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Beach Running Benefits – Why You Should Go Jogging On Sand

The benefits of running on the beach are numerous; from improving your general well-being to weight loss, it has several benefits on your health. In this blog post, I have outlined the advantages of jogging on sand so you can make an informed decision whether this beach activity fits you.

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Written by Anett Victoria

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Enhances muscle strength

Running on the beach strengthens your muscles because when exercising on a soft surface they need to work harder to help you stay in balance. It is especially true if you are running in deep sand when even your smaller muscles, joints and ligaments are forced to work harder to compensate for the instability.

Improves your speed and technique

One of the greatest benefits of beach running is that it generally improves your running technique as well as your speed. To keep pace with fast runners, you’ll want to add resistance to your run. Soft sand is one of the best ways to do this.

running along the beach

It gives you a firm landing that makes your body develop a different technique and will force your legs and feet to work harder so your push-offs become powerful. After running on sand for a while, you’ll notice that you can run faster and with less effort on a stable surface.

Increases cardiorespiratory endurance

Running on the beach will strengthen your cardiovascular system which basically tells how well the lungs, heart, and blood vessels deliver oxygen to the body tissues. Doing aerobic activities, such as running is the best way to improve your cardiorespiratory function. Runners tend to have a slower resting pulse rate and higher oxygen consumption which results in better body performance.

Requires no special equipment

What gives the popularity of jogging on sand is that this is one of those beach sports that requires very little equipment. Just grab some lightweight, breathable clothes and beach running shoes, and you are ready to go!

running on sand wearing shoes

Actually, you can even run barefoot on the beach but if you are a beginner, it is not recommended to do so. Wear shoes to avoid cutting yourself when stepping on shells and twisting your ankle due to the lack of stability because of the sandy surface.

Helps you burn more calories

Running on the beach burns more calories than running on a track or pavement running because your muscles need to work harder. But your body won’t only burn calories while actually running but even after while the muscles are recovering; this is called the afterburn effect.

Lower risk of injuries

Sand provides a better cushion than concrete, and the force of your feet landing on the sand will be absorbed. It is naturally soft and therefore will lessen the impact on your knees, ankles and hips and help prevent injuries. The softer surface will also play a role in reducing back pain that you may experience when road running.

a girl running on wet sand

Also, while running or jogging on sand, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or tripping when going over a curb or pothole. Of course, there are items that may cause injuries like rocks so if possible, always choose to run on a beach that you know is well maintained. Beginners should start running on firm, wet sand rather than on dry, soft because this is the easiest to run on.

You can enjoy breathtaking views

Running on the beach allows you to enjoy wonderful scenery and breathe fresh air. No matter what time of year you go running, the constantly changing coastline will provide you with fantastic views.

girl is running next to the ocean at sunset

If you have a chance, choose this excellent outdoor workout form over training inside and you will quickly notice the fantastic benefits of running on the beach.

Gives a natural high

Performing sports provides a natural high from dopamine released by your body during physical activity, but if you choose the seaside to be the location of your workout, you may feel mental benefits too. Staring at the ocean is scientifically proven to help you reach a calm state of being so you can get rid of stress more easily and focus on your workout.

woman jogging on the beach

You’ll also be able to experience a meditative state that will help you to have more focus and energy throughout your run. Running on the beach will improve your mood, make you feel more relaxed, generates a pleasing feeling and increases your happiness; besides making your body feel good, beach running is beneficial for your overall mental health.

A great workout for amateurs and pros

Last but not least, one of the biggest advantages of beach running is that anybody can start it. Whether you are just getting started in fitness or are an experienced runner, it is an excellent way for anyone who wants to get some cardio and build lower body strength.

senior couple jogging on the beach

If you’ve never run on the beach, you should give it a shot. Not only is it a great way to exercise, but you’ll find that it is more enjoyable than training indoors. This activity may have some extra factors you need to pay attention to such as dehydration because of hot temperatures, sun protection or orthopedic-related injuries due to the soft sand but running on the beach has benefits on the body and mind that no other outdoor sport can offer.

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