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Greek islands with sandy beaches

Greece is one of the most intriguing places on earth. From its history to its natural beauty, the country is inviting. Those seeking a relaxing Greek vacation that includes swimming in clear blue waters and exploring gorgeous shorelines won’t be disappointed; the best Greek islands with sandy beaches will have you covered!

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Best 5 Greek islands with sandy beaches


Crete has several sandy beaches to enjoy. One of the best is Elafonisi, located on the south-eastern end of the island. This is not your typical beach because of one incredible feature: the sand is pink because of the crushed shells that color it. This distinction makes it a top pick for the best sandy beach in Greece.

Elafonisi is a place to relax. It is protected by the Natura 2000 network so there are beautiful sea daffodils. Thanks to its shallow water this spot is an excellent family beach. Yet, you can also rent a sunbed and enjoy food and beverages at local canteen.

Elafonisi pink beach - Crete aerial photo
Drone footage of Elafonisi Pink Beach – Photo from Pexels

Crete has a vibrant nightlife too to enjoy after spending the day swimming and sunbathing. Everyone eats and drinks at outside tables during the summer, then moves on to taverns before dancing the night away to live Cretan traditional music in clubs.


Rhodes is fascinating because it is vastly different in culture from other Greek islands. The island was strategic militarily, so it was conquered by numerous kingdoms including Italy and Spain and that influence remains.

Rhodes ranks as one of the best Greek islands with sandy beaches because of places like Tsambika Beach. Located on the island’s north end, the beach has retained its natural beauty with surrounding land owned by the Orthodox Church. The Church of Panagia Tsambika is located on a hill nearby and is a lovely place to visit.

Tsambika Beach - Rhodes
Tsambika Beach – Photo from Unsplash

Tsambika beach is a good choice for adventure seekers too because there are various water sports facilities nearby. Umbrellas and loungers are available to rent, but also canteens to make you stay comfortable.


Mykonos ranks high among the Greek islands with sandy beaches for several reasons. You can find one for families at Ornos or Platys Gialos or one with a relaxed vibe like that of Elia, which is the longest white sand beach on the island. Those who are more party-centered should check out beaches at Paradise or Super Paradise resorts where the music continues day and night.

Super Paradise Beach - Mykonos
Paradise Beach Mykonos – Photo from Unsplash

The island itself is wide-ranging in its activities. The streets are narrow and winding, perfect for strolling the shops. Buildings are classic Greek design with flower boxes at every window and boasting all things Mediterranean. Cavo Paradiso Bar is a popular gathering spot as the Skandinavian Bar and Club.


The island of Naxos hasn’t been on most tourists’ radars but is becoming known to have some of the best sandy beaches in Greece. First, it is one of the biggest islands in this island chain. Second, its beaches are all excellent. Those who want to stay close to the city and port will find Agios Georgios the best place to hang your sun hat.

Naxos - Greece
Naxos – Photo from Unsplash

Those willing to drive further down the coast for a more remote local would enjoy Prokopios, Agia Anna or Plaka. These are virtually empty beaches but are great places to play the day away.


Travelers wanting to indulge in Greek culture, as well as the beach, should head west of Naxos to its twin island, Paros. This island has everything you need for a perfect vacation. The town of Naoussa has classic Greek buildings and shops with great beaches surrounding it.

Windsurfers head to the beach at Chrissi Akti, while others who love water sports and fun bars go to the beach at Santa Maria. A short drive from Naoussa puts you in Kolymbithres, where nature lovers can enjoy unusual rock formations along with the white sand.

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Greek islands with sandy beaches

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