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Pro Tips On How To Keep Sand Off Your Skin & Gear At The Beach

Sand is part of being at the beach, but it is not fun when you take it into your car and house too. Of course, it is impossible to stay completely sand-free, but there are also some cool tricks to keep sand off you at the beach. By following these tips, you can limit the amount of sand you need to remove from yourself and your beach equipment!

Anett Victoria - Author of SeaSpiration

Written by Anett Victoria

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Get sand-free towels

Classical bulky cotton towels collect a lot of sand when they get wet, so you need a sandless beach towel. Such products are not only lightweight, quick-drying and highly absorbent, but thanks to their fabric, sand doesn’t stick to them so when it’s time to go home you can easily shake off any dirt that landed on it. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes so get one that suits your style the most and keep the sand at the beach where it belongs!

Sit on a beach chair

Chairs make any beach trip a lot comfier! They will not only save you the back and knee ache you can get from sitting on the ground but also keep you sand-free.

Lady sitting on beach chair

When it’s time to leave the beach, just dip your chairs in the sea or rinse them under the shower so you can put them clean in the car.
Don’t forget to wash your beach gear at home too with fresh water to remove any salt left on them to prevent corroding.

Use beach table and drink holders

When you pull a bottle or cold container out of your cooler, you will experience condensation when droplets form on the surface so that item will collect a lot of sand.

To avoid such situations, don’t place your soda cans, glass or food container in the sand. Put them on a dry towel, but the best is if you get a portable beach table or beach cup holders that will keep sand off your drinks, snacks and other small beach items.

Wash the sand off at the beach shower

Beaches with showers and bathrooms are extremely popular because of the high-level comfort that such amenities provide. By rinsing off yourself from head to toe is highly recommended for various reasons and removing sand from your skin and swimwear is just one aspect.

Shower at the beach

Sea water damages the hair, so rinse it with fresh water as soon as possible to avoid it getting tangled. Also, for your skin is better if you don’t let salty water dry on it. By taking a quick shower on the beach you will also remove pollutants that may have been in the ocean so you can avoid irritations.

Large Mesh Toy Bag

  • extra large, solid construction mesh bag with nylon pull drawstring and sturdy handles
  • it makes easy to find your gear, sands falls out through the mesh, quick drying
  • perfect for the beach, pool or anywhere in the great outdoors

Also, don’t forget to wash the sand off from your beach equipment too before packing them up. Put all the small items like baby toys in a mesh bag that will let sand fall out, make washing them easy and allow everything to air dry.

Keep water and a plastic bin in your car

It can happen that there is no shower available at the beach, but you need to clean your skin somehow. Beach sand removal products like a brush, sand-off mitt or baby powder work wonders, but it is also good if you just leave a few bottles filled with tap water in your car so you easily wash the sand off.

Washing foot in fresh water

Pro tip: Keep a large plastic bin in the car too so instead of just pouring the water from the bottle on your body or feet, you can create a little bath for more comfort.

Wear beach-friendly footwear sand and water-friendly shoes

Sneakers and closed shoes are not beach compatible because they get quickly filled with sand, so wear open-toe shoes, beach sandals or flip-flops that will allow sand to fall out freely when walking. Water shoes are also great; they are quick-drying so you can just rinse them if needed.

Waterproof beach shoes

Before getting into the car, don’t forget to give your footwear a good shake or wipe it off with a brush to minimize the amount of sand you need to remove from the carpet when arriving home.

Cover the trunk of your car

Sand on the skin is annoying, but sand in the car is even more so! To avoid turning the trunk of your car into a sand box, with an all-protection trunk mat, or just simply line it with an old blanket or sheet. It will collect the particles you did not manage to remove from your beach gear and when at home, you can easily shake it out.

Trim-to-Fit for Floor Mat Car for SUV, Van, Trucks

  • 55 inches wide and 43 inches long truck liner that is easily customizable for a huge variety of cars, trucks, and suvs
  • highest quality durable all-weather rubber
  • the waterproof rubber allows easy cleaning

For the floor, use rubber mats with a deep tread pattern that holds dirt better so any sand falling off the shoes will be easy to clean. Never put your wet and sandy bathing suits on the car set or the floor; place them in a waterproof dry bag (or a big plastic storage container) so the water will not stain the cover.

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