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Bali teenager activities – Things to do for teens

Several things may come to mind when you think of traveling to Bali including cultural attractions, romantic dinners, full days spent at the spa and the beautiful beaches. What you may not immediately realize is that there are just as many Bali teenager activities as adult-focused ones! With adventure parks, surfing, snorkeling and many more exciting outdoor attractions, Bali is the perfect place for families with teens.

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Top 10 Bali teenager activities

Adopting a sea turtle

A visit to the Serangan Turtle Conservation and Education Center will be certainly an unforgettable day for you and your teen. It is not a tourist attraction, but a real sanctuary where the turtles are really looked after. A mini-bus or taxi can get you any South Bali hotel to the park in about half an hour.

Baby Sea Turtle - Bali
Baby Sea Turtle – Photo from Unsplash

Activities include guided tours while visitors can learn about the species that live in the waters around Bali and observe rescued turtles. There is no entry fee, but in the hatching season against a small donation, it is possible to adopt a baby turtle and release it into the ocean.

Waterbom Bali Waterpark

This waterpark features rides that are fun for all ages along with a sanctuary of gardens that were landscaped to represent the beauty of Bali. More than 50% of the park is still green space and there are some endangered species that are native to the island. After having fun at the waterpark, you can visit some of the multiple restaurants and enjoy Balinese cuisine.

Seawalker Tour Sanur

The Seawalker underwater tour is a really unique one among the many things to do in Bali with teens. This activity allows participants to literally walk underwater on the bottom of the ocean. While on the tour, you will see a variety of marine species while staying almost dry. The company also offers a unique deep-diving experience.

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Beach and cliff tour

Bali is known for its beautiful landscape, and naturally, you will want to experience as much of it as possible. If it is your first time on the island, you likely could use a hand navigating it. Some of the tours will start by picking you up at your hotel or resort, and many include multi-day packages for even more fun.

Cliffs and Sea - Bali
Cliffs in Bali – Photo from Unsplash


The beaches in Bali can be beautiful and serene, but they are also excellent for surfing! Whether you and your family are experienced surfers or complete beginners, you should take advantage of the fun. You can take surfing lessons if you are more of a beginner, and rent equipment so that you don’t have to worry about flying in your own. If you don’t feel like surfing visit Bali’s swimming beaches!

Ubud Monkey Forest

Located in Padangtegal, there is a conservation center named the Monkey Forest where around 700 monkeys live inside the forest. Visitors are prohibited from touching the monkeys, but you will be able to see them all around you. For those willing to pray and experience the real Balinese culture, there is also a sacred temple area.

Ubud - Monkey
Monkey sitting on the tree – Photo from Unsplash


One of the most popular things to do with teenagers in Bali is going snorkeling. There are many locations to choose from for your snorkeling excursion. Half or full day tours are offered at many places that are similar to beach tours, taking you to different locations by car or boat. Equipment rentals are typically offered with the ticket price, as well as hotel pickup and drop-off.

Uluwatu Kecak fire dance

If you’d like to experience some of the island’s customs, you can take this tour. It begins by taking you on a tour to a coffee plantation where you can try Balinese coffee. You will then explore the Uluwatu sacred temple, go to a beach and watch a traditional fire dance as the sun sets.

Kecak fire dance Uluwatu
Fire Dance – Photo from Unsplash

Swing over the jungle

Taking a trip to Kumulilir is sure to be one of the most exhilarating rides that Bali has to offer. Swing packages for two are relatively affordable and include insurance, safety equipment, complimentary water, and access to all photo locations. Kumulilir also offers a coffee experience for the more relaxed teens.

Instagram-Worthy tour

What may be among the most photo-worthy Bali teenager activities is an Instagramable private tour. These tours are curated to give participants access to the most unique and exciting locations. If your teenager is a social media pro, you should definitely consider one of these tours.

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