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5 Best Dog Friendly Beaches In Alabama

While spending time at the beach in Alabama, not only you but also your four-legged friends can enjoy having the wind in the hair and feet in the sand. Here are the main pet friendly beaches in Alabama worth exploring to have a relaxing day while getting outside!

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Dauphin Island

When you’re planning a pet-friendly beach vacation in Alabama, Dauphin Island is the perfect place to visit. Not only this is the best beach in Alabama for dogs (technically, Dauphin Island is the only official area where dogs are allowed to play in the sand and in the ocean freely except the West Beach section) but it offers quick access to public parking and has multiple beach access points.

Dog digging the sand at the beach

Dauphin Island is a quiet stretch where you won’t encounter a lot of crowds. It features a small boardwalk, observation decks, picnic shelters, rinse-off stations and restrooms. The clear, calm waters and abundance of seashells make it one of the best kid friendly beaches in Alabama. If you feel like you can even take a ferry ride to Fort Morgan.

Fort Morgan Beach

Named after the historic masonry pentagonal bastion fort located at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Fort Morgan is another excellent dog friendly beach in Alabama. Although dogs should be kept on leash, but the bayside area from the old pier to the Old Fisherman’s Wharf (and even the fort itself) welcomes your four-legged friends.

Fort Morgan historic site
Photo credit Fort Morgan Historic Site

Fort Morgan is an excellent location for nature lovers who like spending time outdoors. Many people come here to go fishing, shelling or just take in the great views. This Alabama beach has clear water and an abundance of wildlife present; it is easy to spot crabs, dolphins, and small sharks as well as different bird species like pelicans and sandpipers. Also, it is a perfect place to see beautiful sunsets!

Bayfront Park Daphne

One of the most secluded beaches in Alabama on Mobile Bay, Bayfront Park in Daphne is a waterside park with trails that are fun to walk through and with pristine beach area that is great to relax. You can stay all day until the evening when there are brilliant colors in the sky during the sunset, which is enjoyable to view on one of the public swings or picnic benches.

A variety of different types of animals and reptiles are present at this location, making it easy to come across alligators, turtles, birds, and black grasshoppers. Your dogs can get some exercise here, however on a leash only because of the gators. When looking for pet friendly beaches in Alabama where you can spend some time outdoors while exploring nature, this is a great place to visit!

Gulf Shores Dog Park

Those who are looking for Alabama beaches that allow dogs often get disappointed because there is no official dog friendly beach on the Gulf Shores, however, there are some excellent areas to take your furry friends, like the nearby Gulf Shores Dog Park.

Two small dogs off leash in the dog park

The park is clean and spacious with separate areas for small and large breeds, multiple freshwater stations, many trash cans as well as pick-up bags. While doggies are running freely, owners can enjoy relaxing in the shade.

The surrounding area has beautiful marshes and abundance of nature allowing to have a small-town feel with locally-owned restaurants. Outdoor seating is available at many of the local eateries making it easy to have your dog at your feet while enjoying a delicious meal.

Orange Beach Waterfront Park

Orange Beach is known as one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in Alabama, but in order to keep it pristine and clean, unfortunately, fur babies are not allowed on its soft sand. But don’t let this fact hold you back from visiting the area since there is Orange Beach Waterfront Park where the whole family including your pets will have a wonderful time for sure!

The well-maintained park features BBQ grilles, multiple pavilions, and a fishing pier. A playground is also a short walking distance from the water where children can have fun exploring and playing on the swings and slides.

There is an abundance of picnic tables where you can enjoy a bite to eat and take in the views with your pet at your side. Bench swings are also available where you can enjoy watching the sunset. There is also a pier with beautiful views of the water, however, it is currently closed for renovation.

Frankly, there aren’t many dog friendly beaches in Alabama but this doesn’t mean you need to leave your pets at home when coming for a vacation. Save this post so you’ll know where to take your furry friends!

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