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Warmest Beaches In Florida To Visit In Springtime

Now that winter is almost a thing of the past, and many people are starting to look for some beach time. The Sunshine State has been a favorite choice for spring beach vacations because the temperatures in March and April is already much warmer than it is anywhere else. For those who are thinking about soaking up the sun and relaxing by the ocean, it’s essential to know what the warmest beaches in Florida in March and April are.

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Is the water warm in Florida in March/April?

If you are wondering if a spring Florida beach getaway is a good time for swimming and for some oceanside fun, the answer is: absolutely! Florida’s climate in March and April is very pleasant for spending time at the beach, you just need to choose your destination wisely since the further south you go, the warmer the temperatures.

birds eye view of a beach in Florida

If you are looking for really warm air and water temperatures, then your choice is South Florida. If you are okay with pleasantly warm spring weather combined with refreshing ocean temperatures, then you can choose Central Florida.

On average, the outside temperature can range from 72-83F/22.2-28.3C in Central and Southern Florida in March and April. Water temperatures will be 75-76F/23.8-24.4C on average (min. 72F/22.2C and max 82F/27.7C) both on the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

people enjoying the nice weather at the beach in Florida

North Florida has a little cooler outdoor and water temperatures at this time of year so it might be not comfortable for swimming but can be an option for those who just wish to soak up the sun (for a relaxing getaway, visit Florida’s Panhandle secluded beaches).

11 Warmest Florida beaches in March and April

Naples Beach

Located in southwestern Florida, the charming beach town of Naples is a popular destination among those who look for the best beaches in Florida in spring. This white sandy shoreline is located on the Gulf side of Florida and is in the perfect position to still get the warm breeze from the east, adding to the pleasant temperatures there.

people walking on Naples Pier at sunset

The Naples Municipal Beach is the most popular beach in the area because of the pier. The 1,000-foot-long pier juts out into the water and is fun to walk down as it is to admire. You will love the warm waters here and the number of seashells you can find. If you are wondering where to go in Florida in March or in April for a beach vacation, Naples should be on your list!

Siesta Key

Siesta Key is a barrier island located to the west of Sarasota that was voted as the best beach in the United States in 2020, and when you visit, you will understand why. It is one of the best places to visit in Florida in April because the heavy tourist season has not started yet so you can enjoy the fantastic scenery without crowds.

Lifeguard Stand at Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key has beautiful white beaches that contrast the remarkably blue water which has comfortable temperature for swimming and there are never any large waves that will detract from the fun. You will find many different seashells here as well as fossilized shark teeth. When you are done with the beach, Siesta Key and Sarasota have much to offer in dining and entertainment experiences.

Captiva Island

One of the least crowded beaches in Florida, Captiva Island is a great beach to visit during springtime. It is a barrier island that is located off of the Fort Myers coast near the famous Sanibel Island. Captive is a bit smaller than Sanibel and not that popular which explains how it remained a hidden paradise.

Kayak and two chairs at the beach in Captiva

The beach area is perfect for hiking, fishing, bird watching, and shelling. There are also many water activities to enjoy.

drone photo of Captiva Island - Florida US

Captiva Island has condos and three resorts. Each of them is family-friendly, and the main resort located at the tip of the island is geared more towards families with children based on all the children-themed activities that they offer.

Fort Lauderdale

If you are looking for fun, Ft. Lauderdale beach is definitely one of the best Florida beaches to visit on Spring Break. This area on the Atlantic coast of southern Florida gives really great weather and warm water throughout most of the year.

East Fort Lauderdale Beach - drone photo

Many people love to come to Ft. Lauderdale in March and April because the risk of tropical storms and hurricanes is almost zero so you can enjoy the tropical scenery and comfortable temperatures without worrying about bad weather.

Ft. Lauderdale beach is very wide, and there is always room for fun. Known as one of the most famous Florida party beaches, you will find a lot of adult-themed activities here year-round but especially during the spring break time.

