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Naturist Beaches In Florida Where Clothing Is Optional

One of the main reasons most people vacation and relocate to Florida is because of the beautiful beaches. The warm climate and turquoise waters make it a great place to get a tan and feel like you’re in paradise. If you want to avoid tan lines, there are a few sanctioned clothing option beaches in Florida to include in your itinerary

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Written by Anett Victoria

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Blind Creek Beach

Many people who want an au naturel beach getaway in Florida visit Blind Creek Beach because it’s one of the few official clothing optional beaches in Florida St Lucie. The County’s Commission designated an approx. 36 acres area for naturists. There is a sign that indicates where the nude section begins, so it has no impact on the public area so everyone can enjoy the stunning views of the ocean and natural dunes here.

Blind creek beach

Blind Creek Beach feels like a slice of paradise and doesn’t get overrun with crowds, even in the summer season. Beach ambassadors are also present to ensure the area stays safe and friendly. It’s quiet enough where you can hear seagulls and have plenty of distance from other visitors. Moreover, it’s one of the top places where sea turtles are known to nest, so be careful when walking on the sand!

Playalinda Beach

Located in Brevard County, Playalinda Beach is one of the top clothing optional beaches in Florida because it’s calming, peaceful, and doesn’t require an annual pass to visit. This four miles long relaxing Florida beach is popular with surfers, but if your plan is to enjoy the sun naked, park at the last, Lot 13 area because this is where the naturist area begins.

Playalinda beach - Flroida

Playalinda is one of the top beaches of Florida with untouched nature and beautiful vibrant blue water. You won’t find a lot of vendors or eateries here, which makes it serene and allows it to feel like a secret hideaway. The lack of apartments or condos here also ensures more privacy.

It’s also one of the most unique clothing optional beaches in Florida because the Kennedy Space Center is right next door. You can get a chance to see rockets launch at different times of the year while sunbathing. Cool, isn’t it?

Haulover Beach

The half-mile sanctioned nude section at the north of Haulover Beach, this 177-acre urban park just south of Sunny Isles is considered to be one of the top nude beaches in Florida according to the American Association of Nude Recreation.

Haulover Beach boasts abundant parking and has many rentals and concessions available to ensure you can enjoy a high level of accommodation. A court is also offered where you can ride a bike or scooter. You can also come here to launch a boat or rent a boat to spend time on the water. Kayaking is another activity to participate in if you want something more leisurely but still spend time cruising in the water.

When it’s time to eat, there are plenty of picnic tables and grilles available where you can prepare food without leaving the beach to get a meal. There’s even a part designated for bringing your pets to ensure they can roam around. Pupsicles are also available at the beach to ensure your pet can cool off with a delicious treat.

Apollo Beach

When you’re looking for Florida’s nudist beaches, Apollo Beach on the north of Canaveral National Seashore is a great place to add to your list. It is not only a beautiful pristine 5 miles long stretch of sand in the New Smyrna Beach area but also has many trails to explore if you want to stay active.

Apollo Beach offers restrooms, picnic tables, and vending machines. An overlook dock is also present where you can get a view of dolphins and fish. There are even a few pelicans that will fly overhead. It’s a great spot to bring a lawn chair and go fishing for the day, but you need to know that there is a 3USD fee to enter and if the parking lot is full, no more visitors will be allowed to enter to avoid overcrowding, so arrive early.

Apollo beach

Naturists are allowed on the northern end of Apollo Beach, you need to park in Lot 5. There is a sign that tells you are entering a nudist beach.

Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica Beach is one of remote nude beaches in Florida that lies near Key West on Geiger Key. In fact, it is the only sanctioned naturist beach in the Keys. It is a hidden gem that feels isolated, therefore is ideal if you want a quiet place to relax without too much activity around.

As one of the most natural clothing optional beaches in Florida, it has a lot of wildlife and different trails through mangroves where you can walk, explore and you can even go snorkeling. There are plenty of seashells on the shore and even an abandoned boat near the water, making it feel like a treasure hunt.

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