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Hidden Secluded Beaches Near Tampa Where You Can Really Relax

Tampa, Florida, is a popular place to vacation for its tropical climate on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The main reason many people visit this area is its beaches, which feature white sand and clear water. If you want to escape the crowds, here are a few secluded beaches near Tampa that are worth checking out.

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Mobbly Bayou Beach Park

Mobbly Bayou Beach Park is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic because of the multiple shelters found here. Barbecues are available to make it easy to grill and even have a small gathering.

A dog run is also one of the main reasons why locals enjoy spending time at this beach because it offers a great way to exercise with your pet. The playground also allows it to be a family-friendly location.

Mobbly Bayou Beach Park - Tampa

As one of the most secluded beaches near Tampa, this location is where you’ll find people doing relaxing activities such as fishing on the pier and canoeing in the water. Many hiking trails are also present to offer an adventure while exploring the natural landscape. One of the main highlights at this 396-acre preserve is the observation platform, where you can photograph the surrounding views.

Fort De Soto Park

Not only is Fort De Soto one of the most quiet beaches near Tampa, but it’s also the largest. You can roam over 1,136 acres that consist of five different islands.

It’s one of the most beautiful camping spots in the state to ensure you can have an extended stay. You can immediately kick your shoes off once you arrive and enjoy the soft texture of the sand under your feet.

Fort de Soto park drone photo

Some of the most popular types of activities to enjoy include hiking, kayaking, and even biking on the various trails available. The opportunities are endless due to the amount of land that is present. Some of the areas even feature tidal pools where small children can play. A cove area is also present with calmer waters.

This is a great place to visit if you want to get a firsthand look at wildlife. It’s common to spot dolphins, blue crabs, fish, and starfish. And the best is, that Fort De Soto is one of those Gulf Coast beaches that are pet-friendly; there’s a fenced-in area where your dogs can play and roam.

Apollo Beach Preserve

This dog-friendly location is one of the top hidden beaches near Tampa and spans over two acres. Many people visit Apollo Beach Preserve to enjoy a secret hideaway from the city and go birdwatching.

The lack of swimming allowed makes it less of a popular place for tourists to visit, but can allow you to unwind and enjoy the views while reading a book. Many people also spend the day fishing here. It’s even close to a manatee viewing area where you can spot the mammals in their natural habitat.

The Apollo Beach Preserve also features spectacular views of the skyline where you photograph the skyscrapers in the distance. If you stay until the evening, you can enjoy the spectacular colors of the sunset.

Indian Rocks Beach

Located in Pinellas County, Indian Rocks Beach is three miles wide and is in proximity to nearby cottages and small hotels. This hidden gem is one of the most secluded beaches near Tampa that is casual and low-key. The lush environment offers privacy and makes it feel farther away from the city.

Sunset at Indian rocks beach

Many people come here for outdoor activities, including beachcombing and visiting a bird sanctuary. With over 20 access points available, there’s an abundance of wildlife and fish that are easy to spot. It’s only a few minutes away from nearby eateries and is an ideal place for a Florida beach vacation when you want a relaxing location to feel at ease.

Upham Beach Park

Upham Beach Park stands out for its wide, white sandy beach that is backed by dunes and is ideal if you want to enjoy light surfing. You can also expect to spot a few dolphins in the water during your visit. The water also appears here clearer than other Tampa Bay beaches.

Many of Florida’s hidden beaches are excellent for beachcombing and so it is at Upham Beach Park too. There’s an abundance of seashells and you can search for sand dollars and starfish on the shore.

Upham beach park FL

If you take a dip in the water, outdoor showers are available to rinse off before heading out for a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants. We recommend The Seaside Grille that features outdoor seating too.

Robert K Rees Memorial Park

When you’re looking for secret Gulf Coast beaches near Tampa Bay, this location is peaceful and feels like a secret hideaway. This 45-acre beachfront features a 650-ft. boardwalk where you can take a stroll and have panoramic views of the turquoise waters.

There is an abundance of picnic tables available, as well as a wildlife observation tower. It’s also one of the best places to visit for sunset views. If you get hungry, head to the hot dog stand near the water to enjoy a snack or meal while walking around.

Belleair Beach

Belleair Beach is two miles long and borders Sand Key Park and Clearwater on the west coast of Florida. Nearby, you’ll find an upscale, old-fashioned neighborhood that is peaceful and serene. Four beach accessways are available to reach the sand.

Belleair beach

The sound of the surf reduces stress and makes it a great place to close your eyes and nap. The water is also shallow for 30 feet and allows children to splash around and frolic in the surf. If you want to have a picnic, visit the covered shelter, where two picnic benches and a grill are available.

Redington Shores

When you’re in search of secluded beaches near Tampa, the small resort community of Redington Shores is absolutely worth including in your itinerary. There is an abundance of public access points where you’ll find clean, beautiful sand. Don’t be surprised if you see a few dolphins off the shore.

Sunset at Redington shores

You can ride a bike or walk along the water. The nightly sunsets are reason enough to come here and photograph the vibrant colors in the sky. The water also as calm as Siesta Key, which makes it a fun place for kids to boogie board. Don’t forget to stop by the bird sanctuary before you leave.

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