Maldives beach vacation tips

No matter you are considering a honeymoon, family trip or just a tropical getaway to recharge your batteries, a Maldives beach vacation is an experience that is hard to beat. Named for the Sanskrit word “garland”, with islands spread along the Indian Ocean filled with white sand, crystal oceans, and sparkling sunshine, the Maldives is one of the most beautiful tropical locations you can visit. Whether you’re looking to surf, snorkel, or simply relax on the beach, a Maldives holiday offers endless possibilities to enjoy the sun and ocean.

Maldives Quick Info Guide

Language: Dhivehi

Capital city: Malé

Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR)

Visa: All nationalities having a passport with at least 6 months validity, confirmed hotel booking and a valid onward ticket can enter the Maldives visa-free and stay maximum 30 days. Russian and Indian tourists can stay visa-free up to 30 days.

Safety: The Maldives islands are considered safe-to-travel. The crime level is relatively low, however, keeping your valuables in the safety deposit box of your room is recommended. The best is to stay on private resort islands where only the guests and staff members can enter, but the hotels on inhabited local islands are also safe. There can be occasionally political protests in the capital city, Malé. Regarding sea safety, it is important to follow the local’s advice on where and when to swim, since strong tidal currents can occur.

Maldives Beach Vacation quick info

Why is the Maldives perfect for a beach vacation?

The Maldives is a chain of 26 atolls spanning about 115 square miles. The country is comprised of 1,192 tiny islands. Many of which are tourist-only, and typically consist of a single resort, a smattering of restaurants, and a blue lagoon – all belted together by a private beach offering an ideal location for a tropical holiday for those look for privacy and relaxation on a postcard-perfect destination.

But don’t think that a Maldives beach vacation is just about sunbathing and sipping cocktails! It is a haven for water sport activities too! The islands offer endless opportunities for tourists to explore coral reefs and lagoons while scuba diving or snorkeling. If swimming with sea turtles, sharks, rays, and colorful tropical fish is your dream, you will certainly have fun if you decide to visit the Maldives. Those who want to stay out of the water can enjoy a dolphin-spotting tour, a relaxing sunset cruise, or just basking in the sun under palm trees.

Maldives is considered as a honeymoon or dive destination, but there is a lot to do here for families and singles too.

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Maldives best 5 islands

It is really difficult to highlight just a few of the many wonderful Maldives islands, but here are 5 of the most wonderful ones:


In the heart of the North Ari Atoll, a 20-minute seaplane ride away from the international airport, Veligandu is an ideal spot for tourists who want rest and relaxation. The beautiful, well-maintained villas are actually right in the water on stilts, making their Maldives beach vacation a true ocean experience. If swimming with manta rays on a spectacular house reef is on your bucket list, consider visiting Veligandu! Those who come for honeymoon will certainly value a romantic sandbank trip or sipping cocktails in the infinity pool.

Veligandu island


Kurumba Maldives is an ideal spot for honeymooners just a short boat ride away from the capital Male. Visitors to the luxurious resort will enjoy a relaxing and pampered vacation. They can step right out from their room onto the sand and watch the sunrise.


Vabbinfaru Island in the North Male Atoll is a great spot for tourists looking to have an exciting holiday. The coral reefs are full of marine life, perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving. Water sports and jet skiing are available for adventurous vacationers.


With outstanding natural beauty, Meeru is a hidden gem in the Indian Ocean, in the easternmost tip of the North Male Atoll. This 1.2 km long and only 350 m wide island has perfect palm-fringed beaches, powdery white sand and crystal waters. The Meeru Island Resort is a value for money option that is suitable for families but also for solo travels. Besides beach and water activities, golf, volleyball and tennis are also available for those like to stay active even when vacationing.

Meeru island resort


On the small island of Mirihi in the Alif Dhaal Atoll, one of the Maldives most luxurious islands waits for its valued guests with dreamy overwater bungalows. The Mirihi resort offers spa treatments, a variety of culinary experiences, yoga, and plenty of water sports and excursions. Beachgoers will enjoy the serenity, white sands and clear waters.

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Beach activities in Maldives

A destination consisting of more than 1000 islands is sure to offer various opportunities to enjoy its beaches. Let’s see what are the best water activities to do in the Maldives!

Island hopping

You might choose the most wonderful island to stay at while vacationing on the Maldives, but it would be a shame missing out exploring some others too while in there. Visit nearby resorts, learn how locals live on an inhabited island or go for a private sandbank tour – each adventure reveals a different side of the country.

Sandbank in the Maldives


Listed as one of the world’s best diving destinations, the Maldives’ atolls offer dive spots for divers at all levels. Excellent underwater visibility and rich marine life including various shark species (whale sharks too) what you can expect here.

Maldives diving


If you are an enthusiastic fisherman, there is no better destination to go on a fishing trip. The Indian Ocean’s waters are rich in tuna, marlin, barracuda and jackfish. Ask your resort to organize a sunrise fishing trip and the chefs will be more than happy to prepare your catch for dinner!


Most Maldives islands are surrounded by shallow lagoons that offer ideal conditions for exploring the Indian Ocean’s rich marine life. No matter you are a novice snorkeler or a real fanatic, there is a wide variety of species to see in the water from corals to small and big creatures. However, it is important to mention that not all islands are coral islands. This means that not all have a surrounding coral reef. If snorkeling is a priority for you when booking your holiday, choose a Maldives island with house reef.

Maldives snorkeling


The Maldives might not be the most famous surfing hub of our planet, but if you know when and where to find good waves, it is worth to get on the board. Should you try surfing while on your Maldives beach vacation, arrive in the wave season between March and November.

