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Hidden Quiet Beaches in Texas – Beach Getaway Without Crowds

The popular Texas beaches are known to be crowded throughout the summer months. Most coastal areas near major cities like Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi, and Brownsville draw large numbers of avid urban seashore seekers due to their locations. If you want to avoid the crowds and wish to visit some secluded beaches in Texas instead, this list tells you spots where you can have a relaxing seaside experience with your family or friends.

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Mustang Island State Park

In Mustang Island State Park, you can enjoy swimming, surfing, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, and bird watching. You can camp in style while enjoying this stunning area because there are 48 campsites offering water and electric service not far from the beach.

Mustang Island

This scenic park includes over five miles of spectacular coastline along the Gulf of Mexico for you to explore. Grab a canoe or paddleboard and follow the Mustang Island State Park Paddling Trail along the western shore of the island in Corpus Christi Bay. This secret, inviting white sandy Texas beach is located at 9394 State Highway 361 in Corpus Christi and the best is that it is even pet-friendly so bring your furry friend too!

Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica is located on a sandy peninsula that is across the Rio Grande River from Mexico, at the point farthest south in Texas. The Brazos Santiago Pass separates the beach from South Padre Island, and this picturesque place stretches for eight miles along tidal salt flats, clay dunes, and marches filled with mangroves.

Boca Chica Beach

This is an ideal locale for beach enthusiasts who look for peaceful, secluded beaches in Texas without the standard tourist-style amenities. Here, you can fish, swim, surf, snorkel, kiteboard, and birdwatch. Just bring your own gear along and enjoy the wild beauty and serenity of this place. You should also bring drinking water and food to this beautiful natural retreat.

San José Island

As a privately owned island that was once a ranch, San José Island is now committed to wildlife preservation. It can be reached daily via the Port Aransas ferry service Visitors are welcome along the beach below the vegetation line.

There are 21 miles of sparkling golden sand along this coastline that explain why this San Jose Island is among the less crowded beaches in Texas. The area of sand offers plenty of beachcombing, shell collecting, fishing, and birdwatching.

If you want to explore this unique beach environment for a few days, you can stay in Port Aransas nearby. Port ‘A’ is only a short ferry ride away and offers a wide variety of cottages, condos, and motels for guests. Here, you will also find delicious fresh seaside cuisine in charming eateries.

Matagorda Beach

Matagorda ranks high among the secluded beaches in Texas with its 58 miles of sandy coastline, 23 miles of which is east of the Colorado River and accepts vehicles. The remainder of the beach located west of the river can be accessed by boat, canoe, kayak, and other watercraft.

This is a fabulous place to enjoy swimming, although you must be aware of the riptides and other strong currents. If the water becomes turbulent, it is best to stay in shallow areas until calmer conditions return.

You can camp virtually anywhere here for 72 hours, including in Jetty Park. Tents and RVs are allowed but remember that sand can be soft in certain areas when bringing an RV. Guests are warned to watch for rattlesnakes when walking through the grass or along the dunes.

North Padre Island

You will find the Padre Island National Seashore at the south end of North Padre, about 40 miles from Corpus Christi International Airport. The park entrance is along Park Road 22, approximately 10 miles from the Kennedy Causeway Bridge.

As one of the quiet Texas beaches, North Padre is a paradise for beachcombing. Numerous different types of seashells can be found here, including sundials and lightning whelks as well as bay scallop shells, crab shells, and sand dollars.

North Padre Island

Fishing is excellent at nearby Packery Channel just north of the seawall, and swimming is ideal since the jetties block both currents and wind making this a perfect family beach in Texas. On top of the seawall is a walking path approximately one mile long where hikers, bikers, and skateboarders are welcome. From this path, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the beach and rolling waves below.

Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach is one entire mile of inviting recreational waterfront. Situated on a peninsula that stretches northeast from Rockport Harbor, it meets high environmental standards. In fact, this was the first Texas beach to be declared a “Blue Wave Beach” according to the requirements of the National Clean Beaches Coalition.

Sunset at Rockport beach

Rockport Beach belongs to the celebrated Corpus Christi beaches, yet it is still considered to be among the peaceful, hidden beaches in Texas. It offers visitors calm relaxation by the glistening water or a horseback ride along the shore. Here, you can enjoy swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and numerous other water activities.

Magnolia Beach

When looking for quiet beaches in Texas, you should visit Magnolia Beach on Matagorda Bay. Here you can park your RV just 15 feet from the water if you like and sleep restfully to the sound of the gently rolling waves and awaken to a spectacular ocean view.

Magnolia beach - Texas

This beach is 1.5 miles in length, offering firmly packed sand for easy driving. Its location is about a 25-minute drive south of Port Lavaca. Both the Colorado and Lavaca rivers flow into the bay here, making the water less salty than most ocean water. It is an ideal venue for a relaxed beach vacation in Texas.

Sunrises and sunsets are stunning here, especially while walking along the shoreline after a relaxing swim. There are picnic tables and grills available for enjoying cooking and eating in the refreshing ocean breezes.

Babe’s Beach

Babe’s Beach is an attractive, well-maintained stretch of coastline in Galveston, a perfect example of the secret beaches in Texas. It was named for A.R. “Babe” Schwartz who worked as a lifeguard in summers while he was in high school.

He loved this seaside area. Subsequently, while serving in the Texas House and Senate (1955 to 1980), he helped write the Texas Open Beaches Act. which ensures free public access to the coast along the Gulf of Mexico.

Shell at low tide Babes Beach Galveston

This quiet, secluded beach offers the security of lifeguards on duty to keep you safe while swimming and surfing. Yet the atmosphere is calm and easy-going, encouraging leisurely sunbathing and restful relaxation. Bring along your favorite foods and beverages to enjoy as you luxuriate by the sparkling ocean water.

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