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7 Tips To Keep Your Stuff From Getting Stolen At The Beach

Part of the joy of going to the beach is getting in the water, but that can make it hard to protect your belongings while you swim. With these tips on how to keep your stuff safe at the beach, you can more effectively prevent theft so you will have a more relaxing day.

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

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Limit the stuff you take to the beach

The best way to prevent theft at the beach is to simply leave everything at home or in your hotel room you don’t need. Of course, you have to carry some essential beach equipment, but most of your expensive everyday devices are replaceable with classic, cheap stuff. Your trip to the beach will be less worrying if you reduce the risk of beach theft by not bringing too many valuables to the sand.

For example, don’t bring your e-reader. If you want to read, buy a magazine or hit a free library and take a new-to-you book to the sand. Some money will be necessary, but not your whole wallet. Just put your cash and maybe a prepaid bank card in a waterproof key holder or waist bag that you can have with you all the time.

Lady reading book at the beach

Remove all your jewelry at home. It is very easy to damage or lose your precious rings and necklaces especially when you go swimming, so the best is to leave them at home. If you still want to look chic and stylish, consider wearing pieces you don’t mind losing. Instead of a big and sensitive DSLR camera, bring just a waterproof camera that you can take into the water with you.

Watch your gear by taking in turns or ask other beachgoers to do it

If possible, go to the beach with friends or family so you can take turns getting in the water and there will be always someone that keeps an eye on your gear. Of course, this is not a solution if you are on your own or need to be in the water with your kids. In such cases, it could be an option asking others seated nearby to watch your belongings while you are away.

People sitting and talking

Unfortunately, it is difficult to decide who is trustworthy, so try to watch others around you and strike up a conversation with people who give you a good feel. People tend to seek families with kids or elderly couples who usually don’t mind such favors.

Set your beach camp near the lifeguard tower

Thieves usually avoid areas that are monitored, so creating your camp space within easy visibility of the beach cop or the lifeguard tower is always a good idea. However lifeguards will not watch your valuables, setting your towel down in front of them can minimize the chance of becoming a beach theft victim.

People at the beach near lifeguard tower

If you have only a small bag of stuff you want to keep safe while you go for a refreshing swim, you can even ask them if they allow leaving it in their tower. It is always worth asking!

Take your valuables in the water with you

Going into the water with your electronic devices might have sound crazy a few years ago, but not nowadays. Certain phones, compact cameras are waterproof without any additional cover and can be fully submerged underwater without damaging them. If your device is not waterproof, putting it into a watertight case or bag will solve the problem.

Crenova 2 pack waterproof pouches

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Small items such as keys, ID and bank cards, you can carry the key in a waterproof pouch over your swimsuit. If you have more things to bring with you that won’t fit into a waist pouch, get a big Floating Waterproof Dry Bag.

Don’t leave your expensive belongings on display

It is recommended not to advertise your costly items when you are at the beach. It may sound obvious but leaving valuables on display is still a basic mistake. If you are carrying something expensive such as an e-reader or a tablet, at least learn some tricks on how to hide your valuables.

Stash pricey things under a towel, inside a beach coverup or in the lining at the bottom of your beach bag. Another old yet practical trick to prevent theft at the beach is wrapping your valuables in a clean but crumped disposable diaper that most likely no one will touch.

Smartphone on towel at the beach

Alternatively, you can also reduce worries about where to put your valuables at the beach by hiding things in plain sight. Take an old bottle of sunscreen and cut off the bottom so it flaps open, then rinse it out and let it dry thoroughly. Your phone may fit in here, or some cash and your ID. Use a bit of plastic tape to close it up and leave it laying face up on your towel or blanket.

You can do the same with an empty juice bottle or Pringles tube too, but if you prefer ready-to-use solutions instead of these DIY options, buy a Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Hidden Compartment.

Invest in an anti-theft beach bag

Most people think that if they pack all their assets nicely in their bag when going into the water or to the beach bar, they can keep their stuff from getting stolen, but in fact, opening a bag and removing some items is an easy job for even an amateur thief, while a professional one might walk away with it without no one -except the owner- noticing that it does not belong to her/him.

Yellow bag on a towel

Therefore, instead of buying a classical tote to carry your beach essentials, get an anti-theft beach bag. Such products come with lockable zippers, are slash-proof and can be fixed to structures like a table or sun lounger so you can put your mind at rest that unauthorized people can’t access your belongings.

Get a portable safe or chair lock box

To hide valuables, getting a beach safe container is another great option if you just want to keep smaller things like phones, keys and cash secure. A portable safe can be a small bag or box you place your valuables in and lock either with a combination lock or padlock, but there are special chair safe boxes you can easily attach it to the back of a lounge chair or umbrella.

SAFEGO Portable Lock Box Safe

  • beach lock box with key or 3-digit code combination access
  • lightweight and compact for traveling, but strong and spacious enough to keep your valuables safe
  • made of impact-resistant abs plastic, with heavy-duty flexible steel cable and rust-resistant nickel-plated lock

Some hotels already provide such lock boxes so their guests can enjoy their pool or beach time with peace of mind, but the best is if you get your own and bring it anywhere go you. Thanks to the small size, you can take it on planes too in your carry bag.

Although no option is 100% safe but if follow these tips, you will be doing already more than most people to keep your stuff from getting stolen at the beach!

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Keep your stuff from getting stolen at the beach