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Hidden Beaches in Los Angeles Where You Won’t Find Crowds

In the Los Angeles area, attractive, family-friendly beaches that are frequented by locals and city visitors alike are plentiful. These busy seaside venues provide entertainment, eateries and necessary gear for water sports. Adults, teens and children of all ages enjoy vacations, weekend excursions or day trips to these popular Pacific Ocean recreation areas. However, you and your travel partner or group may favor the quiet and intrigue of the secluded beaches in Los Angeles. If so, a variety of hidden spots await your arrival for adventurous exploring and leisurely ocean swimming.

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Escondido Beach

This gorgeous example of the secluded beaches in Los Angeles is a Malibu treasure found east of Point Dume. The best-known entrance is down a long public staircase (near Geoffrey’s Malibu Restaurant) to this small, lovely seaside gem that is sparsely populated.

This is largely due today to the lack of parking space nearby. Actually, there is an access gate at the Escondido Creek Bridge, where the sand stretches up to the Pacific Coast Highway.

Peaceful Escondido beach Malibu

There are no facilities, amenities or sports gear rentals here, so be sure to bring your own. Although the water is clear and ideal for water sports, there is no lifeguard on duty. This charming location is a good spot for scuba diving, beachcombing and relaxing in the sun.

Escondido is an ideal spot for launching a kayak, and visit Paradise Cove that is a little farther along the coastline. Here, you can stop to relax and enjoy food and beverages.

At the west end, there is a famous restaurant, Geoffrey’s Malibu, celebrated for its Baked Brie. Excellent main dishes include Chiliean Sea Bass and Ahi Tuna Tartar.

Playa Del Rey Beach

The spacious sandy beach at the front of the Playa Del Rey area of Los Angeles is to the northwest of LAX Airport. This inviting stretch of sand, Playa Del Rey, is south of the entrance to Marina Del Rey Harbor. It is also located at the northern end of Dockweiler State Beach, offering the perfect California beach vacation spot.

Playa Del Rey is known for its volleyball courts and the smooth, paved biking path. On the other side of the street are a grassy park offering basketball courts and an attractive playground for kids.

Playa del Rey - Los Angeles

Residents of this area use the nickname of “Toes Beach” for the northern section. The name refers to surfers hanging their toes on a board.

Yet this secluded area is never heavily populated, offering a great place for sunbathing and a quiet dip in the ocean. There are several boutiques, cafes and bars in the area. Without question, this place is ideal for anyone seeking some leisurely, peaceful outdoor time gazing at the majestic, rolling waves.

You can reach Playa del Rey Beach from the Marina on the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail. The exact location is Pacific Avenue at Culver Boulevard. Visitors find the Del Rey Lagoon Park and all aspects of this scenic beach calming and compelling.

Cabrillo Beach

Cabrillo Beach is located at the Los Angeles Harbor entrance in San Pedro. Actually, it consists of two beaches, and one is within the harbor breakwater. The second one is facing the ocean and beyond the breakwater, although they are just one yard apart.

This area offers engaging attractions like the Cabrillo Coastal Trail and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. There are basic boat launch facilities for use by local residents and visitors. The more open and exposed outer area is ideal for surfing.

Large swell at Cabrillo beach

Its twin, the more protected inner beach, is best for sunbathing, swimming and walking in the surf. Other popular activities here include diving, fishing, volleyball, barbecuing and picnicking, and a playground is available for small children. There is a large fishing pier for anglers to enjoy, and BBQ pits are available for use by guests.

To reach the Cabrillo Beach entrance, drive south on the Harbor Freeway (I-110) and take the exit at Harbor Boulevard in San Pedro. From there, just follow the directions for reaching Cabrillo to enjoy one of the fabulous secret beaches in Southern California!

Topanga Beach

Near the Pacific Palisades area at the east end of the Eastern Malibu coast is Topanga Beach. This is a favorite among the beaches in California for locals to chill out and for surfers to enjoy the waves.

It is located near the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and South Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Malibu. Topanga is within a shorter distance of Los Angeles than any of the other Malibu beaches.

The placement of Topanga Creek produces a sandy point that waves wrap around to create an endless right break. Where the creek swells behind the sandy beach, there is a charming lagoon too.

Man sitting in the sand Topanga

Near the west end, you will find a deteriorating rustic steel barrier visible in the surf. The public beach area also includes a scenic walking trail, which is popular with visitors at high tide.

