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Florida Keys Hidden Beaches To Escape The Crowds

The Florida Keys continues to be one of the top vacation destinations in the world, where many people come to play in the water and enjoy a laid back setting. The beaches can often become overcrowded, especially during the summer season as the temperatures rise. Fortunately, there are still plenty of secluded beaches in Florida Keys to explore during your stay!

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Harry Harris Beach and Park – Key Largo

When you don’t have a lot of time to drive to the south but want to explore some secluded beaches in Florida Keys, you should stop at Harry Harris Beach and Park in Key Largo where the whole family can have fun. A picnic area and playground are available. The baseball park is also in great shape and makes it easy to spend the day at the beach participating in different types of activities.

Harry Harris beach park

Harry Harris Beach Park is one of the most recommended Florida Keys hidden beaches to discover the state’s natural attractions. You’ll find plenty of iguanas roaming around, which will entertain both children and adults. There’s a swimming area with showers and also a boat ramp that makes it easy to go for a ride on the water.

Sombrero Beach – Marathon

If you are looking for a cheap beach town in Florida, Marathon is the perfect place to enjoy picnics and go for a swim. Those who want to have a bit of fun on the sand can play volleyball on the courts of Sombrero Beach. There’s even a playground available for children making it a top family beach in The Florida Keys.

People on Sombrero beach - Florida Keys Marathon

This is also a great spot to view Loggerhead turtle nesting from April to October. The beach is easy to access and even has free parking available. Not only is it one of the most secluded beaches in Florida Keys where it is hard to run into other people during your visit, but you can take in the beautiful views of the sunset too and even see a few dolphins in the distance.

Horseshoe Beach – Big Pine Key

Horseshoe Beach is located in Big Pine Key and is a unique location for Florida fun in the sun. It has a rich history and is known as an old quarry needed to build the Overseas Railroad. It is a prime spot to go snorkeling in Florida and get a view of the colorful marine life such as sea urchins, stingrays and starfish available in the water.

Take a stroll on the boardwalk, which passes through to the old Bahia bridge turnout. There are even more places to walk and explore during the low tide. The large trees and plants on the ground also create a lot of privacy and make it one of the best Florida Keys hidden beaches.

Anne’s Beach – Islamorada

Located at Islamorada, Anne’s Beach features one of the best boardwalks you can find in the Keys. There are plenty of places to walk and explore without running into other people.

The shallow water makes it a family-friendly location where kids can wade in the water. Covered picnic areas offer plenty of spots to enjoy a meal in the shade. The views from here are spectacular and feel hidden away from the rest of the location.

Should you look for secluded beaches in Florida Keys where all types of beachgoers find something to do, this is a highly recommended spot to visit.

You’ll likely spot a few iguanas and unique birds to photograph. Many people also visit Anne’s Beach to go kitesurfing further out in the water. Kayaking is also a popular activity to enjoy. If you visit this beach during the week, you can expect to have the entire place to yourself.

Smathers Beach – Key West

As the largest public beach in Key West, Smathers Beach is a half mile long sandy stretch that is a great place to take the kids and to do watersports. Here, you’ll find plenty of palm trees that make it a picturesque and serene location where it’s easy to spend time in the shade.

It might get a little busy in the peak season and at the weekends, but if you come during the week, it is a pleasant quiet place to enjoy the sun. Many vendors are present and rent out different types of water gear, umbrellas, and beach chairs. Paddleboards are also available to rent to spend more time playing in the water.

Smathers Beach Key West

The grounds are clean and the water is always clear year-round, making it easier to spot different types of colorful fish. Bathrooms and a water fountain are also available for added accommodation that allows you to spend the whole day at the location. During the week, it’s also easy to find a

Indian Key Historic State Park

If you want to visit top secret Florida Keys Beach, Indian Key Historic State Park is a hideaway that you can only reach by boat. The entire island is a state park and is considered to be one of the most hidden beaches in Florida because it feels like a deserted island. You can even climb the observation tower and get a view through the lush trees.

Indian Key Historic State Park is also a great place to kayak and paddleboard. It also features excellent signage and historical information about the location.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Located about 70 miles of Key West, the 100-square mile Dry Tortugas National Park is a secret beach getaway in Florida and only accessible by seaplane or boat. It is famous for the Fort Jefferson fortress and known as one of the best places to snorkel and scuba dive in Florida. Guided tours are also available to learn more about the location and its rich history.

Dry Tortugas National park beach Fort Jefferson

The views of the turquoise waters are some of the best you’ll find in Florida Keys. There are plenty of places to stretch out on the sand without laying out too close to other visitors. Due to how much wildlife is present, it’s also a great place to birdwatch. While taking a walk along the shore, there are many types of shells present to take home.

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