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Best Pet-friendly Texas Beaches Your Dogs Will Love

Whether you call Texas home or you’re planning an upcoming coastal trip, the beaches are some of the best parts of Lone Star state. You don’t need to leave your beloved animals at home, because there are many dog friendly beaches in Texas where pets are permitted to walk and play in the surf. Here we tell you the best options to choose from to ensure you and your furry friends can stay busy and spend plenty of fun time outside.

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Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is one of the best places for a beach getaway in Texas because it’s quiet and doesn’t attract too many crowds. Lifeguards are also present throughout the week if you want to take a swim. The hard-packed beach makes it an ideal spot to cycle or walk without feeling like you’re sinking too much in the sand. This makes it easier for dogs to have fun running and get plenty of exercise, but remember they should be on leashes.

Dog playing in the water Crystal Beach Texas

This beach is also unique because you have the freedom of driving your car on the sand, however, be careful because there are loose areas where you can get stuck. For a dog beach, it’s a nice location without any visible trash present so make sure to clean after your puppy so it will stay like this.

R.A. Apffel East Beach Park – Galveston

R.A. Apffel East Beach Park is probably one of the most idyllic dog friendly beaches in Texas where you’ll find people horseback riding on the sand and listening to music from live bands that are present. It’s located at the east of Galveston and has a pavilion and boardwalk. It’s also a common place where festivals are present during the summer months.

Visitors can rent chairs and umbrellas here, moreover, showers and restrooms are also available making this a perfect place for any type of beachgoer. If you want to see fantastic sand structures, come on the first weekend of June because this is when the American Institute of Architects Sandcastle Competition is happening at East Beach.

Stewart Beach – Galveston

Stewart Beach is not only a top-rated family vacation spot but also one of the best dog friendly beaches in Galveston with lots of amenities like showers, restrooms, and volleyball courts that are open to the public. The parking costs 15 USD, but it lasts for the entire day.

Stewart beach - Galveston dogs

Chair and umbrella rentals are available, which offers convenience for those who are traveling and visiting the area. You can take a dip in the water with your four-legged friend with peace of mind as long as they are on a leash and you clean after them.

Surfside beach

If you’re searching for a dog beach in Texas, Surfside Beach is a top pick because it’s beautiful and clean. This wide beach is allowing your dog to have plenty of space to roam and run wild. Most people don’t expect the sand to appear as white and clean as it is at this location. Parking is also available close by, making it easy to access the sand.

The boardwalk is one of the highlights of this beach where you can walk over the ocean with your pooch and take in the spectacular views. The sunsets are reason enough to visit this beach where you can sit on the sand with your pups and relax while photographing the sky.

Matagorda Beach

The 38 miles long Matagorda Island features soft sand that is comfortable to walk on both for humans and dogs. It is a great place to go fishing, moreover, there are grilles, showers, and bathrooms making it easy to spend all day at the location with your family.

Dog Matagorda beach TX

At night, bonfire pits are available, along with free and legal camping if you prefer to stay a few days. The warm water makes it one of the most comfortable pet friendly beaches in Texas to play in the waves. Small restaurants and eateries are also within walking distance of the beach to ensure you can grab a bite to eat after.

Port Aransas Beach

If you’re looking for dog friendly beaches in Texas that have clean water, Port Aransas Beach is a top place to consider. You can enjoy driving on the beach or walking with your pet when there aren’t many crowds present. Leashed dogs are allowed on the beach but keep in mind that not on the pier.

Happy dog - Port Aransas Beach

The white sand is very fine and isn’t gritty. If you love beachcombing, there are many different shells present here to ensure you can find a few pieces to take home. Fishing, barbecues, and swimming are also some of the main reasons people come to Port Aransas Beach year-round.

Whitecap Beach – Corpus Christi

Whitecap Beach is known as one of the most peaceful dog friendly beaches in Corpus Christi that stands out for its long stretch of sand. It offers sizeable surf with lifeguards present and welcomes vehicles with permits. Even during the summer months, there’s plenty of space to stretch out, stay away from the crowds, and play with your four-legged friends in the soft sand.

Whitecap beach

Whitecap Beach is also a popular place to visit for those who want to enjoy a drive at night and find a spot to park while watching the ocean. Fire pits are also available if you prefer to stay warm while listening to the waves crash nearby.

Padre Island National Seashore

The 60 Miles long Padre Island National Seashore is a highly recommended pet-friendly beach in Texas where dogs are welcome everywhere on a leash (except the Malaquite Pavilion boardwalk and its facilities). It is a popular place among nature lovers because of the well-preserved wildlife. Since it’s a national park, it’s cleaner than other beaches so also your kids can have fun here finding different creatures.

Padre island - National Seashore Dunes

Many people come to this family-friendly Texas beach to go camping and enjoy it because they don’t have to leave their dogs behind at home. Fishing is a popular activity too, and it’s not uncommon to catch a small shark from time to time.

South Padre Island

Located on the coastal tip of the state, South Padre Island features excellent pet friendly beaches in Texas where there is a lot to do for everyone! It is a common spot to fish, take a boat out on the water, and go bird-watching. Shops and boutiques are also located within a block of the beach to enjoy looking for a few gems and souvenirs.

People and dogs at the beach - South Padre Island

While spending the day at South Padre Island, you can also try fun activities like kiteboarding, horseback riding, and taking ecological tours. Access to personal watercraft also offers a high level of accommodation if you want to spend time playing in the ocean.

If you prefer to sit on the shore with your pet, you can spend time looking for dolphins, which are easy to spot here. As one of the most spacious Texas beaches, there’s more than enough room to distance yourself from other dogs and their owners on the sand.

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