is a white sand beach popular with citizens and tourists, Cavoli. This is an all-season beach that has continuous warmth thanks to protection from the mountains of Monte Capanne.

Rocky outcrops divide the beach in two. One side is where the action takes place in the form of water sports and sea-view dining. The other is for those who want peace. Both areas feature clear and shallow waters that are perfect for all family members.

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White sand beaches Italy

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