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Aruba with toddlers – Activity & Where to stay guide

The best thing about Aruba that it is one of the safest and most family-friendly places that you will find in the entire Caribbean where young and old are able to safely and confidently stroll throughout the island without fear. This is only complimented by the local Arubans, who are world-famous for their friendliness and hospitality. If you are looking for a cool vacation destination that also small kids will enjoy, read on and learn what to do and where to stay when visiting Aruba with toddlers.

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Things to do in Aruba with toddlers

Aruba is one of those rare destinations that is not only blessed with near-perfect weather all year long, but it also boasts countless activities for children that range from snorkeling in shallow bays to visiting animal sanctuaries and farms. This list will certainly give you some inspiration on what places to visit, what activities to try when in Aruba with toddlers!

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Visit the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

It was not so long ago that donkeys were the primary form of transportation on the island for residents. As cars replaced the faithful beasts of burden, the donkeys were gradually cast adrift. This gave rise to the idea of a retirement safe haven for the donkeys so that they can live out their remaining lives in safety and peace. This sanctuary opened up back in 1997 and visiting it quickly became one of the most enjoyable things to do in Aruba with toddlers.

Donkey - Aruba

The sanctuary is based in Bringamosa, and it encourages guests with children to come enjoy a guided tour of the donkey grounds. The facility has an intimate visitor center, stand for cold drinks on its covered patio, and a gift shop complete with donkey-based souvenirs and gifts.

Encounter nature at the Butterfly Farm

Aruba’s Butterfly Farm provides a meaningful encounter with nature’s diversity and beauty. The tropical gardens full of butterflies beckon you and the children to come take in the sights of nature’s most beautiful and colorful creatures.


Here you will be able to see the complete life cycle of the butterflies from egg and caterpillar to chrysalis and butterfly. Tour guides provide fun commentary on the habits of butterflies and their amazing metamorphosis. Photography is encouraged here. If you come early in the day you can experience the emergence of the new butterflies from their chrysalis and their first flight.

Meet exotic animals in Philip’s Animal Garden

Philip’s Animal Gardens boasts a wealth of rare and unique animals. Philip Merryweather, the founder spent years saving abandoned and abused animals before he opened his world-class rehabilitation shelter for them here. The facility delivers educational, interactive tours that allow you to get close with more than 50 individual species worth of exotic animals hailing from around the globe.

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This is definitely an activity you shouldn’t miss out when in Aruba with toddlers! Kids will not only learn a lot about animals and get to know new species, but also can touch and feed some of them (of course with respect for the animals’ wellbeing).

Go snorkeling at Baby beach

Baby Beach is justifiably world-famous. This southern Aruban beach lies near San Nicholas and turns out to be a real Caribbean paradise location. The half-moon shaped stretch of sand sits on a calm lagoon that is sheltered enough for even toddlers to be safe in the gentle surf.

Snorkeling with kids - Baby beach Aruba
Snorkeling at Baby Beach

Shallow waters make this crystal-clear water an ideal choice for young swimmers who wish to walk out a long way while touching sea bottom. At the point where the bay meets the Caribbean, snorkeling is ideal. Safe snorkel areas are well-marked on this beach.

Join an Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Aruba offers many undersea wonders. You can take these in even if you do not know how to swim thanks to the miracle of the Atlantis Submarine Expedition tours. Here you will see not only incredible sea life below the waves, but also phenomenal coral reefs and shipwreck remainders. The narrated tour is appropriate for all age levels, so make sure to put it on your ‘things to do in Aruba with toddlers’ list!

This real submarine slowly immerses you into the underwater world. Two sunken shipwrecks await your visit at as far down as 130 feet. Atlantis Submarine of Aruba started its original trip in the southern Caribbean Sea back in 1990. It has successfully taken delighted crowds of tourists and families down under since then. The tour starts over at its downtown Oranjestad-based Adventure Center and includes a transfer to the shuttle vessel the SubSeeker. Enthusiastic and professional narration ensures that all ages will enjoy the trip beneath the waves.

Spend a day on De Palm Island

Aruba’s only private island getaway is called De Palm Island. Spending a day here is one of the primary things to do in Aruba with toddlers since it boasts something for everyone with exciting slides, kids water park and tons of activities. Breakfast and lunch are both provided as part of the all-inclusive day trip experience to the little island.

There is also a coral reef that lies right off of De Palm Island where bigger kids and adults can explore the beauty of the sea. It proves to be one of the greatest snorkeling environments on the entire island. Incredible blue parrotfish are endemic here.

Best kid-friendly hotels in Aruba

Despite the island’s small size, families with children are spoiled with a wide selection of kid-friendly hotels in Aruba. To help you to decide where to stay, now we look at the top five!

Playa Linda Beach Resort

Playa Linda Beach Resort provides many pleasures and amenities on this tropical island and it is considered the best hotels for kids in Aruba with good reason. It lies along the powdery sands of Palm Beach and overlooks an incredible six miles of stunning Caribbean Sea and Aruban coast.

The resort boasts an incomparable swimming pool that includes beautiful tropical themed landscapes and an impressive waterfall. Children will certainly enjoy the various program offered by the Kids Club such as talent shows, T-shirt coloring, card games and water balloon toss.

Interested in this resort? Check availability and price: Playa Linda Beach Resort

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Another lovely family-friendly resort along the stunning beautiful seafront of Palm Beach is the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba. The resort itself boasts more than 590 individual rooms found in three different hotel towers. The property’s relaxing accommodations promise that every guest will have an idyllic vacation here, especially kids who can enjoy various games and activities throughout the stay in the resort’s activity center & kids club.

La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino is a full-service property that includes 449 individual rooms, all of which are actually part of the vacation ownership resort. This four-star property lies along the famous Eagle Beach that has been awarded the distinction of third finest beach in the entire Caribbean.

Little boy is enjoying the beach
Little boy on the beach

The property features rich amenities for all family members, state of the art wellness and health facilities, world-leading dining choices and restaurants, plenty of activities for kids and adults, moreover first row seats to the finest sunsets in the Caribbean and perhaps the entire world. Eagle Beach Aruba the backdrop for this best in class resort offers tiki huts and chase loungers right in front of the property’s excellent pool. Here pool and beach butlers will serve your favorite cocktails and entrees while you relax in luxury.

Need more information on this resort? See the available room types and rates: La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

Marriott Surf Club

Marriott Aruba’s Surf Club lies along Palm Beach. It boasts a choice of accommodation ranging from guest rooms to one, two, or three-bedroom villas surrounded with all the creature comforts of back home. The oceanfront resort boasts many great kid-friendly amenities including a lazy river and outdoor pool, while adults can enjoy the fitness center or having a cocktail at the stunning Palm Beach. There are enough activities on the site to entertain guests of all ages.

Do you like this place? Go and reserve your room now: Marriott Surf Club

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is a one of a kind destination featuring Dutch colonial era styled architecture replete with Caribbean-themed flair. This little property offers the luxurious feel of a mega resort but has still has intimacy and charm that offers a pleasant vibe for families. Found on world-renowned Eagle Beach, the friendly, warm, and personalized service property comes complete with the finest of facilities on this One Happy Island to help you enjoy the most memorable of vacation getaways.

Check the price of this resort here: Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

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