Nearby is Topanga State Park, located in the splendid Santa Monica Mountains. This expansive park offers plenty of hiking and biking trails as well as myriad venues for quiet relaxation and reflection. Partying with your partner or hiking pals is also totally acceptable. At the east end, you can enjoy Mastro’s Ocean Club Restaurant.

SeaSpiration Tip: Looking for more quiet seaside spots nearby? Then visit hidden beaches in Orange County, explore Santa Barbara Secret Beaches and drive down to explore some of the less crowded beaches in San Diego!

Terranea Beach

The luxurious Terranea environmentally-friendly resort was built in 2009 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Previously, this land was the site of Marineland, one of the early California theme parks. For the great benefit of area residents and visitors, the Terranea beaches and hiking trails are open to the public.

The intriguing Bluff Trail traces the borders of the resort, reaching a rugged, rocky shore at its south end. Eastward from this point, you can access the beach quite easily. A former road that is now a trail descends steeply to a cove surrounded by cliffs, Terranea Cove Beach.

Admittedly, its rock-based shore is not ideal for relaxing sunbathing. However, there is a landing provided by the resort for the use of guests who come to luxuriate under the sun. It also offers the attractive advantage of being one of the less crowded beaches in Los Angeles, probably because most people think this is a private ‘hotel guests only’ area.

A major attraction is the impressive sea cave that you can explore during low tide at the east end. Whale watching is also quite popular here. Nelson’s Restaurant is a fabulous choice to enjoy food and beverages as you gaze out over the panoramic ocean view.

White Point Beach

This small beach lies under the lofty bluffs at Whites Point in the Los Angeles San Pedro District. Although not suitable for sunbathing, maybe this is the reason why it remains one of the secluded beaches in Los Angeles located at West Paseo Del Mar.

White Point is a favorite spot among scuba divers at high tide. It also attracts tide poolers during low tide. In addition, its rough, rock-lined shore is ideal for beachcombing.

Sunset at white point beach

White Point-Royal Palms Park contains both White Point and Royal Palms Beaches, which share one entrance. The park is situated between Point Fermin Park and Rancho Palos Verdes. Near the beaches is a park area providing picnic tables with spectacular views from high on the bluff.

On the other side of Paseo Del Mar is the White Point Nature Preserve and Education Center. It includes hiking paths that encircle a Cold War Nike Missile Launch Pad. These walking trails lead to a pair of concrete installations for military battery guns.

Torrance Beach

As the only beach located in the city of Torrance, CA, Torrance Beach offers a beautiful panoramic sandy venue. It is nicknamed “RAT Beach,” which can have different meanings like Redondo And Torrance, Right At Torrance or Right After Torrance.

It is the perfect large area to enjoy sunning on the sand, picnics, walking in the surf and swimming. Yet this waterside haven is still a quiet, secluded semi-secret place to retreat from the stress of daily life.

Few people at Torrance beach - California

This calm, inviting spot lies farther south than any of the other large sandy shore areas in Santa Monica Bay. Torrance is less populated with sun and sea lovers than other coastal areas directly north, including Redondo Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. Miramar Park borders Torrance Beach to the north, stretching to Malaga Cove Beach at its southern end.

There are graded ramps for safe, secure walking and easy access to a lengthy biking trail. Other beach activities include volleyball, roller skating, hiking, running, surfing, swimming, scuba diving and fishing.

Junipero Beach

Junipero stretches along the Bluff Park region as one of the splendid secluded beaches in Los Angeles. It is known for its soft white sand and calm waves. These features make it the perfect spot for a relaxing swim and leisurely sunbathing. Visitors often practice yoga exercises on the welcoming sand.

Popular activities here include swimming, surfing and other water sports along with volleyball, fishing, walking and biking. The gentle waves make it a good place to bring youngsters for a day of sunny seashore play. There is plenty of space for sports, children’s play and quiet relaxation.

This sandy stretch of coastline -that is also called Cherry Beach because you can reach it from Cherry Avenue- lies nearby the Long Beach Museum of Modern Art. The museum includes engaging exhibits by local artists and offers excellent dining at Claire’s Restaurant. Located right on the beach is an Alfredo Beach Club branch for easy access and enjoyment by locals and visitors.

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Hidden beaches in Los Angeles