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Things To Do At The Beach In Winter With Family & Friends

If your favorite activity is just walking along the shoreline, smelling the fresh ocean air and feeling the wind blowing against your face, then there is no better time than winter when you can experience the beach without too many people around. While most people think that seaside activities are limited for the warm summer days, there are so many things to do at the beach in winter too!

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Written by Anett Victoria

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Make a beach bonfire

Nothing beats a traditional beach bonfire to spend quality time with your family or friends. If you live in an area where it’s legal to have a bonfire, then don’t forget to take advantage of the winter months to have a little beach party.

Group of people making bonfire at the beach

You will not only enjoy the lovely warmth coming off the flames, but you can roast some marshmallows and make all sorts of tasty treats like s’mores. Keeping yourself warm by the fire while talking to your loved ones and listening to music is certainly one of the best things to do at the beach in winter. Just remember to always extinguish the fire completely before going back home!


Winter is a great time to go surfing since this is the time of the year where you can catch some great waves. And not only the conditions are excellent but also schools are less crowded which means courses and equipment rental are a lot cheaper too.

Two men are practicing surfing on a cold cloudy day

Several winter sun destinations organize surf camps during the off-season where you can ride the waves with like-minded people. If you already know how to surf or would like to take your surfing skills to the next level, winter is the best time for that since there will be fewer people in the water with you. Regardless of your experience, planning a trip to the beach combined with surfing is a brilliant idea for active individuals or sporty families who want to stay fit while having some fun in the winter sun!


Another fun activity at the beach during winter is bird watching since it allows you to appreciate nature like never before. Many species spend the winter months in wildlife refuges near coastal areas and go back inland when spring comes around which means that you will be able to see different types of birds at once.

Birds over the ocean

Many local communication channels offer information about different types of birds and even their migration patterns, allowing people to understand how important they are. Birdwatching is a perfect program if you want your children to learn more about our planet’s inhabitants and what we can do as human beings to protect them from extinction. Even though this activity can be quite slow, it is worth doing it since observing nature can truly change your life for the better.

Watch the sunset

Sunset at the beach is something that can never get old. It’s so beautiful every day but especially in wintertime when the setting sun colors the clouds bright pink and red. So check in advance what time is the sunset at the location you are planning to go (Time and Date is an excellent website for that) and arrive in time so you can enjoy the fantastic show performed by Mother Nature!

Colorful winter beach sunset

Tip: bring a picnic bag too filled with some snacks and something hot to drink and turn this cold weather beach activity into a romantic date experience!


When wondering what to do at the beach in winter that costs nothing but brings fun for both young and old, you should definitely try beachcombing! The off-season is an excellent period for this activity when the coast is not as crowded, so it will be easier for you to find treasures from the sea such as various shells, shark tooth, sea glass and other interesting pieces that wash up on shore.

Woman beachcombing

There is no bad weather for beachcombing, just inappropriate clothing; just dress up warm and enjoy this exciting cold weather beach activity. The best time for beachcombing is after high tide when the beach is freshly exposed, so make sure to check the tide times online. Instead of stuffing your findings into your pockets, carry a small bucket so you won’t lose any of your beautiful finds!

Go for a walk along the beach

Going to the beach in winter can provide you with various benefits, so why not take advantage of the fresh air and go on a nice long walk? Stroll around in a nearby beachfront park or choose a waterfront trail to hike, you’ll sure to enjoy being out in the sun! You don’t even have to leave everything you normally do inside, such as reading or listening to music. Just remember that it starts getting dark earlier and chilly in the evenings, so make sure to bring a torch and jacket with you!

Family walking on the beach in winter

If there are waterfront trails in your area, the off-season is a perfect time to explore them when there are fewer people around and nature blooms. Such trails include excellent walking and biking and often outdoor sports opportunities. Going solo or with your family, a beachfront walk is always a great option to enjoy a cold day at the beach.

Organize beach game tournaments

If you are going to spend the weekend by the ocean with your family, game tournaments are another fun things to do at the beach in winter since it allows everyone to get involved, especially if you have kids who love sports. You can choose from tennis, football, volleyball and many other types of team sports depending on your clan’s liking.

People playing footbal at the beach

Beach team sports can be quite intense, so no one will feel cold – actually, you might end up getting all sweaty after playing fun games for hours! And since such activities are suitable for all ages, so you will not have to worry about anybody getting bored; everyone will definitely enjoy the time spent together!


If you have friends or family members who share the same passion for fishing, then this is one of the best winter beach activities that you can do together. Whether you are an amateur looking for some fun or a professional fisherman, it will be a good use of your time if you choose to spend it with your loved ones while doing an activity you all enjoy.

Winter fishing off the beach

If you do not know where to start, then many local guides and services provide information about which type of fish is currently available at your favorite spot. Remember that this type of activity requires preparation since knowing what to expect from a specific location is vital for winter weather conditions. Do your research and ask for help from professional fishermen if needed!

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When the ocean is too cold to swim, you can still go kayaking. A sunny, calm day offers excellent conditions to go out for an adventure to explore your local waters and get some exercise!

Kayaking on a cold day

Many think that kayaking is a typical summer sport, but the truth is that it is more enjoyable during the winter months when there are fewer people out on the water so you can experience nature at its best. To ensure a safe experience, you need to plan a winter kayaking trip well in advance and get some special gear especially if you live in an area where the temperatures can get really low, but with thoughtful preparation, it is a great way to enjoy a cold day at the beach!


Beach camping is another excellent activity to do at the beach when it’s too cold to swim. There are numerous camping facilities available during the cold months offering a truly appealing experience for people who simply want to take their time enjoying our planet’s beauty in the quiet off-season.

Tent on the beach near the water

Winter camping is also great way for the family to bond and have fun together, moreover, it provides you with excellent opportunity to teach your kids how to prepare for being at the beach in cold weather. You can even go fishing, flying kites collecting shells or any other activity that you would normally do during the summer, so nobody will be bored fur sure!

Do a beach workout

If you love exercising but hate going to a gym, then why not do it at the beach? Many health centers offer yoga, pilates, or other fitness classes that take advantage of the fresh ocean air while being in a beautiful environment surrounded by nature. You can also just do your own thing, such as squat jumps or running on the sand, which requires more effort due to the soft surface but on the other hand, it also minimizes the risk of injuries and muscle damage because of the lower impact forces.

Couple running at the beach

Doing exercise is one of those winter beach activities that will keep your body healthy and relax your mind. You can even intensify your training by taking a dip in the water or surfing through waves if you feel like it. If you want to reconnect with nature, or just feel the sand between your toes, take your next workout to the beach!

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