Is Salt Water Bad For Your Hair – Damages and benefits of sea water on hair

We all know how badly affects the sun our skin, but often forget that a day by the sea can damage our hair too. If you are wondering why is salt water bad for your hair, this article will explain all the pros and cons you will experience after taking a dip in the ocean.

Does salt water damage the hair?

Ocean water has various benefits, but the statement that saltwater ruins the hair is correct too. Why is salt water bad for your hair, why it gets dry, tangled, and loses its flexibility when it’s overexposed to sea and sun? Let’s see the reasons and causes now!

Ocean water dries out the hair

As you skin becomes dry after swimming in salty water, the hair gets dehydrated too. It is the water in the hair that makes it moisturized and elastic. Seawater has high salt concentration and those salt crystals wick away the moisture from your hair leaving it dehydrated, therefore fragile too.

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Because the salt leaches water out of your hair, you will also notice that after swimming in the sea, it gets tangled and will be hard to brush out.

Sea water ruins dyed hair

If your hair is colored or bleached, the crosslinks within its structure are already altered and salty water can worsen that condition. Overexposure to sea water fades or changes the hair color on top of making it rough and causing split ends and breakage.

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Chemically treated hair needs even more attention and care while spending time by the sea in order to remain healthy and hydrated, therefore hair products for salt water are definitely need to be among your beach accessories.

Benefits of salt water for hair

Before you would think that sea water causes damages only, let’s clarify that swimming in the ocean can solve various problems such as dandruff or shampoo build-up, so keep reading our summary to learn why sea water is good for your hair.

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It works as a natural shampoo

If you have greasy hair, washing it with salty water from time to time can help get rid of heavy oils by absorbing them from the scalp. It also removes shampoo and conditioner leftover leaving the hair lighter and smoother.

Exfoliates the scalp

Salt water thickens the hair and promotes its growth by working as a natural exfoliator. Massaging the salt crystals into your scalp before washing it can provide you with numerous benefits.

Sea salt

It will open up the blocked pores and like this, stimulates the blood flow. Also, the mineral-rich sand particles remove product build-up from the scalp, resulting in thicker-looking, shinier hair and allowing proper growth.

Rich in minerals and nutrients

Sea water contains nutrients and vitamins that can be absorbed by your skin as well as scalp. These minerals have various benefits on the body and mind. Magnesium calms the nerves, while potassium and selenium support hair growth.

Tip: even if you don’t live near the ocean or can’t afford to go for a vacation can enjoy these wonderful benefits! Get hair care products that contain natural sea salt!

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It has anti-fungal properties

Many people suffer from dandruff that surprisingly often originates from a fungus that can be effectively treated with salty water.

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The salt particles soak up the moisture from the scalp forcing the fungi to spend more energy to achieve osmosis that results in slower fungal growth. As a result, your hair will look a lot healthier!

Should you wash your hair after swimming in the ocean?

Prolonged exposure to ocean water can lead to irreversible damages to your hair, so it is essential that you rinse/wash it after swimming in the sea as soon as possible to prevent the build-up of sodium-chlorine (salt) on it.

Rinsing hair after swimming

Rinsing it with fresh water is important; you will not just remove salt, but also sand, dirt and debris particles and other chemicals that may stuck in your hair from the water. With thorough cleaning and applying the right shampoo and conditioner, you can easily prevent damages even if you are a regular beachgoer.

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What does salt water do to your hair

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