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The 10 best beaches in Freeport Bahamas

Could there be any scenario more pleasant in life than lounging on a powder white sandy beach, gazing out at turquoise blue waters, and listening to the sounds of the breezes gently rustling through the palm branches? It is with good reason that people come to Freeport, Grand Bahama for a Bahamas beach vacation. You can select from a family-friendly beach, a party beach complete with an open bar, or a deserted beach with no one to bother you. Although the list of the must-visit places is almost endless, here are 10 of the best beaches in Freeport Bahamas you should not miss out!

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Taino Beach

It is no exaggeration that several of the most fantastic beaches on earth are located in the Bahamas. Among the more popular Freeport beaches, Taino Beach is certainly a top choice that delivers hugely on beautiful lengths of warm sand. It can be easily reached out of downtown Freeport, but still relatively isolated and offers a relaxing environment to spend the day.

Taino beach - Freeport Bahamas

There are all-inclusive beach packages that will provide an open bar experience, complete with locally grilled cuisine including curried chicken, swai fish, and conch fritters. The water activities are extensive, moreover if you wish to do some shopping, you get souvenir stores too. No matter what you look for, Taino is certainly of the best Freeport beaches where all types of beachgoers find something to do!

Xanadu Beach

Xanadu Beach proves to be one of the best public beaches in Freeport Bahamas near the cruise port. If you are here on a day trip, this is your best bet for a quickie beach experience.

The curve of sand is well-sheltered to safeguard beachcombers from high waves and winds, while the water is shallow enough along the sand. These features make Xanadu one of the best beaches in Freeport Bahamas for families with smaller children seeking out the gentle beach experience that does not require much travel from your cruising base.

Lucaya Beach

Anyone staying in Port Lucaya Marketplace will find this beach perfectly centrally located. It allows you to combine the beach with nearby shops, bars, and restaurants.

Lucaya beach - Freeport

The scene is your best one-stop sampling of a Bahamas vacation has to offer visitors. You can sun by day and party like a rock star at night time. It is ideal for first-time visitors to Freeport and Grand Bahama who want to experience the best of all the islands boast.

Barbary Beach

Just across the canal from Freeport lies the Barbary Beach. This beautiful spot offers great rewards to the hardy souls who make the journey, because it requires a car or taxi to get here.

The turnoff is not too well marked, helping to keep it secluded and low key. The spot is surrounded by rocky jetties, meaning that this is one of the best beaches in Freeport Bahamas to find your huge conch shells while feeling like you have escaped from the tourist hordes.

Fortune Beach

If you long for a peaceful place to take in the sun for a day, try the Fortune Beach. This laid-back spot is only several miles to the east of Windsor Park and its thriving market.

Fortune beach - Bahamas

A two-million-dollar shipwreck found here gave the beach its intriguing name. The best treasure on this beach nowadays though is the multi-million-dollar view. Bring your book, and you can sunbathe all day long in peace and quiet.

Smith’s Point Beach

Are you fancy not only about beaches but good food as well? Well, you should not travel down to the Bahamas and miss out on the islands’ justifiably famed cuisine. One journey to Smith’s Point Beach will check these boxes!

You get fantastic fresh area fish served along the Caribbean Sea in the beautiful sunshine and tranquil sea breezes. There are fabulous local weekly fish fries held here along with other memorable attractions that you should be on the lookout for when you arrive on Grand Bahama Island.

SeaSpiration Tip: If Grand Bahama Island is not to your liking, read out tips on what are the best Bahama Islands to visit!

Williamstown Beach

For a great local cultural immersion in the Bahamas, you should try out Williamstown Beach (also known as East Palm Beach). It is one of the best beaches in Freeport Bahamas for mingling with the locals, moreover, water sports are excellent and numerous too. You can rent jet skis and snorkeling gear for starters. Horseback riding is also a possible thrilling activity on the beach for the ultimate Bahamian holiday experience!

Mather Beach

Lying in between Fortune Beach and Smith’s Point Beach is Mather Town. This wonderful place lets you soak in the area’s local culture while being on one of the island’s best beaches.

Mather Beach remains the ideal spot for mixing with the local inhabitants while relaxing along the gorgeous sands of this stunning public beach. The area’s water activities are somewhat limited, yet you can always enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystal blue seas. It delivers time away from the tourist-crowded beaches big time.

Paradise Cove Beach

Lying along the island’s west is Paradise Cove. This stunning spot includes a reef that you can explore in Deadman’s Reef. You can enjoy snorkeling or diving in this idyllic locale that offers stunning tropically colored fish as well as other forms of marine life that live here. This is also among the finest Bahamian beaches for those who love water sports. You can easily rent equipment or book a glass-bottomed boat ride to take in the beautiful underwater world.

Peterson Cay National Park Beach

The Peterson Cay National Park can only be accessed by boat, but it is well worth the trouble to get here. Peterson’s Cay proves to be a tiny islet paradise only a mile off of the southern end of Grand Bahama’s coast. It is a national park area that is protected yet still open to tourists who wish to visit and partake of its all-natural charms.

The attractions here may be quieter, but they are nevertheless splendid. You can snorkel here, taking in coral reefs and striking marine life below the warm seas. The views from this rustic beach are absolutely stunning. Many day trip outfits in Freeport provide a combination of kayak and snorkel packages to Peterson Cay National Park, which is often called the highlight of a visit to the Grand Bahama Island.

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