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Top 7 Beach Cart And Beach Wagon With Balloon Tires

When you’re ready to go to the seaside, a beach wagon with balloon tires is a great tool to have at your disposal for effortless transport even on deep, soft sand. From two-wheeled heavy-duty models with kickstands to four-wheeled carts, here are some top-quality products to make your beach trip easier!

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

When it comes to a beach vacation, Anett is the person who certainly has tips on where to go and what to do no matter it is a luxury tropical holiday, a romantic seaside getaway, or a fun family trip to the ocean. As a world traveler with years of experience in exploring tropical countries and a water sports fan, she creates this inspiring site where she writes travel guides, reviews and recommends beach gear, and gives travel tips to make planning your trip quicker and easier! Are you curious about where She wanders now? Follow her adventures on IG too!

Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart

The bright green Wheeleez is the ideal beach wagon with balloon tires for anyone who needs to haul very heavy gear. This cart is only 21 pounds but will manage quite heavy loads and is easy for your child to maneuver as needed.

Wheelez Beach Wagon

  • an ultimate balloon beach wagon to carry all your necessities
  • designed to be loaded up with a heavy gear
  • easy to assemble and disassemble for storage, no tools needed

Your balloon tire wagon is not limited to the sand. It can also be used at the work site or in your hard and garden. The Wheeleez is easy to assemble and to transport from one place to the other since the wheels, axles and handle bar can be removed without any tool! If you are looking for a beach cart with balloon tire that is very effective in soft sand, consider getting a Wheeleez!

Big Kahuna Balloon Tire Beach Wagon

Your gear will be so much easier to haul in the Big Kahuna! It offers four balloon tires with plenty of clearance and a solid aluminum deck, so moisture and sand will not corrode it for years to come.

Big Kahuna Aluminum Deck Beach Wagon

  • heavy duty industrial aluminum no-rust construction
  • with drain holes in all four corners and perimeter lip to keep loads secure
  • low pressure sand tires make hauling heavy gear over sand a breeze

The bed interior is a bit wider than 25 inches and a little longer than 43 inches, so your cooler, sand toys, sun shelter and other necessaries will easily fit. This beach wagon with balloon tires can be fitted with a trailer hitch and even with lights, so if you have an ATV you like to take for your vacation, you can haul this even when it’s fully loaded.

SeaSpiration Tip: if you are about to buy a new ice chest too, consider choosing a beach rolling cooler that will glide easily in the sand so you won’t need necessarily need to put it on the wagon leaving more space for other equipment.

Phoenix Beach Buggy for Deep Sand

The triangular wheel configuration and mesh basket meat that your Phoenix Beach Buggy for Deep Sand is easy to manage when empty and hearty enough for easy pulling when loaded.

Phoenix 300 lbs Beach Buggy

  • commercial grade unit go thru the deepest sand effortlessly
  • extremely strong and durable aluminum frame
  • built in umbrella holder, bottle opener and side totes for carrying long items

This is a beach wagon with large balloon tires; the front wheel and the handle can both be adjusted for easy transport. There’s a removable chair rack for multiple chairs, making this the go-to cart for anyone who has many things to take to the beach. It handles beautifully on the sand.

Harbor Mate Beach Wagon with Balloon Tires

Your Harbor Mate Beach Wagon has a lot of options to make your next vacation a joy. If you need a beach cart with balloon wheels, this is an ideal choice and has a 50″ x 30″ tub where you can put your heavier items like a sun lounger, umbrella or even a beach canopy with sand bags. You can also get the Harbor Mate with rugged wheels for rocky shores, lake mud and other landscapes.

Harbor Mate Fishing and Beach Cart

  • a sturdy, functional caddy with detachable fabric liner over an aluminum frame
  • with 4 fishing rod holders, space for tackle, coolers to roll your gear easily to the seaside
  • can be ordered with balloon or rugged wheels

The handle is easily removable and the wagon will fit easily in a truck or SUV for quick transport. Finally, fishermen will love that the Harbor Mate too since it has spaces for rods and reels to ride upright, so no tangles!

Mybeachcart Foldable Beach Trolley With Big Wheels for Sand

The Mybeachcart NO Rust Foldable Beach Cart with Sand Wheels is an ideal choice for smaller groups. This two-wheeled dolly has balloon wheels, a telescoping handle, a long deck for strapping down your gear and a brace to hold everything nice and level once you have found your piece of sand.

Mybeachcart Foldable Beach Trolley

  • largest cargo deck no slip platform trolley with quick release tires to glide over soft sand with ease
  • made with marine grade anodized aluminum that won’t rust
  • easy to pull with comfort grip telescopic handle

If you’re looking for a folding beach cart with large balloon tires to load into a smaller car, such as a hatchback, this is an ideal choice. It also features a large mesh bag on the bottom of the trolley for any gear you need to secure.

Challenger Beach Cart with Large Balloon Tires

Your Challenger trolley is only 18 pounds but can haul a lot of gear. It comes with a pump for your tires and is easy to assemble. If you’re looking for a beach cart with large balloon tires that won’t need a lot of real estate in your home the rest of the year, the Challenger is an ideal choice.

Challenger Sand & Beach Trolley

  • lightweight and portable trolley that fits even the smallest car
  • heavy duty tubular steel frame with epoxy coating for extreme weather durability, holds up to 165 lbs
  • versatile product that makes going outdoors with all your gear a breeze

The handle is adjustable if you need a bit more leverage and the deck is 14″ wide by 14.5″ deep; your cooler can serve as the base for your gear and you can bungee additional beach accessories on top.

Folding Beach Cart by Wheeleez

You can put your Wheeleez folding beach cart to work very soon after it arrives. It offers a telescoping handle and extra bracing at the bottom for easy tilting of bigger loads. The polyurethane tires will handle the power of the sun without breaking down or getting brittle as a rubber tire would.

Wheeleez Heavy Duty Rolling Caddy

  • strong construction, perfect for those who like going outdoors with a ton of equipment
  • folding bottom platform for easy storage
  • with detachable wide beach wheels

For those who’ve had to drag narrow-wheeled tools to the shore through sand that wouldn’t clear, you know how important large tires are. If you are planning a trip to the shore and need a foldable beach wagon with balloon tires, you will love your Wheeleez!

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