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Calm beaches in Oahu

As one of the more beautiful and exotic islands in the world, Oahu draws in tourists by the millions each year. Oahu beaches are definitely among the most gorgeous on the planet, therefore as you might expect, they also number among the most popular and crowd-filled. At the most famous Waikiki Beach it is almost impossible to find a quiet stretch of sand in the busier seasons of the year. The good news is that there are also calm beaches in Oahu for those who appreciate peace and tranquility. Read on to learn about where to head for the island’s more peaceful beaches to enjoy on your upcoming beach vacation in Hawaii!

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Halona Beach Cove

Halona Beach Cove gained its justified reputation as one of the more famous beaches in Oahu during the filming on the location of the internationally hit movie “From Here to Eternity.” Even with one of the most popular movies in the world being filmed here, the secluded cove remains one of the calm beaches in Oahu thanks in part to the difficult hike that is required to reach the shore from the parking area.

Halona beach cove - Oahu
Halona Beach Cove

It can get crowded on weekends when locals also move out to enjoy the ocean, so choosing a weekday to go is a wise decision. Visitors who do take the trouble to hike down to the sandy strands will experience incredible ocean life, amazing scenery, and a true escape from the crazy tourist crowded shores elsewhere on Hawaii’s most populous island.

Waimanalo Beach Park

A little town called Waimanalo lying along Oahu’s Eastern Shore is the setting for Waimanalo Beach Park. This is a tranquil place to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand, especially compared to the Waikiki beach hot spot back in Honolulu. The beach is increasingly becoming more popular, but it still ranks as one of the calm beaches in Oahu.

Oahu Waimanalo Beach Park
Waimanalo Beach Park

Waimanalo also enjoys the unique distinction of having been voted the number one beach in America by Dr. Beach. Needless to say, the coast here is not only scenic, but action packed for those who love swimming, kiteboarding, and snorkeling activities.

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Diamond Head Beach Park

If you are a tourist who does not have much free time available to journey out to the most remote beaches on Oahu, then it will help to find quiet beaches in Oahu that are nearer to Honolulu. Diamond Head beaches provide convenience with somewhat lower crowds of tourists (at least compared to world-famous Waikiki Beach). Near Diamond Head lies Ala Moana Beach which is also worth a visit!

Little boy surfing at Diamond Head beach park
Diamond Head Beach Park

There are fewer tourists vying for their place in the sun here than in other better-known island beaches. The waves are not as strong here, making the calmer waters more ideal for families with children who want to practice surfing or bodyboarding.

Keawaula Beach

For a white sandy beach that is not overcrowded, try the Keawaula Beach located on Yokohama Bay. It provides fantastic surfing conditions during the winter months. In summertime, the waves are far calmer and the crowds almost non-existent.

Keawaula Beach - Yokohama Bay Oahu
Keawaula Beach

This makes it an ideal place for snorkeling and unwinding. When the surfing conditions are optimal, these waves are very big here. It is why new surfers should chill until the swell dies down to go catch a wave.

Lanikai Beach

Found in Kailua, Lanikai Beach is one of the most secluded beaches to be found on the island, therefore one of the top calm beaches in Oahu. While it might become crowded occasionally, in the weekdays you will almost have the place to yourself.

Lanikai - Oahu
Lanikai – Oahu

The surfing conditions are not so optimal here, which makes it fantastic for calmer water sports like canoeing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, sailing, and swimming. Lanikai beach lacks any rental facilities, so visitors should bring along all of their needed water sports equipment with them.

Cromwell’s Beach

Cromwell’s Beach on the South Shore of Oahu is not quite an unknown gem on the island, but it is certainly tranquil and relaxing. The beach lies just minutes away from the Diamond Head trail. This makes it an ideal location for visitors from the town who do not have an abundance of time to waste getting to the beach.

It is recommended to get to the beach in the early morning or late afternoon because there aren’t many trees for shade. You should also first check the tides in an effort to come when the tides are lowest, since the beach area is very limited at high tide.

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Oahu quiet beaches

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