Best time for a Maldives beach vacation

Thanks to the hot tropical climate, the Maldives weather is never bad, but there are drier and rainier periods. The peak tourist season runs from late December through April. During these months, the sky is clear and sunny and the chance of rain is low. Tourists trying to visit on a budget shouldn’t hesitate to plan a trip in the other half of the year though. Even in the “rainy” months, it never rains for long and visitors will still enjoy a balmy Maldives holiday.

The northeast monsoon runs between October and December. It brings afternoon showers and evening thunderstorms mostly to the southern islands. The period between April and September is the south-west monsoon when rough sea and wind can occur, but mostly on the northern islands.

To check the current water temperatures, visit

Maldives beach vacation costs

Maldives is typically a spot for a more luxurious vacation, while there are some budget islands too where frugal travelers can find cheap Maldives packages that offer a fine stay. The inhabited Maldive islands have some fairly priced options for hotel stays. On these places, local eateries also can be found offering affordable dining.

Any of the private, all-inclusive spots can run up to hundreds (or in some cases, thousands) per night depending on the quality level. There are no shops or alternative restaurants on resorts island, so expect high-prices on everything.

See below a rough guide on the daily budget per person (including accommodation and meals but excluding flights):







Places to stay in the Maldives

Altogether, the Maldives has 132 island hotels. From budget local island guesthouses through affordable hotels to luxury private island resorts, the Maldives has something to offer for all types of visitors.

Vacationers looking for a budget Maldives beach holiday will find several local islands to visit. Hulhumale, Dhigurah and Thoddoo are the most popular inhabited islands with affordable inns and guesthouses to accommodate guests.

Visitors looking for a high-end trip will find endless options of beach villas and luxury resorts, like the pricey but highly rated Constance Moofushi, set on its own secluded island.

Should you look for a win-win solution, choose a budget resort such as Biyadhoo, Embudu Village or Ellaidho Cinnamon. These islands may not have fancy overwater villas or fine-dining restaurants, but you can enjoy all the advantages of being on a resort island.

Maldives overwater villas

Average accommodation prices per night in the Maldives:

Guesthouse or simple hotel on a local island: 30-60 USD

Budget resort island: 140-200 USD

Luxury resort island: 400-1000 USD

Use reliable sites with 24/7 customer support to book your accommodation (most of the time we choose and we are satisfied with their service).

Beach etiquette in Maldives

The Maldives is a conservative country outside the resort islands, therefore there are differences depending on whether you will be visiting a local island or a resort island.

On inhabited islands, sunbathing and swimming in swimwear is accepted only at the bikini beaches. Outside these areas, you should wear or a T-shirt with a longer short or full-body UV protective clothing. When going around on the island, always dress up appropriately. This means that men should wear shorts and T-shirts, while women need to cover the shoulder and the knee.

On a private resort island, of course these rules don’t apply and all type of beachwear is accepted including bikinis and speedos. It is okay to grab a drink from the beach bar wearing swimwear only, but keep in mind to put a sundress or a long T-shirt on when visiting the restaurant or other public areas. For the evenings, bring smart-casual summer clothing.

Nudity and topless sunbathing are against the law no matter it is a resort or local island.

Maldivian specialties to eat and drink

One of the best parts of a Maldives beach vacation is trying local food. The Maldivian cuisine is sure to delight the palate including lots of fresh fish and juicy fruits. Here are some of the best traditional dishes and drinks to try.

Fish curry: a deliciously creamy Maldivian fish curry is usually made from skipjack, yellow tuna or mahi-mahi and served with Roshi (local bread) or rice. If you don’t like fish, try the vegetarian version with eggplant, pumpkin, sweet potato, green banana cooked in a spicy blend of coconut milk, spices and curry paste.

Maldivian fish curry

Mas huni: a popular island specialty made with local ingredients, mainly shredded tuna. It is served with coconuts, lemon, and onion. Mas huni is usually eaten for breakfast with bread and hot tea.

Garudhiya: this traditional dish and one of the foundations of Maldivian cuisine. It’s a simple but flavorful fish soup cooked with fish and salt, then served with rice, lime, and onions.

Bis keemiya: it is a Maldivian vegetarian short eat that has the feel of a spring roll. It’s filled with tuna or egg and flavored with onion or shredded cabbage. This dish is inexpensive and served as an appetizer or snack.

The Maldivian Lady: a fresh and fruity mix of white rum and apricot brandy with grenadine, orange juice, and pineapple juice. It is a refreshing and tropical drink to sip while hanging on the beach.

Maldives cocktails

Sting Ray: it is one of the most popular cocktails on the islands. Made with Baileys, Tai Maria and vodka and served on crushed ice with a cherry on the top, this tasty drink is perfect to enjoy in an infinity pool or as a dinner drink.

Useful Maldivian phrases

With the development of the tourism, most people you will have contact with while on your holiday from the boat staff to the waiters in the restaurant understand English, but speaking some Dhivehi – the local language of the Maldives – can come handy anytime! Learn a few of these Maldivian phrases!

HelloAssalaamu alaikum


Have a nice dayBaajjaveri dhuvahey

Thank youShukuriyaa

Good morningBajaveri hendhune

Good eveningBajaveri haveer eh

Good nightBaajaveri reygade

How much is this?Agu kihaavareh?

What is your name?Kon nameh tha kiyanee?

My name is…Aharenge namakee…

Do you speak English?Ingireysin vaahaka dhakkan ingeytha?

What time is it?Gadin kihaa ireh?