Maldives holiday for singles – What to do & where to stay

Often thought of as a paradise for lovers, Maldives is just as perfect for solo travel. Sun and sea enthusiasts are in heaven no matter their relationship status in this tropical wonderland. Traveling alone has very specific benefits and a Maldives vacation gives you the opportunity to explore them all. Dining and dancing or diving and exploring, a Maldives holiday for singles has all you’ll ever need.

Is the Maldives safe for solo travelers?

There is no overt threat of violence or prevailing bad reputation in connection to this oceanic paradise. Neither men nor women traveling alone have anything to fear. On resorts islands, technically no safety issues can occur as the whole island is private where only the guests and the staff stay. On inhabited local islands, the streets and beachfront are always crowded with people which helps develop a safe atmosphere.

Solo traveler - Maldives

Just as with any vacation destination, there are dangers to be aware of before you leave. Keeping your belongings close to you, your passport always on hand, and being mindful of Islamic laws of the land will keep you safe.

Things to do in the Maldives alone

Maldives for single travelers is anything but boring. You can do everything the couples are doing, except it costs less! Solo travel to the Maldives is the best time to try new things and concentrate on self-enrichment.

Taste the cuisine

Eating is definitely one activity that is very enjoyable alone. Only you and your senses are required to indulge in the authentic tastes of local dishes. Add even more meaning to your trip by learning how traditional dishes are prepared and the history behind them.

Island hopping

No matter which island you stay at, there are always hundreds of others to explore with incredible white sand and blue waters. Sign up for an island-hopping trip and enjoy some time being far away from civilization, stress and everyday problems.

Maldives island hopping for singles


The underwater life in the Maldives is second to none. In the clear warm waters, you can have the opportunity of spotting various marine creatures from big ocean animals like whale sharks or manta rays to turtles and octopus. However water activities are the safest when having a buddy, but snorkeling alone in the shallows from your resort’s beach shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Man is snorkeling in Maldives

Sightseeing on local islands

Sightseeing with a partner can be troublesome. You may not want to see the same things or spend as long exploring as your friend. Solo travel to the Maldives means you can spend as long as you want engaged in activities.

SeaSpiration Tip: When you find the LOVE of your life return to the Maldives for honeymoon too!

Maldives singles resorts

Staying at a resort that caters to singles makes everything easier. Fortunately, there are several resorts in a variety of price ranges.

Ufa Escape

A Maldives holiday for singles can be a lot of fun if you decide to stay in an inhabited island where there are always tons of programs available. Located at Dhigurah Island, it is the perfect place for self-care and deep introspection, but also for activities if you decide so. The huge, airy rooms open to private access of a picturesque beach of emerald waters and diamond sands. Enjoy music and fine food in the restaurants within walking distance through the wonderland of beautiful greenery and luscious flowers. The scenery under a patio umbrella as the sun goes down is an extra special treat.

Dhigurah beach - Maldives

Angaga Island Resort

The place where you want to be if you’ve come to immerse yourself in the underwater world. Located in the South Ari Atoll, the 45,000 square meter island is a spectacular place to view marine life near the live coral reef only 7 or 8 meters out. You’re surrounded by island elegance at every turn. From the room decor to the sandy patios at the beachside, the environment is calming and tranquil. Angaga Resort is budget-friendly also.

Reethi Beach

A wonderful resort for a Maldives holiday for singles just 30 minutes by seaplane from Male. The detached villas are built with authentic Maldivian materials and offer ultimate privacy. On stilts over a crystal-clear lagoon or on a powdery white beach, each villa offers the optimum in comfort while surrounded with wildly beautiful flora and fauna. The five-star dive center, water sports center, spa and wellness retreat, and all manner of group and private day trips will keep you busy from dawn till dusk.

Reethi beach jetty and blue boat - Maldives

Sun Siyam Iru Fush

A tropical paradise over 52 acres. Grab a villa on the water or one tucked away in the foliage, but if you prefer a villa on the beach, you can do that too. There are 15 restaurants and bars onsite as well as a house reef only 10 meters away. Spend the day diving among the colorful marine life, lounging on the beach, or enjoying the singles activities throughout the day and into the night.

Rahaa Resort

Is a great place for singles planning a beach vacation. It offers access to a wide sandy beach and natural salt lake, a rare find locally. With spacious and airy rooms, it’s possible to sleep uninterrupted for hours at length. Located on its own small island with minimal traffic, Laamu Atoll, the virtually untouched surroundings are perfect for adventurers. The onsite restaurant and bar are almost as convenient as the airport shuttle. Solo traveling has never been easier.

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Maldives holiday for singles

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