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Best beaches for shells on East Coast Florida

Shelling in Florida is an outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy on a vacation. The country’s amazing coastline offers a perfect place for all types of beachgoers. Some beaches are good for surfing, some are for swimming and snorkeling, and there are quite a few ones that are ideal to find seashells. Here we feature the best beaches for shells on East Coast Florida collectors should consider visiting.

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Can you take shells from Florida Beaches?

Before you begin your seashell journey, you may be questioning whether to bring shells home from Florida beach vacation is allowed or not. Fortunately, collecting shells is generally not a problem on public beaches and most shoreline areas.

However, the seashells may not have any living creatures in them, otherwise they are illegal to collect. This shelling rule applies to starfish, sand dollars, sea urchins and also conch shells. As a punishable crime, individuals may receive a citation or fine if they are found in violation of shell-collecting regulations.

5 Best beaches for shells on East Coast Florida

South Beach Park – Vero Beach

Vero Beach is not only a quiet Florida beach town to have a nice stay, but also has some of the best beaches for shells on East Coast Florida. While other popular locations are known to have a high amount of traffic, this area features a more relaxed vibe for its guests to enjoy. For the best shelling spot, head to the South Beach Park.

Vero Beach - Florida
Pier in the sunset – Photo from Unsplash

This little park with picnic areas, vending machines and free bathrooms is an ideal spot for spending some quality time outdoors. Walk through the wooden path between the trees and you will find yourself on the sandy shell-field beach to start the adventure.

Fernandina Beach

Another great location for shelling in Florida is located in the north, not far from Jacksonville. There are not many shelling spots in northern Florida, therefore Fernandina Beach with its decent selection of shells is the top spot for shell-seekers.

Although you will most likely find only small seashells scattered across the beach, but if you are looking for treasures to add to your collection or souvenirs to remember your experience, don’t miss out visiting Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.

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New Smyrna Beach

One of our top recommendations to find seashells and spend time in nature is the Smyrna Beach nature preserve. This white sand beach offers beautiful views of the ocean that you can enjoy while walking on the boardwalk through the sand dunes.

New Smyrna is not only a prominent location for shelling in Florida where shell-hunters can discover a wide variety of shells. Additionally, there is an abundance of activities for guests to enjoy such as fishing and surfing, moreover, dogwalkers are also welcome.

Mary Mcleod Bethune Beach Park

The Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park is a stunningly beautiful spot that you may want to consider visiting. The location is a great destination for shell hunters as a large variety of shells can be found scattered along the soft sands. Furthermore, most of the shells are flawed in a beautifully unique way.

Seashells in the Mary Mcleod Bethune Beach Park
Seashells on the Beach – Photo from Unsplash

This well-kept beach park with beautiful scenery, picnic area, benches, and a playground across the street certainly will be your favorite beach to take your family to. Start the treasure hunt early in the morning and besides collecting the best shells, you may spot some manatees and dolphins too in the little cove!

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Flagler Beach

If you are looking for the best shelling near Daytona Beach, don’t overlook the Flagler Beach. Located just north of Daytona, this location offers the perfect oasis for all types of adventure seekers, including fishermen, surfers, sunbathers and also shell collectors.

Whether you are traveling on a solo mission, or with family or friends, this is definitely one of the best beaches for shells on East Coast Florida you can visit. Flagler Beach doesn’t have a lot of traffic, so you can enjoy a private and serene atmosphere while searching for some seashells in the soft sand.

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