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Beach Picnic Accessories Checklist

Organizing a seaside lunch or dinner with your family or friends is the best way to get some sun and enjoy the water. If you work out what to bring to a beach picnic in advance, you sure won’t be missing any essential gear. This beach picnic packing list will make you prepared for a stress-free and comfortable experience!

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

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Beach mat or blanket

There is nothing more annoying than getting sand in everything while you try to enjoy a nice meal by the sea, so you definitely need to bring something to sit on. A blanket or mat offers comfort by protecting your body from the hot sand and also helps to define your area on the beach so no one will take over your stretch of sand.

Lady is sitting on a pink blanket at the beach

For the best experience, we recommend choosing a sandless beach mat that enables sand and dust particles to fall through so it makes easy to maintain a clean dining environment. If the wind is your concern, a weighted beach blanket will come in handy.

Beach chair

While stretching out on a large blanket is a nice thing, but sitting on the ground may not be too comfy for extended periods, especially for elderly people or for those who have back problems.

Beach picnic chairs near the sea

To make your clan feel comfortable, bring along a few chairs. If you don’t have, pack a few pillows that will not only help you to get comfy but also create a romantic scene.

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Picnic basket

You’ll definitely need a roomy bag or basket loaded with beach picnic accessories to host an outdoor lunch. The most practical and stylish solution is if you get a beach picnic basket that has already all necessities you will need for eating and drinking outdoors including flatware, dishes, glassware, napkins, chopping board, and corkscrew.

Cooler box

Bringing food and drinks outside when it’s hot means you need a cooler to keep everything fresh and prevent spoilage. It can be an insulated tote or even a cooler with wheels, your choice, the important is that it keeps its content cold all day.

Small portable table

For many of us, flat surfaces quickly become places to stack beach picnic essentials. To avoid your cooler turning into a clumsy countertop you must constantly clear, bring a few sand cup holders to place the glasses on. The best is if you bring a small portable beach table too that will offer a stable base to keep your food and beverages free from sand.

Sunshade and wind blocker

Protecting yourself from natural elements is crucial to feel comfortable when outdoors, therefore make sure to bring a sunshade with you. A windproof umbrella or a beach canopy with sand pockets is a great choice because they are easy to fix.

Family is eating under umbrella at the beach

Not only the sun but also strong wind can ruin your outdoor time easily so check the forecast before heading outdoors and pack a beach windbreaker too so you can enjoy your time protected from wind and sand.

Compostable plates

Not everyone wants to take the dirty dishes home, therefore many of us opt for single-use plates when it comes to a beach lunch.

Bamboo Style Palm Leaf Plates

  • fully biodegradable party plates that look elegant and earthy
  • crafted in a sustainable manner, made with fallen Areca palm leaves
  • these plates can hold a lot of weight without sagging and are microwave and oven friendly

If you prefer this solution, choose compostable plates you can easily recycle. Nowadays, it’s easy to find green alternative products that are not bad for the environment even if they are not reusable.

Eco-friendly cutlery

Avoid putting too much plastic into landfills and instead of plastic dishware, bring reusable cutlery. Stainless steel forks, spoons, and knives are not only eco-friendly but look stylish and elegant at the same time. If you don’t feel like carrying your stainless-steel set, bring disposable but compostable cutlery.

Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set

  • 300-piece compostable cutlery set with forks, knives, and spoons
  • Go Green product, ZERO plastic, BPA, and No chemicals
  • easy-to-use, attractive, and extremely durable made from birch wood

Pro tip: consider loading a sealable plastic container with water and a little vinegar at home. At the end of the picnic, put the reusable containers in that bucket so you can easily wash everything up when you get home.

Shatterproof glasses

There is no beach picnic without chilled drinks, so you will need some nice glasses, especially if you have adults at the party who drink wine or bubbly. Avoid the dangers of broken glass and choose an outdoor-friendly unbreakable champagne glass set!

Shatterproof glasses

Cheese board and knife set

If you’re feeding adults or planning a romantic cheese and wine night outdoors, a pretty cheese board and knife set can serve as the centerpiece.

SMIRLY Cheese Board and Knife Set

  • unique charcuterie platter from beautiful bamboo making them the perfect appetizer serving surface for fruits, cheeses, and crackers
  • features a slide-out drawer with stainless steel knives and serving tools
  • a wonderful present for any occasion

Take care not to overload this. Put out enough crackers for the first round of dining and keep the others on the board in a Ziploc. Put out cheeses in small batches to give everyone a sampling, rather than leaving too much out that will just get warm and sweaty.

Cloth napkins

When thinking about what to pack for a beach picnic, think about the planet too. Skipping disposable versions and choosing cloth napkins is another step to make your outdoor event environment friendly and stylish too. Roll up them around reusable flatware so everyone has their own set!

Biodegradable wipes

Wet wipes are multifunctional beach vacation must-haves that come in handy in various situations but especially during a picnic. These practical cleansing towelettes help you stay a little less messy: you can use them to wipe dirt off the hands, clean plates and cutlery in case you drop them in the sand or your gear when you spill something sticky on your blanket or chair. Just make sure that your wipes are not plastic-based and degrade naturally. The Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes is a good choice!

Bluetooth speaker

No beach picnic is complete without some nice music so don’t leave your Bluetooth speaker at home! A waterproof model is perfect for outdoor use, but if you plan to stay past sunset too, choose a 2-in-1 LED lamp speaker that will enhance the romantic atmosphere!

Led Flame Outdoor Portable Stereo Speaker

  • 5W high-power speaker with excellent stereo sound and powerful bass
  • with warm yellow light LED flickers that mimic natural dancing flames to create a romantic atmosphere for you
  • ideal as holiday gift, housewarming present, or simply as a personal treat

Sunscreen and bug repellent

When preparing your ‘What to bring to a beach picnic’ list, sun lotion and beach flies repellent are two things that always need to be among the essentials. Use eco-friendly sunscreen generously on your skin even if you are planning just to relax under your umbrella because it is easy to get sunburn even in the shade.

Picnic setup at the beach

If it comes to the bug repellent, apply it at least 30 minutes before going outdoors for the best results. If you have, bring a portable beach fan too that also helps to keep flies and mosquitos away on top of keeping you cool!

Ziploc bags, reusable containers, trash bags

Cleaning up after the picnic is part of the beach fun. Carefully pack the leftovers in resealable Ziploc bags or sealable containers. Bring separate trash bags for compost, recyclables, and general waste so every type of waste will end up where it should.

Pro tip: To keep your trash bags from blowing away, carry an old sock or two. Assign your child the task of filling the socks with sand and tying it closed. Put them in the bottom of your trash bags to prevent having to chase it down the beach. Keeping your beach picnic equipment all in one place will lessen the risk of littering. Remember leave only footprints behind but not rubbish!

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