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These Are The Warmest Beaches To Vacation On The Oregon Coast

The moody skies and Mars-like rock formations that define Oregon’s seaside draw people from all over the country seeking raw, unadulterated beach vacations. However, Oregon’s reputation for having wet, overcast conditions for much of the year means that doing your homework on when is the best time to come and what the warmest beaches in Oregon are really pays off and this information is what we will share with you in this article.

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When is the best weather on the Oregon Coast?

Most people consider either September or October as the best month to visit the Oregon Coast making it the perfect spot for a “second summer” vacation. It’s very common to encounter windless days, bright sunshine, and temperatures hovering near 70 degrees Fahrenheit during these months. The water temperature also tends to be more amenable to swimming, surfing, and water sports during the post-summer magic period.

people spending time at the beach in Oregon on a warm sunny day

The second summer on Oregon’s coast is owed to waters that have been warming all summer combined with cooler inland temperatures. The decreasing temperature difference between the two reduces winds and fogs to create a clearer, brighter, and warmer atmosphere than is typical in Oregon.

As winds from the east and west die down, warmer winds ramp up as they amble over the Oregon Coast Range. The result is a nearly tropical feeling in the air. Not to mention the real treat of visiting the Oregon Coast not in the high season but during September or October is that you can enjoy peak beach conditions without crowds and with affordable lodging prices.

8 Warmest Oregon Beaches

So now that we have discussed what is the best time for a beach vacation in Oregon, let’s see some of the warmest locales!

Harris Beach – Brookings

Situated in a banana belt, Brookings is known as the warmest coastal city in Oregon and maintains a temperate climate year-round. This happens due to the Brookings Effect which means that due to the area’s geological situation, it is benefiting from flows of warm, dry air. Top of the list of the area’s beaches, Harris Beach State Park treats day-use and overnight visitors with a sprawling seascape full of sea stacks, sandy beaches, and views of the largest island off of Oregon’s coast.

Harris Beach State Park Oregon Coast Highway

A National Wildlife Sanctuary, Bird Island near Harris Beach provides great views for those hoping to catch a peak of tufted puffins. Gray whales, harbor seals, and California sea lions also haunt the waters surrounding Harris Beach. The rock formations that sculpt this beach park give it its unique personality. In addition, guests will find a plethora of easy walking trails. If you look for the sunniest and warmest place in Oregon, don’t miss out visiting on Harris Beach!

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Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

Offering craggy bluffs and rock formations waiting to be discovered, this stretch of hazy heaven is a top pick when looking for secluded spots among the warmest beaches in Oregon. The 12 miles long impressive coastline with rock arches, sandy corners, and coastal forests are perfect for beachcombing, walking your dogs and is a unique location for photoshoots.

sunset time at Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

This destination is excellent for picnicking and hiking too. Outdoor enthusiasts will find here the Cape Ferrelo Viewpoint, House Rock Viewpoint, Whaleshead Beach, Arch Rock, and the Natural Bridges. Beautiful vistas, soft sandy beaches, and outstanding wildlife will satisfy all those who love nature when visiting Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor.

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Oceanside Beach State Park

Located west of Tillamook, Oceanside boasts an average daily temperature above 67 degrees Fahrenheit during the stretch from June through October. Low tide on this sliver of Oregon’s shore is simply magical! The shallow tide pools here make this a family-friendly beach that offers plenty of opportunities for splashing and exploring.

waves at Oceanside Beach State Park

Oceanside also happens to be a top-rated Oregon beach if you want to find agates. While a late-summer or mid-fall visit doesn’t necessarily provide the best searching conditions, the winter season is officially considered agate-hunting season here.

The beach also has a tunnel to another beach called Tunnel Beach which is a gorgeous beach with huge rocks and many tidepools. Come at low tide and you will find big agates too!

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Sunset Bay State Park – Coos Bay

Average daily temperatures touch 64 degrees Fahrenheit from June to October at this scenic spot that is protected by majestic, towering sea cliffs. Sunset Bay State Park is by far one of the most energetic beaches in Oregon. Visitors come here for fishing, swimming, and boating. People camping at the beach often take the opportunity to go into nearby Charleston to enjoy golfing, crabbing, claiming, and many more “fishing village” activities.

sunset at Coos Bay

In addition, Sunset Bay webs into a network of hiking trails that connects with Shore Acres State Park and Cape Arago State Park. Stepping foot onto the lush hiking trails here transports visitors to coastal forests, walls of wildflowers, and sea vistas that feel like pedestals pointing to the heavens. Sunset Bay State Park is a top access point for views of the Cape Arago Lighthouse!

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Manzanita Beach

Cradled in a geographical “jackpot” within the arms of Neahkahnie Mountain, the Pacific Ocean, and sheltered Nehalem Bay, Manzanita Beach boasts Septembers with consistent daily temperatures near 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to being a worthy contender for the title of the warmest coastal city in Oregon, Manzanita Beach is one of Oregon’s best spots for sport fishing. Crowds from Portland pile in to fish for Chinook salmon, sturgeon, and steelhead trout.

peaceful summer evening at Manzanita Beach

The generous low tide here also offers up great options for crabbing and clam digging. Of course, the turquoise waters of Manzanita make it impossible to resist the urge to swim. It’s easy to feel like you’re dreaming in the hazy, moody atmosphere of a sheltered sea village surrounded by tooth-like exposed cliffs. This is a pet-friendly beach with excellent trails for dogs.

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Average daily temperatures above 64 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the early part of fall make Seaside Beach an idyllic place for a mix of activity and relaxation. Known as one of the nicest beaches in Oregon for families, Seaside is the place to catch people building sandcastles, flying kites, riding bikes, kayaking, and gliding along on swan boats.

seabirds and people at Seaside beach Oregon

The 1.5-mile Historic Seaside Promenade that stretches out alongside the Pacific Ocean gives this small Oregon coastal town some California vibes. The mile-long walkway has a lot of food and entertainment options and offers picturesque seaside strolls with great scenery of the beach.

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Gold Beach

Combining solitude and extraordinary views, Gold Beach is a long stretch of sand bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Rogue River, and the Siskiyou Mountains. One of the most common activities at Gold Beach is a jet-boat tour along the pristine, awe-inspiring Rogue River. This is also salmon, cod, and great tuna country!

photo of gold beach taken from Oregon Coast Higway

Average daily temperatures near 65 degrees Fahrenheit from June through August make it easy to soak up the natural beauty here. This low-lying beach on the Oregon Coast is also pet-friendly and offers a laid-back atmosphere that’s perfect for walking a dog or just simply enjoying the good weather with gorgeous views.

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Sunset Beach State Recreation Site

Sunset Beach within Sunset Bay State Park offers direct access to the Pacific Ocean. Known for its landscape of large dunes and thick forests, Sunset Beach is one of the few beaches in Oregon that allows driving on the sand. This feature makes it a nice and comfortable spot to spend the day away from the seaside crowd, walk your dogs or just enjoy a spectacular sunset.

The area is known for offering entry to the “Fort to Sea Trail” which follows the same route used by the Lewis and Clark Expedition when journeying from Fort Clatsop to the Pacific Ocean. Daily temperatures that stick near 64 degrees Fahrenheit from June to October make exploration conditions pleasant. Should you feel cold tough, you can even make a bonfire here!

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