Hollywood Beach

Located between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Hollywood Beach is a prime destination to choose. It is also one of the warmest beaches in Florida in April, giving you another reason to enjoy this location. The beautiful beach area has a 2.5-mile-long boardwalk that takes you past all of the shops and eateries near the beach.

colorful lifeguard tower at Hollywood Beach FL

If you want to indulge in a resort-style vacation, you will love this area. There are three major resorts near the beach, and each one of them offers more amenities than you can imagine. You will find it hard to decide where you want to spend most of your time here.

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Key Biscayne

When it comes to the best Florida beaches, Key Biscayne offers it all. You will love this little barrier island off of Miami that gives home to beautiful, white-sandy secluded beaches, and a magnificent lighthouse.

Cape Florida Lighthouse  Key Biscayne - Florida

Key Biscayne is also one of the warmest beaches in Florida in March and April. If you want to enjoy being in the ocean while your spring beach vacation, this is a perfect choice. It also has a reef area and is the only Florida underwater archaeological heritage site in the state. You will love to snorkel and dive here!

Key Largo

Key Largo is the first Key that you can easily reach from Miami. It is a beautiful area that has great man-made beaches and always perfect weather to enjoy outdoor activities.

Like all of the keys, the mangroves and shallow waters around the Keys make it a great place to see sea turtles, gators and tropical birds. You may even see the endangered Key Deer when visiting – a deer about the size of a dog.

Mangroves in Key Largo Florida

There is much to do in Key Largo, but the best activity you cannot miss when you are here is visiting John Pennekamp State Park which is a must-see snorkeling spot in Florida. You can snorkel from the shore in the park at Cannon Beach where submerged cannons and a hundred of years old Spanish wreck lie in the shallow water or explore the vibrant coral reefs of the area by signing up for a boat trip.

Key West

Key West is the southernmost point of the United States that technically lies in the heart of the tropics. This beautiful island is one of the warmest beaches in Florida in March where you will enjoy calm, warm waters on both the Atlantic and Gulf sides and pleasantly warm weather during springtime.

Harborwalk - Key West

Everything about Key West centers around the beach because almost the whole island is beach area. Go there and enjoy the real tropical lifestyle, unique foods found only in the Keys, and of course, Key Lime Pie. No matter you look for the most family-friendly Florida beaches, places to enjoy Spring Break parties or just want to stroll along the historic Harborwalk, Key West is the destination you need to visit!

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach has been a spring break hot spot for many years offering various activities and places of interest. It is near the space center and is also home to some of the best waves in Florida. You will enjoy here a large beach area with natural sand, a pier, and many different stores and eateries that are within a few steps of the ocean.

Surfer sitting on his board in front of the Pier at Cocoa Beach

This area of Florida “sticks out” a little further in the ocean and therefore it is prone to more rain. However, rain showers are quick and usually happen in the afternoon, so this should not interrupt your time at the beach.

What’s more, it is one of those Florida beaches where bonfires are allowed. To enjoy this timeless pastime here, however, you need to plan your visit before March since no permits are issued in the Turtle Nesting Season that takes place from 1st of March.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is often called the playground for the rich and famous. As it is one of the warmest places in Florida in March and April and offers many attractions for all types of vacationers, it is a top choice for those who look for a luxurious and adventure-filled spring getaway.

people at the beach West Palm Beach Florida

The area has many excellent resorts and a large beach area with many activities to enjoy. If you are traveling with your family, or you like to explore a lot of other places outside of the beach, West Palm has many different places of interest, including the Palm Beach Zoo and several art museums. Moreover, there are always festivals taking place in spring and summer. If you love to shop, West Palm Beach has several high-end outlet shopping malls too!

SeaSpiration Tip: those who are interested in exploring the state’s marine life should visit the nearby Phil Foster Park where you can go snorkeling and diving.

Boca Raton

Located near West Palm Beach, Boca Raton’s beautiful beach area is another one of the warmest Florida beaches in springtime to enjoy some beach sports and take some really nice ocean walks. Many people come here because even though it is a beach in a major city, it never gets crowded.

quiet beach in Boca Raton - Florida

Much like West Palm Beach, Boca Raton has many art galleries, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, and shopping areas for you to enjoy. You can spend the day enjoying the beach and then the evening enjoying the town; such a perfect place for a spring Florida beach getaway!

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