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5 Best Beaches in North Bali

North Bali is an interesting vacation destination for those who prefer spending time in a laid-back environment away from the high tourist traffic found in the more popular areas. The proximity to islands’ majestic volcanoes gives the sand a darker color than the more southern beaches. Hectares of vibrant coral reefs host exotic marine life with year-round superb conditions for water activities. No matter you come for a relaxing family trip or an adventurous getaway with your partner, the beaches in North Bali certainly offer a tranquil experience.

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Pulau Menjangan, a small island in the Bari Barat National Park is a popular spot for visitors who prefer staying away from the crowd and spending time exploring the underwater world. Just off the northwest coast, Menjangan is accessible by boat from Pemuteran.

Snorkeling - Menjangan - Bali

The island is not only perfect for soaking up the sun, but bath-taking deers can be spotted too! However the island has no facilities except toilets, the quiet beaches and the surrounding waters with no dangerous currents and diverse eco-biology make Menjangan a highlight of any Bali beach vacation!


This locale has become one of the most beloved beaches in North Bali among divers and snorkelers. The shallow reef is known for its clear, calm waters that offer excellent conditions to observe Bali’s marine life. Turtles and giant sea clams are easy to find, but occasionally harmless whale sharks and manta rays also can be seen. The spot’s biggest attraction is the Biorock project which is the largest artificial reef installation in the world.

Balinese fishing boats - Pemuteran

With relatively few tourists and the lack of huge resorts, Pemuteran is one of the top Northern Bali beaches to discover the island’s old charm where life goes at the beach. Observe the traditional fishing boats going out and coming in, or watch the local kids who usually spend their free time playing in the shallows until sunset. If you want to experience the real Bali life, make sure to add Pemuteran to your places-to-visit list.

Puri Jati Beach

West of Lovina, Puri Jati (PJ) can be somewhat difficult to find. Check with one of the local dive centers close to the beaches in North Bali to discover this hidden treasure. When you arrive at Puri Jati, you will encounter an open parking area with a seafood restaurant, rinse tanks, and public restrooms with showers.

Puri Jati is well known for its array of aquatic wildlife, often found lounging near the beach. Sure you will be captivated by the mimic, coconut, and long-armed octopus if you happen to see them. The coconut octopus is often found nestling on the sandy sea bottom inside coconut husks or clam shells.

SeaSpiration Tip: If you prefer spending your time at beaches where something always goes on then we recommend visiting South Bali beaches!

Divers and underwater photographers are huge fans of this North Bali beach. The dark sand provides an excellent backdrop for photographing the area’s bright creatures. Dives can often last up to 100 min in length, as the waters are quite shallow with little wave activity.

Lovina Beach

Located just west of Singaraja, Lovina Beach is one of the best North Bali beaches that should be on your travel itinerary. With chilled vibes, dark volcanic sand, and very calm seas, this is a prime spot for a leisurely getaway without the heavy crowds.

Dolphins – Photo from Unsplash

Lovina became well-known for its hundreds of playful dolphins that grace the coast most mornings at dawn. At dusk, the view of Java’s volcanoes is captivating; their silhouette against the horizon can be seen from the beach.

Eks Beach – Singaraja

For history buffs, try visiting this unique locale in North Bali. This beach is geared more towards the adult crowd who enjoy cultural attractions. Eks Beach was formally Bali’s “main gate” entryway harbor to enter the island. However this North Bali beach is not the best for swimming, but the area offers a prime opportunity for relaxing beach walks and a tasty meal at one of its numerous restaurants.

Aling-Aling Waterfall
Aling-Aling Waterfall – Photo from Unsplash

Moreover, Singaraja’s breathtaking waterfalls should be at the top of your to-do list too. The most popular are GitGit and Aling-Aling, but there are several others. To visit, you will trek through the lush rainforest to reach the 115-foot Aling-Aling Waterfall.

Another nice place to see close-by is the Banjar Hot Springs, which is by far one of North Bali’s most sought after destinations. The complex offers four distinct pool sections and an on-site restaurant sitting high just outside its central pool area. After bathing in the soothing springs, opt for relaxing massage at the spa. Banjar Hot Springs offers restroom facilities with changing rooms and lockers.

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Best beaches in North Bali

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