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Best Bahama Island to Visit – How to choose?

The Bahamas are rightly renowned for their amazing world-class islands that have something to offer for all types of travelers. Music that makes you dance emanates from every street corner shop, teeming restaurants that serve innovative, traditional cuisine, and bars overlooking the stunning crystal clear waters where you sip the world’s best rum punch remind you that you need no other excuses to take a much-deserved Bahamas beach vacation. It rightly comes to your mind which is the best Bahama island to visit, so in this article, we look at the top ones selected by the purpose of the vacation.

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Harbour Island – For luxury seekers

The ultra-luxury island of the Bahamas brings you the charm of world-renowned pink sand beaches along with an elegant and relaxed ambience that is all it’s own. Harbour Island lies just off of the Eleutheran coast. Travelers can easily access it directly by ferry from Nassau the nation’s capital in less than three hours traveling time on the Caribbean Sea.

Secluded beach harbour island - Bahamas

Harbour Island is the locally owned, famed establishment that was already well-known in the right circles long before it appeared as a central setting in Ken Kwan’s hit novel “China Rich Girlfriend,” his sequel to “Crazy Rich Asians”.

The three-mile-long Pink Sand Beach is ideal for a Bahamas vacation spent sunbathing. You can stay longer than for the day by taking a room in the Pink Sands Resort here, or take in the iconic Sip Sip bar and come by a Sky Juice as you take in the scenes of the beautiful people passing by. If you are looking for an ultra-luxury getaway, then this is the best Bahama Island to visit!

New Providence – For first-timers

The primary island of the Bahamas is called New Providence. It lies between Eleuthera Island (which is east) and Andros Island (which is west). This island is 21 miles long while only a third as wide at seven miles in width. This is among the easiest places in the country to reach as it is not only the capital, but also the ferry transportation hub center for the Bahama’s many islands.

Cruise ships in Nassau new providence

The island is primarily flat and contains a few shallower lakes and swamps as its main topography. The island’s principal city is Nassau where most of the people in the country live. Nassau boasts world-class attractions by both sea and land, making New Providence a leading contender for the title of best Bahama island to visit for first-timers and those who love tourist attractions.

Eleuthera – For beach lovers

The longest and thinnest island of the Bahamas is probably Eleuthera. Its incredible beaches all of pink sand such as the lengthy French Leave Beach, make it the best Bahamas island to visit for beach lovers. Another great choice is Surfer’s Beach near Gregory Town. This delivers the requisite big waves for surfing just as its name suggests.

Eleuthera beach - Bahamas

On the southeast of the island lies Ten Bay Beach with its nearby cave and shallow waters. Ocean Hole is an interesting naturally occurring landmark here. This trees-encircled inland swimming hole comes complete with tropically colored fish and sea turtles as part of the incredible and otherworldly ambience. To see still more of the green sea turtles, try Edwin’s Turtle Lake, the marine reserve on the island.

Those who love underwater activities can enjoy exploring the marine life-rich waters while snorkeling or diving at Devil’s Backbone, Current Cut, and Pineapple Dock, the last of which has shipwrecks too.

Bimini Island – For water sports fanatics

Ernest Hemingway helped to assure Bimini Island’s place on the map and in the popular imagination of tourists. This island lies the nearest of all the Bahamas Islands to Florida’s coast. Ironically you can more easily get here from the United States on a boat from Miami than you can from the capital city of the Bahamas. To reach there from Nassau, you need to book a flight on BahamasAir.

Bimini harbor - Bahamas

Bimini is considered the best Bahama island to visit for adventurous travelers who love water sports. It is a paradise for sport fishermen as well as for underwater explorers. You can snorkel the famous Bimini Road and swim along with sharks in the Bahamas Scuba Center. Those who are looking for a less intimidating encounter can try the Spook Hill Beach and East Wells Beaches, both of which are more relaxing and without the tiger and reef sharks.

Paradise Island – For Families

Once called Hog Island, Paradise Island is a significant little locale making up 685 acres. It lies right off of the Nassau city shoreline and is accessible from New Providence thanks to the two land bridges which cross from Nassau Harbor.

Atlantis resort paradise island Bahamas

Paradise Island has earned a beloved reputation for the world-famous Atlantis Resort which includes its incomparable water park rides, beach, pools, walk-through aquarium, restaurants, shops, and of course casinos. It is no exaggeration that this resort has something to offer every kind of tourist no matter the age. The original resort (constructed by Resorts International) dates back to 1966, while the newer one was built in the late 1990s.

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Cat Island – For honeymooners

A more remote outlier of the Bahamas is Cat Island. To get here, you can reserve a flight directly from Nassau to Cat Island’s principal settlement Arthur’s Town via PineappleAir

Cat Island is still an untouched paradise; therefore, it is considered the best Bahama island to visit for couples who seek out the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon destination. This locally beloved island provides visitors with a real feeling of the history and warmth of the people. Simply wander through the single highway and you will come across the ancient ruins mixed with modern-day Bahamian architecture like houses.

For sun lovers, no visit here would be complete without a trip to the Pigeon Cay Club Beach where you can appreciate one of the most incredible beaches on this island, if not in the entire Caribbean.

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Best islands in the Bahamas to visit

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