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Best Beaches In Nassau For Cruisers – Tops Sports Near Cruise Port

Located on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas, Nassau brims with tropical sun and is home to several spectacular strips of white sand. Whether you’re a sun-seeker who just comes to relax, a thrill-seeker who wishes to embark on an underwater adventure or a history buff who wants some beach time, Nassau has it all! Best of all, with many options close to the cruise port, you can enjoy a beach break even if you are in the Bahamas on a cruise. Here is a list of some of the best beaches in Nassau close to cruise port that are worth visiting!

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Cabbage Beach

Dazzling white sand with crystal-clear aquamarine waters await you at this stunning waterfront destination on Paradise Island, less than a 15-minute drive from the cruise port, next to the Bahamas’ famous Atlantis Resort.

The glorious Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

Feel the rush of soaring through the skies with an unforgettable parasailing excursion. Enjoy epic views of the coast while you’re at it. Or, if looking for water-based pursuits, kayaks, and jet skis are options. You could even get the whole family involved on a banana boat ride.

white sand and clear water at cabbage beach

There are also conducive spots to snorkel near the rocky headlands at the far east end of the beach if you want. Moreover, a multitude of luxury resorts provide options for a meal and beverage along the way. Considered one of the best beaches in Nassau for cruisers, Cabbage Beach easily lives up to the hype!

Junkanoo Beach

The closest of the beaches in Nassau near the cruise ship port, Junkanoo, a cruiser favorite, is a mere 15-minute walk. Apart from the convenience of its close proximity to the terminal, this family-friendly coastline is also awash with amenities such as restrooms, changing facilities, a volleyball court, and chair and umbrella rentals.

view from Junkanoo Beach

Catch some rays while the kids splash in the surf or soak in views of the busy harbor together. Take a dip in the refreshing waters. If looking for more activity, rent gear and go snorkeling or paddleboarding.

After soaking up the sun and enjoying the refreshing water, you can have a bite with your family at one of the colorful beachfront shacks dotting this sandy strip. Don’t forget to visit the famed Straw Market located within walking distance to snag Bahamian souvenirs.

Montagu Beach

Step into a time portal with a visit to the historic Fort Montague from the 18th century! Take a guided tour of this well-preserved architectural monument from the colonial era located here. Breathtaking vistas of the harbor and Paradise Island are complimentary. What’s more, the fort has beachfront access so you can enjoy taking a dip in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea after the tour on this idyllic sandy stretch.

With access to restrooms and a playground, the place is ideal to hang out with kids. This band of sand, a little over two miles from the cruise port is a must-see when visiting the Bahamas, particularly for those who love history. Montagu Beach is also a favorite spot for picnicking. Local vendors offering delicious island fare make it easy!

Saunders Beach

The crystal-clear blue waters of Saunders and its pristine white sands lined with tropical palms offer a postcard-perfect snapshot of the Caribbean! Located about a 20-minute walk from the ship terminal, west of Junkanoo Beach, this beach is one of the quieter Bahamas beaches cruisers can easily reach.

The cruise ship terminal in Nassau - Bahamas

The waters at Saunders are tranquil too and perfect for the entire family to go swimming. This beach comes with all the trimmings such as on-site restroom facilities, showers, and a playground making it popular with families on vacation with younger children. The place is typically free of vendors, but food options are available across the street from the beach.

Cable Beach

The ultimate playground for fun in the sun, Cable Beach is unequivocally one of the best beaches near the cruise port in Nassau. Some may even argue it is the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas, and they would not be wrong! Boasting more than two miles of spotless white sand, this place offers ample space for everyone to find a spot.

Watching the sunset at Cable Beach - Nassau

Best of all, the water here is calm and largely devoid of waves, making it a safe place to swim, especially for kids. The clear and calm waters brim with colorful marine life and are also ideal for newbie snorkelers. Other exciting diversions include banana boat riding, jet-skiing, and kiteboarding.

Additionally, this family-friendly shoreline about six miles west of the cruise port features a host of conveniences such as chair and umbrella rental, water sports equipment rental, and multiple dining options at the resort hotels that fringe the shore.

Love Beach

Love Beach takes home the prize if you’re looking for one of the best beaches in Nassau for cruisers with extraordinary opportunities to snorkel. With a 40-acre coral reef just a mile offshore, you can get up close and personal with a wondrous assortment of marine life at this spot.

If snorkeling is not your style, this veritable oasis is still worth a visit for its sensational white sands and transparent blue waters. Bask in the sun while the kids frolic in the sand and surf. Enjoy jaw-dropping views of low-hanging airplanes flying to the nearby airport!

When hunger pains strike, head on over to the convenient beach bar that also offers equipment rentals. A 20-minute drive from the cruise port, this place guarantees a tranquil beach experience and postcard-worthy moments.

Caves Beach

Situated between Cable Beach and Love Beach, Caves Beach is perfect if you prefer your sun in relative solitude! Sculpted by waves, limestone caverns, believed to have provided shelter to the indigenous inhabitants of the Bahamas, loom along the water’s edge at this striking strip of white sand.

tree at Caves Beach - Nassau

Experience the thrill of spelunking with your family. Then enjoy an invigorating stroll along the shore. With luck, you may even find sea glass. You can also go for a swim at the western end of the beach.

Unlike many of the other beaches, Caves Beach is pretty no-frills and lacks amenities. What it lacks in amenities though, it makes up for in serenity! Just plan to bring everything you need when you visit.

Jaws Beach

Don’t be surprised to find a huge chunk of sand all to yourself at Jaws Beach! The farthest of the beaches in Nassau close to the cruise port, this coastline, a 30-minute drive from the port, boasts uncrowded sands where you can enjoy the peace and quiet as well as undisrupted nature.

Jaws Beach Nassau - Night photo

Named after the “Jaws” movie series that was partly filmed here, this place is a part of the Clifton Heritage Park. Be sure to visit the cultural ruins and enjoy the lush walking trails at the park after your trip to the beach.

The waters are calm and shallow and perfect for inexperienced swimmers and young children to explore. Best of all, nearby is “Ocean Atlas,” the largest underwater sculpture in the world! A towering 17 feet in height, it serves as an artificial reef for marine life, making it a popular site for both snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts. Note that you won’t find any vendors offering food and drinks at this secluded beach, so plan accordingly.

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