About SeaSpiration Team

Our mission is to inspire people to spend more time by the Sea and create unforgettable memories no matter it is a family vacation, an adventurous getaway with friends or a solo trip.

Hey there!

We’re Vic and AG, the two Ocean Lovers behind SeaSpiration.

First of all, let us tell you how our passion for the Sea has started. Growing up in a landlocked country, we learned about the Ocean in the school and from Nat Geo documentaries only. As soon as we could afford traveling, we quickly discovered how relaxing and peaceful is a vacation by the Sea in contrast spending time in a busy city.

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Exploring our Oceans has changed our lives: we became water sports fanatics, started diving and freediving and even moved to an island where we can be surrounded by salty water all year round. Of course, we haven’t stopped traveling and visit new places as often as we can.

From personal experience, we know that finding the best destination can be quite difficult, so we decided to create a platform where we can help others.

If You ever wanted to know:

  • What is the best seaside destination to take the family to?
  • Which islands are the best for honeymoon?
  • Where is snorkeling/diving/surfing the best?
  • What are the most essential items to pack for a tropical holiday?

Or just need any beach vacation-specific information or trip-planning tips, You are on the right place on this site!

SeaSpiration – The best source of inspiration for a perfect beach vacation!

About the Authors

Vic (Anett Viktoria) - SeaSpiration Author

Who’s Vic?

Hi, I’m Anett Victoria, who didn’t leave her home country until finishing college but moved abroad and continuously exploring the world since then.

I know at a very young age that I’d like to travel the world and live abroad but as a small-town girl, I didn’t have the courage and information to do it. But as soon as I saved up enough money and started traveling, I felt like new horizons were opening and I wanted to see more and more of our beautiful planet.

I became an ocean lover and snorkeling enthusiast, so it is easy to understand why I consider myself a pro when it comes to beach vacations. I love digging into information on the best destinations including where and when to travel and sharing tips and tricks on planning a trip.

I hope you’ll find lots of useful content on SeaSpiration to organize a perfect beach holiday! If you need help or have questions, message me and I’m happy to help if I can!

Who’s AG?

AG (Adam) - SeaSpiration Author

My passion for the sea and beach destinations started at a very young age when I decided to become a certified scuba diver. After getting my Open Water Diver certification, I knew that it be more than a ‘vacation hobby’ for me as two weeks per year cannot be enough to discover all the beauty that our oceans hide. This feeling made me want to move abroad and travel the world in search of places with thriving marine life.

However, I enjoy organizing trips and researching information on must-see attractions, I am best at planning water sports and activities (especially underwater ones such as freediving and scuba diving).

Besides researching for information on what useful content to publish here, I am also responsible for the technical background of the site, so if you think that something needs to be improved or have any suggestions, feel free to reach out!